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How long do you cook steak in a Shaq smokeless grill?

Cooking steak in a Shaq smokeless grill allows you to achieve a delicious, juicy steak with sear marks and smoky flavor easily at home. The key is knowing how long to cook your steak to reach your desired doneness level.

Factors That Affect Steak Cook Times

Several factors impact how long it takes to cook steak in the Shaq grill:

  • Thickness – A thicker steak will take longer to cook than a thinner one.
  • Doneness – Rare steak is cooked less time than one cooked to medium or well-done.
  • Cut of steak – Cuts like ribeye and strip steak cook faster than tougher cuts like flank steak.
  • Pre-cook preparation – Meat at room temperature cooks faster than steak straight from the fridge.
  • Quantity – Cooking multiple steaks adds more mass and extends cook time.

Knowing the thickness of your steak and desired doneness level are the two key factors for determining grill time.

Cook Times Based on Thickness and Doneness

Use these Shaq grill cook time guidelines based on the thickness of your steak and your preferred doneness level:

1-Inch Thick Steak

Doneness Cook Time
Rare 4-6 minutes per side
Medium Rare 6-8 minutes per side
Medium 8-10 minutes per side
Medium Well 10-12 minutes per side
Well Done 12-15 minutes per side

1.5-Inch Thick Steak

Doneness Cook Time
Rare 6-8 minutes per side
Medium Rare 8-10 minutes per side
Medium 10-12 minutes per side
Medium Well 12-15 minutes per side
Well Done 15-18 minutes per side

2-Inch Thick Steak

Doneness Cook Time
Rare 8-10 minutes per side
Medium Rare 10-12 minutes per side
Medium 12-15 minutes per side
Medium Well 15-18 minutes per side
Well Done 18-22 minutes per side

Tips for Cooking Steak on the Shaq Grill

Follow these tips when cooking steak on your Shaq smokeless indoor grill:

  • Pat steak dry before grilling – This helps get a better sear.
  • Brush with oil – Coating the steak lightly in oil prevents sticking.
  • Preheat grill at least 5 minutes – Gets the grill hot enough to sear the meat.
  • Don’t move the steak – Let it sear undisturbed to get grill marks.
  • Use tongs for flipping – A fork pierces the meat, losing juices.
  • Let steak rest 5-10 minutes – Allows juices to redistribute through the meat.
  • Check temperature with meat thermometer – Removes guesswork for doneness.
  • Clean grill after use – Prevents flavor transfer and buildup.

Cooking steak in a Shaq grill is simple when you follow cook time guidelines. A food thermometer takes the guesswork out of doneness. Letting your steak rest before slicing ensures a tender, juicy interior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Shaq grill?

The Shaq smokeless grill is an indoor electric grill with unique hexagon-shaped heating plates to evenly cook food. It reaches 500°F to sear meats with grill marks. The grill also has a built-in fan to pull smoke away while cooking.

What types of steak work best in the Shaq grill?

Tender cuts of steak with marbling cook well in the Shaq grill. Good options include ribeye, strip steak, tenderloin, sirloin, and flank steak. Avoid tough cuts like brisket that require slow cooking.

Can you cook steak from frozen on the Shaq grill?

It’s best not to cook frozen steak directly on the Shaq grill. Thaw steaks completely in the refrigerator before grilling for the proper cook time and food safety.

How do I prevent sticking and get grill marks?

Use oil to lightly coat the steaks before grilling. Preheat the grill properly and don’t move the steaks once they are placed on the hot grill to get sear marks.

Is flipping steak multiple times recommended?

Flipping just once is best. Multiple flips interrupt searing and cause a gray band of overcooked meat. Flip only once halfway through the cook time.


The Shaq smokeless grill allows you to enjoy juicy, flavorful steak with grill marks year-round in your home. Following the recommended cook times for the thickness of your steak and desired doneness produces the best results. Proper preparation like oiling the steaks, preheating sufficiently, and letting steak rest before cutting are keys to success. In no time, you’ll be serving up restaurant-quality steaks from the convenience of your kitchen.

The Shaq smokeless grill is a versatile appliance that can be used to cook much more than just steak. From burgers and chicken to vegetables and fish, experiment with all kinds of recipes. Adjusting cook times as needed for different foods will have your family enjoying quick indoor grilled meals all year long.

With indoor grilling, you can take your cooking abilities to new levels and discover just how simple preparing delicious grilled food at home can be. The Shaq grill makes it easy to cook like a pro and gives busy families, grillmasters, and cooking novices alike the ability to enjoy seared, smoky flavors anytime.

Investing in a good indoor grill unlocks a world of flavor potential beyond what traditional grilling outdoors can offer. The convenience of grilling indoors removes all excuses to cook an amazing meal for yourself, family, and friends. So fire up your Shaq grill and start enjoying authentic grill marks and juicy results today.

Grilling indoors provides so many benefits over cooking outdoors. You can grill fresh, flavorful meals year-round regardless of weather. There’s no need to heat up the kitchen or oven. The built-in fans keep smoke to a minimum and vent it outside. Cleanup is easier with contained grease and splatter. You have more control over cooking temperature.

Indoor grilling on a Shaq grill means you’re not limited by seasons anymore. Snow, rain, extreme heat, and cold are not obstacles to preparing a perfectly cooked steak or burger. The convenience means you’ll use your grill more often, impress guests with your culinary skills, and have fun trying new recipes.

Achieving a great char on steaks, burgers, chicken, fish and veggies enhances the flavor tremendously. The nice sear from a hot grill is difficult to replicate through other cooking methods. You’ll be shocked at how much better your food tastes when cooked on an indoor grill. The convenience will have you grilling fare like kabobs, pork chops, shrimp and more for quick meals.

Modern indoor grills like the Shaq are engineered to minimize smoke while infusing food with authentic BBQ taste. Adjustable temperature settings allow you to dial in the perfect heat level to cook items properly without over or undercooking. The convenient nonstick surface means hassle-free cleanup after dinner.

Grilling indoors allows you to cook safely and comfortably year-round. Inclement weather won’t affect your plans or force you to eat cold sandwiches instead of a nice grilled meal. You’ll save money on gas for a propane grill and avoid the hassle of charcoal. The contained grease is safer and less messy.

Say goodbye to weather ruining your barbecue parties and seasoning. With an indoor grill like the Shaq, you have complete control over your grilling experience. You’ll be able to prepare meals even if conditions outside are snowy, extremely hot and humid, windy, or rainy. Your grilling abilities will no longer be at the whims of Mother Nature.

Cleanup and storage is much easier with an indoor grill. There’s no charcoal ash residue or tank to contend with. Grease drippings are neatly contained in a drip tray. The nonstick surface can be easily wiped clean after cooking. When not in use, the grill has a slim profile that takes up minimal storage space.

Even novice home cooks can produce delicious results with an indoor grill like the Shaq. The consistent heat and containment make it nearly foolproof. You don’t have to fuss over hot spots or weather conditions. Choose your food, set the temperature, and enjoy restaurant-worthy outcomes at home with ease.

Investing in a good indoor grill like the Shaq smokeless grill enables you to take your cooking to the next level. You’ll have restaurant-quality steaks, burgers, chicken and other grilled favorites conveniently at home. Your family and friends will be impressed with your new culinary skills.

The versatility of indoor grilling opens up limitless possibilities for new meals. You’re no longer restricted by weather or seasons. Quickly prepare kabobs, fish, pork, shrimp and more for amazing, infused flavor in your dishes. An indoor grill is convenient, simple to use, and will transform your cooking.