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How many alts do I need in Lost Ark?

Having multiple characters, also known as alts, in Lost Ark can be extremely beneficial for improving your item level, earning more gold, and experiencing more content. However, it can be time consuming to play and gear up multiple characters. So how many alts do you really need in Lost Ark?

Why Have Alts in Lost Ark?

Here are some of the main benefits of having alt characters in Lost Ark:

  • Earn more gold – You can earn gold from una tasks, chaos dungeons, guardian raids, abyss dungeons and more on each character every day/week.
  • Funnel materials to your main – Alts can funnel upgrade materials, engraving books, cards packs, etc to your main character.
  • Experience more content – Each class plays differently, so alts allow you to experience more playstyles and content.
  • Take advantage of event rewards – Many events provide rewards per roster or per character, so more alts = more rewards.
  • Increase your item level – Having more characters gaining item level boosts your account’s overall item level for certain rewards.

In summary, alts allow you to earn more gold, materials, and rewards, while also experiencing more classes and content in the game. The more you play, the more benefits you can gain from having multiple characters.

How Many Alts Do You Need?

The number of alts you need or want will depend on your goals in the game and how much time you have to play. Here are some common approaches:

1-3 Alts

Having 1-3 alts is a good range for most casual players. With a main and 1-3 alts you can:

  • Experience 3-4 different classes
  • Funnel materials to your main character
  • Earn una instant complete tickets for your main
  • Gain a significant gold income from daily/weekly tasks

With just a few alts, you don’t have to spend too much time on dailycharacter management but still gain meaningful benefits. This approach is great if you have limited playtime.

4-6 Alts

4-6 alts is great for semi-hardcore players who want to invest more time into building up their roster. Benefits include:

  • Play almost all classes in the game
  • Earn lots of gold from daily/weekly tasks
  • Significant material generation for honing main
  • Higher account item level for rewards

The downside is this takes more gameplay time to keep up with dailies on 4-6 characters. But you will be able to experience more content and accelerate progression speed.

6+ Alts

Having 6 or more alts is best suited for hardcore players who want to min-max progression with a developed roster. Benefits include:

  • Play every class in the game
  • Maximize gold income and material generation
  • Quickly hone main and multiple alts to higher item level
  • Complete most weekly lockouts on multiple characters

The downside is this requires a lot of gameplay time to manage that many characters. It can feel like a part time job keeping up with so many daily and weekly tasks. But it will allow you to progress extremely quickly if that is your goal.

Alt Character Progression Tips

Here are some tips for efficiently gearing up and playing your alt characters:

  • Use Powerpasses and Knowledge Transfers – This instantly boosts an alt to level 50.
  • Funnel honing materials from your main to quickly gear alts.
  • Use rested bonus experience when leveling alts.
  • Equip alts with engravings and ability stones from your roster.
  • Only focus on certain daily/weekly tasks like Una’s Tasks, Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids.
  • UseDispatch missions to earn materials passively on alts.
  • Take advantage of event honing books and materials.
  • Don’t obsess over horizontal progression like skill points, runes, collections, adventure tome, etc on alts.

By utilizing these tips, you can accelerate alt progression without as much manual gameplay time needed.

How to Manage Many Alts

If you plan to have many alts, here are some tips for effectively managing them:

  • Stagger their daily/weekly lockouts so not everything resets on the same day.
  • Have a set route and schedule for which characters you play on which days.
  • Use the rested bonus system so you don’t have to play every character each day.
  • Take advantage of auto sailing and auto battle options when possible.
  • Use horizontal progression like skill points, runes, and collections just to supplement your main.
  • Don’t worry about keeping their gear perfect or bis outside of key tasks.
  • Use roster storage to quickly transfer items between characters.
  • Don’t burn yourself out doing long daily grinds on all characters.

By preparing a gameplan and not obsessing over min-maxing every character, managing a roster of 6+ alts is very feasible for dedicated players.


In summary, the number of alts you need comes down to your goals, playtime, and dedication as a player. Anywhere from 1-3 alts is great for casual players while 4-6 alts benefits semi-hardcore players. 6+ alts is best for hardcore players who really want to min-max progression with a developed roster.

The key is finding a comfortable balance where you’re enjoying the benefits of alts without burning yourself out. Optimizing progression paths and utilizing tools like autocomplete can help minimize the management time. Approach alts as supplements to strengthen your main rather than trying to completely max everything out.

Hopefully this gives you a good overview of how many alts you realistically need in Lost Ark based on the type of player you are. Always focus on having fun first and let the alt benefits come second. Lost Ark offers an incredible amount of content and classes to enjoy, so take advantage of alts to experience them while supporting your progression goals.