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How many calories are in Starbucks Egg White and roasted red pepper bites?

Egg White and roasted red pepper bites are a popular food item sold at Starbucks. For people watching their calories or macros, knowing the calorie count can help inform their choices. This article will provide a detailed breakdown of the calories and other nutrition information in Starbucks Egg White and roasted red pepper bites.

Nutrition Facts for Starbucks Egg White Bites

The main ingredients in Starbucks Egg White bites are egg whites, Monterey jack cheese, cream cheese, and roasted red peppers. According to the Starbucks website, the nutrition information per 1 bite (17g) serving is:

Calories 25
Fat 1.5g
Saturated Fat 1g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 15mg
Sodium 115mg
Carbohydrates 1g
Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 3g

As you can see, one 17g Egg White bite from Starbucks contains 25 calories. It is relatively low in fat, sodium and carbohydrates. The main nutrition in these bites comes from protein due to the egg whites.

Calorie Count for Different Serving Sizes

While the standard nutrition information is for one bite, Starbucks Egg White bites are often consumed in servings of 2 or more bites. Here is the calorie count for different serving sizes:

  • 1 bite (17g): 25 calories
  • 2 bites (34g): 50 calories
  • 3 bites (51g): 75 calories
  • 4 bites (68g): 100 calories
  • 5 bites (85g): 125 calories
  • 6 bites (102g): 150 calories

As you increase the number of bites consumed, the calories scale accordingly. Good to know if you plan to have more than one Egg White bite!

Calories Compared to Other Starbucks Items

To put the 25-150 calorie range per serving in context, here’s how Starbucks Egg White bites compare calorie-wise to some other Starbucks food items:

  • Blueberry Oatmeal (Grande): 390 calories
  • Bacon, Gouda, Egg Breakfast Sandwich: 450 calories
  • Chicken & Double Smoked Bacon Panini: 560 calories
  • Chocolate Croissant: 420 calories
  • Chicken Caprese Panini: 640 calories

As you can see, the Egg White bites are very low in calories compared to many other hot and prepared foods at Starbucks. Only options like oatmeal or light sandwiches provide fewer calories per serving.

Low Calorie Snack Choice

Given their protein content and relatively few calories, Starbucks Egg White bites can be a good snack or mini-meal option for those looking for a grab-and-go low calorie choice.

Some benefits of Egg White bites as a light snack include:

  • Convenient pre-made, ready to eat item
  • Portable – easy to take on-the-go
  • Only 25-150 calories for 1-6 bites
  • Contains protein from egg whites to be filling
  • Lower in carbs and fat compared to many bakery items
  • Can be customized by adding salsa for flavor

While not the absolute lowest calorie choice on the Starbucks menu, Egg White bites make for a protein-packed lower calorie alternative compared to many other prepared breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and lunch items.

Ways to Enjoy Egg White Bites

Here are some tips for enjoying Starbucks Egg White and Roasted Red Pepper bites:

  • Try topping with salsa for added flavor
  • Pair with coffee or tea for a light breakfast
  • Eat as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack
  • Combine in a mini-meal with fruit or yogurt
  • Grab a few bites pre or post workout
  • Split a pack with a friend for a lighter bite to eat

While already flavorful on their own, adding extras like salsa can make Egg White bites even tastier. Enjoy them on-the-go or paired with other light foods for a casually delicious mini-meal.

Nutrition Tips

If watching calories or eating light, keep these nutrition tips in mind when enjoying Starbucks Egg White bites:

  • Watch portion sizes – stick to 1-2 bites if aiming for very low calorie
  • Pair with healthy add-ons like salsa instead of cream cheese spread
  • Balance with fruits, veggies or yogurt for more nutrients
  • Avoid adding high-calorie coffee drinks like lattes
  • Split a serving with a friend or save half for later
  • Drink water instead of fruit juices or soda for zero calories

While already a fairly balanced light meal, be mindful of extras like additional bites, high calorie drinks or unhealthy add-ons that can increase the calorie count.

Cost of Egg White Bites

In addition to their nutrition profile, the cost of Starbucks Egg White bites is another consideration for consumers. Here is an overview of the pricing:

  • 2-pack: $4.45
  • 4-pack: $7.45

Pricing may vary a bit by location but expect to pay around $2-$2.50 for a 2-pack. For a more economical option, the 4-pack brings the per packet price down closer to $1.80-$1.90.

Compared to some baked goods and sandwiches at Starbucks that can cost $5 or more, the Egg White bites are relatively affordable. They offer a lot of nutrition and protein for the price.

Price Per Bite

Looking at the price per bite, based on the standard per-packet pricing, the cost breaks down as:

  • 2-pack: $2.20 per bite
  • 4-pack: $1.85 per bite

So on a per bite basis, the 4-pack ends up being a better deal with each bite costing around 15-20 cents less.

Egg White Bites vs. Other Snack Options

Compared to some other protein snacks at Starbucks, here is how the Egg White bites stack up:

Snack Item Calories Protein Price
Egg White Bites (2 pack) 50 6g $4.45
Protein Box 440 16g $5.95
Chicken & Quinoa Protein Bowl 400 20g $7.95
Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon sandwich 250 18g $5.25

For the calories, Egg White bites provide a good protein kick at one of the lower price points. The Protein Box offers more protein, calories and food for a moderately higher cost. Overall, Egg White bites are a reasonably priced light protein snack from Starbucks.

Should You Have Them on Keto or Low Carb Diets?

For those following lower carb or ketogenic diets, Egg White bites can be a good food choice:

  • Carbs from 1 pack (2 bites) = 2g net carbs
  • No added sugar
  • Higher protein and lower carb than many breakfast options
  • Can be combined with high fat additions like avocado

The small amount of carbs come mostly from the roasted red peppers and cheese. With only around 1g net carb per bite, Egg White bites can easily fit into a keto diet when portion sizes are watched.

Tips for Keto/Low Carb

If eating Egg White bites while limiting carbs, consider these tips:

  • Ask for no added cheese or roasted red peppers to further drop carbs
  • Limit to 1-2 bites per serving
  • Avoid pairing with carb-heavy additions like bread, potatoes or fruit
  • Add healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, or nut butter
  • Drink unsweetened coffee or tea instead of sugary drinks

With some simple modifications and thoughtful pairing, Egg White bites can be a tasty low carb choice from the Starbucks menu.


Starbucks Egg White and Roasted Red Pepper bites clock in at a modest 25-150 calories per 1-6 bite serving. They make for a convenient protein-packed snack or mini-meal that fits well into a calorie conscious, low carb, or on-the-go eating plan. While not the absolute lowest calorie choice at Starbucks, they are reasonably priced for the nutrition stats. Pair Egg White bites with coffee, tea, or yogurt for a balanced pick-me-up.