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How do I know if my cat trusts me?

Knowing if your cat trusts you can be tricky. Cats are independent creatures and forming a bond with them takes time and effort. However, there are some telltale signs that indicate your cat feels safe and comfortable in your presence. Paying attention to your cat’s body language and behavior around you is key. With patience and care, you can build a loving relationship built on trust.

Does my cat make eye contact with me?

One of the clearest signs your cat trusts you is if she makes eye contact. When a cat stares at you with relaxed eyes and sometimes blinks slowly, it indicates she is comfortable with you. This type of eye contact is a form of cat communication that says “I trust you.”

Cats will avoid direct eye contact when they feel threatened. So the more your cat gazes your way with a relaxed or sleepy look, the more she considers you a safe and trusted presence. You can encourage this by making slow blinks back at her.

Does my cat rub on me?

Cats have scent glands on their heads, tails, and mouths. When your cat rubs up against you, she is leaving her scent and claiming you as part of her territory. This rubbing or head-butting behavior on your legs or hands means she is comfortable marking you with her scent, which is a sign of trust and affection.

Some other signs your cat is spreading her scent on you in a claiming gesture of trust:

  • Bunting – When your cat pushes and rubs her head on your hand or other objects.
  • Scratching furniture or your legs gently after rubbing on you.
  • Licking your hand or face. Her saliva spreads her scent.

So if your cat is eagerly rubbing and bunting on you, see it as a sign she trusts you and feels an attachment.

Does my cat show me her belly?

When your cat rolls over to expose her belly to you, it also shows she considers you a safe and trusted companion. The belly is one of the most vulnerable parts of a cat’s body, so the fact she freely shows you her belly is significant.

Giving you access to touch her belly demonstrates she doesn’t feel at risk with you. However, be sure you have her consent first before attempting to pet her belly. Some signs she welcomes belly rubs include:

  • Loud purring
  • Kneading paws in the air while on her back
  • Not stiffening her body when you begin to pet her belly
  • A relaxed facial expression

Avoid touching her belly if her muscles tense up, she tries to grab your hand with her paws, or she has anxious or aggressive body language.

Does my cat knead me?

When cats knead with their front paws on you or a blanket, it often indicates contentment and affection. This kneading behavior originates from when they were kittens nursing on their mothers.

So if your grown cat starts happily kneading you with her paws, it demonstrates she sees you as a safe and comforting presence like her mother. It’s a sign of her bonding with you.

Some signs your cat is blissfully kneading on you include:

  • Purring while kneading
  • Kneading for long periods
  • Giving you a relaxed, affectionate look while kneading
  • Falling asleep or drifting into a trance-like state during kneading

This rhythmic paw motion on you is your cat’s way of contentedly bonding. Enjoy it as a sign she trusts and feels affectionate towards you.

Does my cat sleep near me?

It’s a great sign of trust when your cat chooses to sleep or nap curled up beside you or on your lap. Sleeping puts a cat in a vulnerable position, so the fact that your cat will fall asleep touching you shows she feels completely safe and relaxed with you.

Some examples include:

  • Napping in your lap while you’re sitting down
  • Sleeping at your feet or leaning against your legs in bed
  • Dozing curled up against your side while you’re reading or watching TV

The closer she gets to you during sleep, the deeper the bond of trust. It means she sees you as a source of security and comfort. Enjoy your cat using you as her own personal mattress or pillow.

Does my cat groom me?

When cats lick and gently nibble you with their teeth, it’s called allogrooming. This is your cat’s way of grooming you as if you were another cat. It’s a social bonding behavior cats do between family members and close companions.

If your cat starts grooming your hand, arm, or face, it demonstrates she has a close bond with you. Allowing you to groom her back also signifies trust and affection. Some signs of grooming include:

  • Licking your hand or arm
  • Gently nibbling or biting your hand
  • Subtly head-butting you to request grooming

While cat grooming feels pleasant, be sure to wash any areas your cat licks to avoid infection. Enjoy this special attention from your feline as a sign she sees you as family.

Does my cat bring me gifts?

While you may not appreciate dead mice or birds suddenly appearing on your doorstep, for cats, these creepy gifts mean something special. In the cat world, hunting small prey and bringing it home is a way to provide food for their family and teach hunting skills to kittens.

So when your cat leaves you “presents” of prey animals she caught, it means she considers you family. To your cat, she’s generously providing you food and showing off her impressive hunting talents.

Be sure to give her praise and affection when she brings you gifts to reinforce the social bonding without encouraging the behavior. And don’t worry – over time, you can curb the hunting behavior by keeping her inside and providing puzzle toys that satisfy her prey drive.

Does my cat lick me soon after grooming herself?

Cats spend much of their day cleaning and grooming themselves. So when your cat finishes grooming her own fur and then immediately switches to licking your arm or hand, it has special significance.

