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How long do i air fry chicken wings in my samsung oven?

Air fried chicken wings are a delicious and healthy alternative to deep fried wings. Cooking wings in an air fryer or oven allows you to achieve a crispy texture without all the extra oil and fat that comes from deep frying.

When using an air fryer or oven, the cooking time can vary based on a few factors like the size and amount of wings, temperature, and your desired level of crispiness. With some simple testing and adjustments, you can easily nail down the perfect air fry time for chicken wings in your Samsung oven.

Factors That Affect Air Fry Time

There are a few key factors that impact how long to air fry chicken wings:

Size of Wings

Larger, meatier chicken wings will take longer to cook than smaller wings. Jumbo wings may need 5-8 minutes more air fry time than medium or small wings.

Amount of Wings

The more wings you cook, the longer the overall cooking time since it takes longer for the heat to circulate and penetrate multiple layers of wings. For example, air frying 5-8 wings may take 18-22 minutes while a full batch of 12-15 wings could take 22-28 minutes.

Air Fryer/Oven Temperature

Higher air fry temperatures will decrease cooking time while lower temps increase it. The typical temperature range is 380°F to 400°F for air frying, but you can experiment between 350°F to 425°F to find what works best for your oven and preferences.

Desired Crispiness

The longer you air fry the wings, the crisper the skin will get. It’s ideal to cook them until the skin is crispy but the meat is still juicy inside. More time yields crisper skin.


Plain naked wings need less time than breaded or sauced wings. If you toss the wings in flour, breadcrumbs, or wet batters prior to air frying, add 2-5 minutes to the cook time. Sauces and rubs with sugar may also require slightly longer.

Air Fry Time Recommendations

Based on the above factors, here are some general guidelines for how long to air fry chicken wings in a Samsung oven:

Smaller Wing Sections (Drummettes or Flats)

– 8-10 minutes at 380°F for crispy

– 10-14 minutes at 360°F for extra crispy

Medium Whole Wings

– 18-22 minutes at 380°F for crispy

– 20-24 minutes at 360°F for extra crispy

Large/Jumbo Whole Wings

– 22-26 minutes at 380°F for crispy

– 24-28 minutes at 360°F for extra crispy

Coated or Battered Wings

– Add 2-5 minutes to the times above

For best results, flip the wings halfway through and air fry in a single layer, not overlapping. Also let the wings rest for 5 minutes after cooking – the temperature will continue rising a bit for crisper skin.

Tips for Air Frying Juicy Wings

To achieve perfectly cooked wings straight from your Samsung oven, keep these tips in mind:

– Pat the wings dry before seasoning or coating – drier skin gets crispier.

– Use a light coating of oil or nonstick cooking spray so the wings get evenly browned.

– Flip wings halfway through cooking to ensure even crisping on both sides.

– Give wings space in the air fryer basket – overcrowding prevents proper air circulation.

– Brine wings in saltwater or buttermilk before air frying for extra moisture and flavor.

– Air fry at a lower temperature if wings are getting overbrowned but still undercooked inside.

– Check that thicker wing pieces are fully cooked through before serving.

– Let wings rest 5 minutes before serving so moisture can redistribute through the meat.

How to Tell When Wings are Done

It can be tricky knowing precisely when air fried wings are fully cooked but not overdone. Here are some doneness tests to try:

– Insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part of a wing and check for an internal temperature of 165°F-175°F.

– Use tongs to grab a wing and wiggle it around – the skin should feel crispy and pull away from the meat slightly.

– Cut into a wing to visually inspect that the meat is opaque throughout and not pink.

– Listen for sizzling or crackling when you flip the wings – steady noise means they are crisping up nicely.

– Check that sauces/coatings are caramelized and charred in spots for extra flavor.

– Let wings rest for 5 minutes then taste test for ideal crispness and juiciness. Adjust cook times as needed.

Common Air Fryer Mistakes

It can take some trial and error to nail down the perfect air fry time for wings. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

– Overcrowding – Too many wings prevents air circulation so they steam instead of crisp.

– Insufficient Oil – A light coating of oil helps wings get browned and crispy.

– Uneven Flipping – Only flipping once can lead to un-evenly cooked wings.

– Incorrect Temperature – Air frying at the wrong temp increases or decreases cook times.

– Overcooking – Going longer than needed results in dried out, rubbery wings.

– Skipping Rest Time – Letting wings rest ensures juiciness and lets heat distribute.

– Re-using Oil – Old, degraded oil leads to less crispy results. Use fresh oil each time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I flip chicken wings when air frying?

Yes, it’s important to flip chicken wings at least once during air frying, preferably halfway through the cooking time. This helps ensure even browning and crisping on both sides of the wings.

Can I air fry frozen chicken wings?

You can air fry frozen chicken wings without thawing first. Just add a few extra minutes to the cook time, depending on the size of the wings. Small wings may need 24-28 minutes at 380°F.

Do I need to coat wings in oil before air frying?

It’s best to lightly coat wings in a thin layer of oil before air frying. Around 1-2 teaspoons of oil per pound of wings helps promote browning and crisping of the skin.

What temp should I air fry chicken wings?

The ideal air fry temperature for chicken wings ranges from 360°F to 400°F. Aim for 380°F if you want crispy wings in around 20 minutes. Go lower, near 360°F, for an extra crispy texture.

How long do breaded wings take in an air fryer?

Breaded wings take 2-5 minutes longer in an air fryer compared to plain wings. For crispy breaded wings, fry small wings for 12-14 minutes or larger wings for 24-26 minutes at 380°F.

Best Practices for Air Frying Wings

Here is a summary of the top tips for achieving perfectly cooked air fried chicken wings:

– Pat wings completely dry before seasoning or coating

– Lightly coat wings in vegetable oil (1-2 tsp per lb)

– Air fry wings in a single layer without overcrowding

– Flip wings halfway through cooking time

– Cook at 380°F for crispy wings or 360°F for extra crispy

– Use cooked temperature (165°-175°F) and visual tests to check doneness

– Let wings rest 5 minutes before serving

– Adjust cook times as needed based on size of wings and desired crispness

Cooking Time Table

This table provides an easy reference for air fry times based on the amount and size of chicken wings:

Amount of Wings Smaller Pieces or Whole Small Wings Medium Whole Wings Large/Jumbo Whole Wings
5-8 wings 12-16 minutes 18-22 minutes 22-26 minutes
9-12 wings 14-18 minutes 20-24 minutes 24-28 minutes
13-15 wings 16-20 minutes 22-26 minutes 26-30 minutes

*Times are based on an air fry temperature of 380°F. For extra crispy wings, air fry at 360°F adding 2-4 minutes.


Air frying makes it simple to get crispy, juicy chicken wings right from your home oven. Factors like the size of wings, temperature, and doneness preference affect overall cook times. With some experimenting in your Samsung oven and using the guidelines provided, you can easily determine the perfect air fry time to get those flavorful wings on the table. Start with the recommendations here, adjust to your preference, and enjoy your homemade wings within 20-30 minutes.