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How do you make hardened Aluminum in my time in Portia?

Making hardened aluminum in Portia requires gathering the right materials, using the correct facilities, and having enough knowledge of crafting. Hardened aluminum is an important material for crafting various items and upgrades in Portia, but it can be tricky to make at first. In this guide, we’ll walk through step-by-step how to make hardened aluminum in Portia, including where to find materials, how to use the furnaces and cutters, and tips for maximizing your aluminum yields. Read on to learn everything you need to know about crafting this essential resource!

What is Hardened Aluminum?

Hardened aluminum is a reinforced form of standard aluminum that is much stronger and durable. It is created by smelting aluminum alloy ingots along with reinforcing parts like carbon steel bars. The end result is a hardened aluminum bar that can withstand more wear and tear.

In Portia, hardened aluminum bars are used to craft and upgrade various items across multiple categories:

Workshop Crafting

– Assembly Station
– Grinder
– Cutter
– Furnace
– Industrial Furnace
– Crusher


– Grinding Stone
– Pickaxe
– Axe
– Fishing Rod


– Sword


– Helmet
– Chestpiece
– Boots
– Gloves

Having a stock of hardened aluminum bars available is essential for constructing new workstations, improving your tools and equipment, and crafting protective gear as you progress in Portia.

Where to Find Materials

To make hardened aluminum, you first need to gather the required materials:

– **Aluminum Alloy Ingots** – Made from aluminum ore and carbon steel bars at a furnace. Aluminum ore can be prospected from abandoned ruins #2. Carbon steel bars are made from iron ore and coal.

– **Carbon Steel Bars** – Made from iron ore and coal at a furnace. Iron ore can be mined from abandoned ruins #1. Coal can be gathered from the Eufaula Desert.

– **Reinforced Part** – Created at a cutter by combining 1 copper pipe, 1 steel plate, and 5 bronze bars. Copper pipes can be made from copper ore and steel plates from iron ingots. Bronze bars require copper and tin ore.

So to summarize, you’ll need:

– Aluminum Ore
– Iron Ore
– Coal
– Copper Ore
– Tin Ore

Where to Find Ores

Here are some of the main spots to gather the ores:

Ore Source
Aluminum Ore Abandoned Ruins #2
Iron Ore Abandoned Ruins #1
Coal Eufaula Desert
Copper Ore Eufaula Desert
Tin Ore Collapsed Wasteland

Make sure you have an upgraded pickaxe to efficiently mine the ores. The Civil Cutter is also handy for clearing debris and finding hidden ores.

Crafting Aluminum Alloy Ingots

Once you have gathered the aluminum ore and other materials, it’s time to start crafting aluminum alloy ingots.


1. Process aluminum ore at the Grinder to get aluminum. You’ll need about 7 aluminum ore for 1 aluminum alloy ingot.

2. Craft carbon steel bars at a Furnace using 2 iron ore and 1 coal for each bar.

3. Take the aluminum and carbon steel bars to a Furnace. Select the option to craft 1 aluminum alloy ingot, which takes 5 aluminum and 2 carbon steel bars.

4. Repeat this process until you have the number of ingots needed. You’ll need 1 ingot for each hardened aluminum bar.


– Upgrade your Grinder to maximize aluminum yields from ore. The Industrial Grinder works best.

– Use higher quality fuel like petrified wood in your Furnace to boost efficiency.

– Store excess ingots for future crafting needs. They have many uses beyond hardened aluminum.

Making Reinforced Parts

In addition to the aluminum alloy ingots, you’ll need reinforced parts to transform them into hardened aluminum. Here’s how to make reinforced parts.


– 1 Copper Pipe
– 1 Steel Plate
– 5 Bronze Bars


1. Craft copper pipes from copper ore at a Furnace or Industrial Furnace.

2. Make steel plates by smelting iron ingots (from iron ore) at a Furnace or Industrial Furnace.

3. Craft bronze bars using 2 copper ore and 1 tin ore at a Furnace or Industrial Furnace.

4. Take 1 copper pipe, 1 steel plate, and 5 bronze bars to the Civil Cutter. Select the option to craft 1 Reinforced Part.

5. Repeat as needed to have enough reinforced parts for your hardened aluminum production. You need 1 part for each bar.


– Use higher grade fuel in your Furnace to maximize output of the required materials.

– Upgrade to an Industrial Furnace as soon as possible for more efficient crafting.

– Stockpile extra reinforced parts since they are used for other recipes too.

Crafting Hardened Aluminum Bars

Now you’re ready to combine the aluminum alloy ingots and reinforced parts to make hardened aluminum bars.


– 1 Aluminum Alloy Ingot
– 1 Reinforced Part


1. Take your supply of aluminum alloy ingots and reinforced parts to a Furnace or Industrial Furnace.

2. Select the option to craft Hardened Aluminum Bars.

3. For each bar, add 1 aluminum alloy ingot and 1 reinforced part.

4. Remove the finished hardened aluminum bars when complete.

5. Repeat as needed to craft the desired amount of bars.


– Use the best fuel possible for maximum output.

– Store any extra ingots and parts for future crafting.

– Keep bars in storage for upcoming projects and builds.

Where to Use Hardened Aluminum

Once you’ve gone through the processes to make your supply of hardened aluminum bars, here are some of the top uses for them:

Crafting Workstations

Hardened aluminum is necessary for constructing higher level workstations like the Industrial Furnace, Crusher, and more. These stations allow you to process materials faster and more efficiently.

Improving Tools

Upgrading tools like your pickaxe, axe, fishing rod, and grindstone requires hardened aluminum to boost their performance and durability.

Building Weapons

Some of Portia’s strongest weaponry like the Pinecone Sword are crafted using hardened aluminum bars.

Making Armor

To defend yourself from Portia’s dangers, you can create protective armor from helmets to boots using hardened aluminum.

Commission Fulfillment

Fulfilling high level commissions from the Commerce Guild will sometimes require items made using hardened aluminum.

So in summary, having a healthy supply of hardened aluminum bars will allow you to advance further in Portia through crafting better gear, taking on tougher commissions, and expanding your workshop capabilities.


Crafting hardened aluminum in My Time at Portia requires gathering ore resources, smelting alloy ingots and parts, and combining them at a furnace. The key steps are:

1. Mine ores like aluminum, iron, copper, and tin from places like the Abandoned Ruins and Desert.

2. Process the ores into materials like aluminum, steel plates, copper pipes, and bronze bars.

3. Craft aluminum alloy ingots and reinforced parts at furnaces.

4. Combine 1 ingot and 1 part to make each Hardened Aluminum Bar.

Following this process and upgrading your equipment will let you manufacture the hardened aluminum needed for the best gear and workshop stations in Portia. Just be sure to stockpile extra ingots and parts for future use. With the right strategy, you’ll be crafting top-tier hardened aluminum items in no time!