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How long ago was the 100 year void One Piece?

One Piece is one of the most popular and longest running manga and anime series of all time, created by Eiichiro Oda. The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates as they explore the vast ocean known as the Grand Line in search of the legendary treasure called “One Piece” to become the next Pirate King.

One of the most mysterious parts of the One Piece world that fans are dying to know more about is the 100 year void or gap in the timeline. This refers to the 100 year period that is missing from the recorded history of the One Piece world. Very little is known about what transpired during this time or why it was omitted from the historical record.

In this article, we will explore what is currently known about the 100 year void in One Piece and analyze clues to determine approximately how long ago it took place within the storyline’s internal chronology. Understanding when the 100 year void occurred provides insight into the overall timeline of the One Piece world and sets up some intriguing mysteries about what may have happened during that pivotal era.

What We Know About the 100 Year Void

Here is a brief overview of the key facts and context around the 100 year void in One Piece:

  • The void is a 100 year period missing from the recorded history books and logs of the One Piece world.
  • The World Government is somehow connected to the erasure of this period from the historical record.
  • The blank century occurred sometime between 800 – 900 years ago within the One Piece timeline.
  • Important events and technological advancements related to the Ancient Kingdom, Poneglyphs, and weapons occurred during the void period.
  • The Great Kingdom fell and the World Government system was established after the 100 year void.

This missing chunk of history remains one of the great mysteries in the overarching lore of One Piece. Fans widely theorize that understanding what transpired during the 100 year gap will reveal pivotal secrets and context about the One Piece world, its origins, and the Will of D.

Clues About When the 100 Year Void Occurred

While an exact timeframe for when the 100 year void took place has not been definitively stated, we can analyze some key clues from the story timeline to determine a reasonable estimate:

Clue #1 – Great Kingdom Fall

It is known that the Great Kingdom fell around 800-900 years ago within the One Piece timeline, marking the shift to the World Government system. This pivotal event occurred after the conclusion of the 100 year void. So the blank century must have occurred in the preceding centuries.

Clue #2 – Void Century Erasure

The void century was eliminated from history by the World Government’s ancestors about 800-900 years ago. This places the actual 100 year gap even earlier than when the Great Kingdom fell, likely in the several hundreds of years beforehand.

Clue #3 – Upper Limit of Ancient Weapon Use

Ancient weapons like Poseidon were used during the 100 year void era. Based on technological advancement timelines, these weapons were likely created no earlier than a few hundred years before the void century itself. This sets the upper limit for when the 100 year gap could have started to around 500-600 years before the Great Kingdom’s fall.

Clue #4 – World Government Ancestor Activity

The World Government’s precursor group was active during the 100 year void, leading up to their formal establishment after taking down the Great Kingdom. For them to have been established as an authority, their activity must have originated a decent period beforehand, pushing the void century even further back in the timeline.

Putting the Clues Together

Synthesizing these clues, the most likely timeframe for the 100 year void based on currently available information is approximately 500-700 years before the Great Kingdom fell 800-900 years ago.

This would place the 100 year gap around 1300-1500 years ago within the internal chronology of the One Piece world. By the modern storyline timeframe of Luffy’s adventure, the 100 year void occurred approximately 500-700 years prior.

Theorized Timeline of Key One Piece Eras

Based on the above analysis, here is a theorized timeline of when the major eras within the known One Piece timeline occurred:

Era Years Ago Within Story
Modern Storyline (Luffy’s Adventure) 0 years ago
Great Kingdom Falls 800-900 years ago
100 Year Void 1300-1500 years ago
Ancient Kingdom Era 1600+ years ago


Though the exact details are still shrouded in mystery, analyzing the current clues indicates that the crucial 100 year gap in One Piece’s history known as the void century likely occurred around 1300-1500 years prior to the modern story timeline.

This missing century over 500 years before the Great Kingdom fell is shaping up to be a pivotal period that defined the course of the entire One Piece world. The blank slate of the void century represents infinite possibilities for Oda to fill in shocking revelations and long-hidden secrets as the story progresses into its final saga. When the truth of the 100 year void is finally uncovered, it is sure to shake the foundations of everything known about One Piece thus far.