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How do you reheat Costco croissants in the air fryer?

Costco croissants are a delicious bakery item that are perfect for a quick breakfast or snack. However, they are best when served fresh and warm right out of the oven. If you don’t eat them all right away, you may be wondering how to reheat them and get them tasting freshly baked again. Using an air fryer is a great way to reheat croissants and get them crispy on the outside while keeping the interior soft and flaky.

An air fryer works by circulating hot air around food to cook and crisp it up. This makes it the ideal appliance for reheating croissants and pastries. It’s faster and more effective than using an oven or microwave. Reheating croissants in an air fryer takes just a few minutes and requires only a couple easy steps.

Below I will provide instructions on how to properly reheat Costco croissants in an air fryer. I will cover:

Equipment needed

– Air fryer
– Parchment paper or aluminum foil


1. Preparation
2. Setting the air fryer
3. Cooking time and temperature
4. Results


– Letting them cool before storing
– Proper storage
– Reheating straight from frozen

Common questions

– How long do they take to reheat?
– What temperature should I use?
– How do I keep them from getting soggy?

Following these simple steps will have your Costco croissants tasting bakery-fresh again in no time.

Equipment Needed

To reheat croissants in an air fryer, you only need two things:

– An air fryer – Any size air fryer will work, although you may have to cook smaller batches in a smaller model. Look for an air fryer with adjustable temperature controls and a timer.

– Parchment paper or aluminum foil – You’ll need something nonstick to place the croissants on. Parchment paper or aluminum foil both work well.

That’s it! An air fryer reheats croissants evenly and gives them a crispy exterior without the need for extra oil or complicated steps. With just these two items, you’ll have delicious warm croissants in minutes.


Reheating croissants in the air fryer is simple. Follow these steps for bakery-fresh results:

1. Preparation

Start by properly preparing the croissants:

– Remove croissants from original packaging and unwrap individually. This prevents moisture from building up during reheating.

– If frozen, allow croissants to thaw completely before reheating. This ensures even cooking.

– Cut any large croissants in half. Smaller pieces will reheat faster.

2. Set Up the Air Fryer

– Preheat air fryer to 325°F. This temperature evenly reheats croissants.

– Line the air fryer basket with parchment paper or aluminum foil. The nonstick surface prevents sticking.

– Place croissants in a single layer in the basket, leaving space between them. This allows air circulation for even reheating.

3. Cook Time and Temperature

– Cook at 325°F for 5-7 minutes. This gives croissants time to heat through without over-browning.

– For frozen croissants, add 2-3 minutes. Frozen pastries take a bit longer.

– Check frequently and remove croissants once warmed through and slightly crispy on the outside.

4. Results

– Croissants reheated in the air fryer will be lightly browned and crispy on the outside.

– The interior will taste freshly baked and fluffy.

– Enjoy your croissants right away for the perfect texture.

Following these simple air fryer instructions results in bakery-fresh Costco croissants ready to enjoy again.


To get the best results reheating Costco croissants in the air fryer, follow these helpful tips:

Let Them Cool Completely Before Storing

– After initially purchasing croissants from Costco, let them cool down before storing.

– Placing warm croissants into a bag will cause moisture buildup, making reheating more difficult.

Store Properly

– Keep croissants in a sealed bag at room temperature for 2-3 days maximum. The paper bag they come in works well.

– For longer storage, place croissants in a freezer bag in the freezer for 2-3 months.

Reheat Straight from Frozen

– Croissants can be reheated in an air fryer straight from the freezer, no need to thaw first.

– Just add a couple extra minutes to the cook time and watch closely.

Following proper storage methods allows you to keep Costco croissants fresh for reheating later.

Common Questions

Reheating croissants in an air fryer is very straightforward, but there are a few common questions that arise:

How Long Does It Take to Reheat Croissants?

– Most standard sized croissants take 5-7 minutes in an air fryer preheated to 325°F.

– Larger or frozen croissants may take 7-9 minutes.

– Check frequently and remove once warm and slightly crisp on the outside.

What Temperature Should I Use to Reheat Croissants?

– The best air fryer temperature for reheating croissants is 325°F.

– This allows the interior to heat through while slightly browning the outer layers.

How Can I Keep the Croissants from Getting Soggy?

– Use parchment paper or foil to prevent sticking and allow air circulation.

– Don’t overcrowd the air fryer basket. Leave space between croissants.

– Reheat only until warm, not cooked through again. This prevents moisture loss.

– Enjoy immediately or place in a warm oven until ready to serve.

The Steps Visually

To help visualize the process, here are the simple steps for reheating Costco croissants in an air fryer:

Step Photo
1. Prepare the croissants: Unwrap, thaw if frozen, cut large ones in half.
2. Preheat air fryer to 325°F. Line basket with parchment paper or foil.
3. Place croissants in a single layer, leaving space between them.
4. Cook 5-7 minutes until warmed through and slightly crispy.
5. Enjoy your fresh, warm croissants!


Reheating Costco croissants in an air fryer is an easy, fool-proof process. By following the steps outlined above and utilizing an air fryer’s high heat and air circulation capabilities, you can enjoy bakery-quality croissants again right from your own kitchen.

The key is using the right temperature (325°F) and not overcooking. Five to seven minutes is perfect for warming through while keeping the interior flaky.

Storing croissants properly after initial use and reheating straight from the freezer also makes the process simple and keeps your pastries tasting fresh.

So next time your Costco croissants are not as warm and crispy as you’d like, just pop them in your air fryer. In minutes you can enjoy the delicious taste of freshly baked, warm croissants again.