Your cat is showing social bonding by spreading her scent from her saliva onto you right after depositing it on herself. It’s almost like she’s saying “You’re one of us!” through her grooming ritual.

Allow and encourage these grooming behaviors as much as possible to strengthen the bond of trust with your cat.

Does my cat slow blink at me?

When your cat gives you a long, slow blink, it’s like an internal hug signalling trust and contentment. Slow blinking is your cat’s way of saying “I feel safe and relaxed with you.”

Be sure to return the slow blinks when your cat gazes at you with sleepy eyes. This non-verbal communication will help reinforce your bond.

Some signs of slow blinking in cats:

  • Long, slow closes and opens of the eyes
  • Sleepy relaxed appearance in the eyes and facial muscles
  • Usually occurs during calm moments of connection, like lap time

By learning your cat’s non-verbal language, you can understand how she feels and strengthen your friendship.

Does my cat expose her tummy and “ask” for belly rubs?

Few things feel more flattering than when your cat hops up beside you and rolls over to expose her belly, paws curled in the air. This move puts her vulnerable stomach right within your reach for rubbing.

While some cats lure you in with the belly and then grab your hand to kick and scratch, a cat who calmly displays her tummy trusts you completely. She feels so safe with you that she’s OK with you touching her most sensitive areas.

If she’s relaxed, kneading her paws, and purring, then she’s genuinely asking for belly rubs and bonding with you. It’s a sign she sees you as her best friend. Enjoy those blissful tummy rub moments.

Does my cat lick me to soothe me when I’m upset?

Cats may have a reputation for being aloof, but they actually pay close attention to our emotions. When you’re feeling sad, anxious, or upset, your cat may demonstrate her empathy by licking your face and hands.

This instinct to “groom” you when you’re distressed shows your cat is emotionally bonded to you and trusts you’ll provide comfort in return. Some signs of cats comforting us include:

  • Increased licking and head bunting when you’re crying
  • Kneading or crawling onto your lap when anxious
  • Purring more loudly when you’re upset

So the next time you’re having a rough day, pay attention to how your cat reaches out to you through touch and sound. Those behaviors reveal the depth of your friendship.

Does my cat follow me from room to room?

There’s a reason cats have a reputation for being oddly attached to their owners. If your cat persistently trails you around the house, it means she loves your company.

A devoted cat wants to stick close to the people she trusts most. Following you provides her with feelings of safety, reassurance, and belonging. It’s a sign you provide a secure base for her to explore the world.

Some examples of your shadow cat trusting you include:

  • Waiting outside the bathroom door for you
  • Supervising you from the bathroom counter
  • Following you out to the garage or storage room
  • Unitenterrupted cat attendance

While this extreme velcro behavior may seem annoying at times, it really means your cat feels most comfortable by your side. She trusts you completely and finds security in your presence.

Does my cat mimic my moods and actions?

Cats are highly observant creatures who pick up on our subtle emotional cues and body language. If your cat seems to reflect your current mood – playful when you’re happy, subdued when you’re tired – it signifies a close bond.

Some examples of cats mimicking humans include:

  • Becoming energetic and silly when you’re feeling giddy
  • Purring and cuddling when they sense you need comfort
  • Joining you on the couch when you’re relaxing
  • Meowing loudly when you call their name

This emotional synchrony demonstrates your cat recognizes your different moods and feels safe adopting them herself since she trusts you. Pretty soon you’ll have your cat trained to be your furry mirror.

Does my cat nap touching me?

For comfort and security, cats want to snooze with trusted companions. If your cat regularly chooses to nap snuggled up beside or even lightly touching you, it conveys how much she trusts you.

Signs your cat enjoys catnapping together include:

  • Sleeping curled against your back or behind your legs
  • Napping with her back touching your knee while you sit
  • Dozing on your lap with her tail across your wrist
  • Sharing a pillow during bedtime

Your cat feels most at ease falling asleep skin-to-skin with you. The contact and closeness while completely vulnerable show’s your cat’s full trust and affection.

Does my cat expose her stomach to me while lying down?

When cats lay on their side and expose their stomach and inner thighs, it puts them in a very defenseless position. For a cat to casually recline like this in your presence signals deep relaxation and trust.

Notice if your cat:

  • Lays on her side with her belly open while you’re nearby
  • Twists her body around playfully to face you on her back
  • Enjoys lying back lazily in whatever fun posture she chooses

Seeing your cat lounging with wild abandon demonstrates she feels zero fear or insecurity around you. You’re part of her inner circle of trust.


Building a bond of trust with your independent feline takes time and patience. Let your cat set the pace for growing closer and be respectful of her boundaries. With a cat-friendly home environment and positive socialization, your cat is sure to eventually see you as a trusted companion for life. Cherish the special moments of connection.