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How many calories in a Costco boneless pork chop?

Pork chops are a delicious and versatile meat that can be a nutritious part of a balanced diet. However, it’s important to pay attention to portion sizes and calorie counts, especially when buying bulk packages like those available at Costco. Costco’s boneless pork chops provide a convenient and budget-friendly way to enjoy this protein. But how many calories are actually in one Costco boneless pork chop? Let’s take a closer look.

Calories in Pork

In general, pork is considered a high-protein food that is also relatively high in fat compared to other meats like chicken or fish. According to the USDA, a 3-ounce serving of boneless, center cut pork chop (raw) contains:

Calories 143
Total Fat 4.55 g
Saturated Fat 1.485 g
Protein 21.35 g

As you can see, even a small 3 oz serving of raw pork chop contains 143 calories, along with a decent amount of protein and fat.

The exact calorie count and nutritional breakdown will vary depending on factors like:

– Cut of pork (loin, chop, ribs, etc)
– Cooking method (raw, pan-fried, grilled, baked, etc)
– Part of animal (loin, shoulder, leg, etc)

– Fat trimming (bone-in, boneless, visible fat removed)
– Thickness or size of chop

Calories in a Costco Boneless Pork Chop

Now let’s look specifically at the boneless pork chops available at Costco.

Costco sells boneless pork loin chops in cryovac sealed packages. Based on the nutrition information provided by Costco, here are the calories and macronutrients per serving (4 oz raw):

Calories 180
Total Fat 8 g
Saturated Fat 2.5 g
Protein 26 g

So in a 4 oz raw boneless pork chop from Costco, you can expect around 180 calories.

Most packages contain between 8-10 chops. Let’s say there are 8 chops in a 4 lb package (average weight).

That would mean each raw boneless chop weighs approximately:
– 4 lb package / 8 chops = 0.5 lb/chop
– 0.5 lb = 8 oz

So if the nutrition info is based on a 4 oz serving, each whole 8 oz chop would contain approximately:

– 4 oz chop: 180 calories
– 8 oz chop: 360 calories

Therefore, the total calories in one average 8 oz raw boneless pork chop from Costco would be **360 calories**.

This calorie count is for the raw meat. The calorie content changes when the chops are cooked.

Calories After Cooking

When meat is cooked, some of the fat melts off or evaporates, slightly altering the calorie content and nutritional profile.

According to USDA data, a boneless pork chop (loin) contains the following calories when cooked:

Cooking Method Calories (in 3 oz serving)
Pan-fried 153
Baked 140
Grilled 139

Pan-frying adds a bit of extra fat and calories due to the oil or butter used. Baking and grilling tend to cause more fat to drip away, resulting in a slightly lower calorie count.

So for a whole 8 oz Costco boneless pork chop, you could expect approximately:

– Pan-fried: 306 calories
– Baked: 280 calories
– Grilled: 278 calories

The cooking method only changes the calories by 25-50 calories or so per average size chop. Grilling and baking are your best bet for keeping calories slightly lower.

Calories Compared to Other Pork Cuts

How does a boneless pork chop compare calorie-wise to other common cuts of pork?

Here is a general calorie comparison of popular pork cuts, based on an average thick 3 oz serving:

Cut Calories
Pork tenderloin 139
Boneless pork chop (loin) 140
Ham (extra lean) 139
Pork rib (spare rib) 185
Ground pork (96% lean) 122
Bacon 149

As you can see, the common pork chop is moderate in calories compared to other cuts. It’s slightly higher than extra lean ham or tenderloin, but lower than ribs or bacon.

When buying boneless chops specifically from Costco, you can expect approximately 360 calories in one 8 oz raw chop. So they are slightly higher than the average chop due to their larger size.

Costco Pork Chop Nutrition

Beyond just calories, what other nutrition can you expect from Costco’s boneless pork chops?

Here is the full nutritional profile in an average 8 oz raw boneless pork chop from Costco:

Calories 360
Fat 16 g
Saturated Fat 5 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 100 mg
Sodium 90 mg
Carbohydrates 0 g
Fiber 0 g
Sugar 0 g
Protein 52 g

Some key nutritional highlights:

– High in protein – over 50g per chop which is helpful for building muscle, feeling full and satisfied.

– Provides B vitamins like niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. These support energy levels and metabolism.

– Good source of zinc and selenium – minerals that play a role in immune function and thyroid health.

– Contains some iron, though not a significant amount.

– Very low in carbs – keto and low carb friendly.

– Minimal sugar and sodium compared to processed meats.

So Costco’s pork chops deliver lots of protein, important vitamins and minerals, while being low in carbs. Just watch your total fat and saturated fat intake, as pork is relatively high in these compared to some other protein options.

Strategies to Reduce Calories and Fat

While Costco’s boneless pork chops are nutritious, some strategies can help reduce the total calories, fat, and sodium if needed:

– Trim off any excess visible fat before cooking

– Choose grilling or baking over pan-frying

– Limit portion size to 4-6 oz instead of 8 oz

– Avoid topping with high calorie sauces or gravies

– Flavor with herbs, spices, mustard, or low-calorie condiments

– Pair with lower calorie side dishes like roasted veggies instead of fatty sides like macaroni and cheese

– Watch your total meat intake and get calories from healthy plant sources too

With smart preparation methods and reasonable portion sizes, Costco’s boneless pork chops can absolutely be part of a healthy diet. They provide lots of protein and nutrition for the calories.

Cost and Value

One of the main benefits of buying pork chops at Costco is the cost savings compared to traditional grocery stores.

Based on a price comparison in my area, here is the approximate cost per pound and per chop:

Store Price Per Pound Price Per 8oz Chop
Costco $3.99/lb $1.33
Safeway $7.99/lb $2.66
Whole Foods $11.99/lb $3.99

As you can see, Costco offers the best price per pound, at nearly 50% cheaper than conventional grocery stores for the same boneless pork chops. This adds up to huge savings when purchasing packages of 8 chops or more.

The incredible price combined with the nutrition profile makes Costco boneless pork chops a budget-friendly protein option. You get over 50g of high-quality protein for just $1.33 – a great value!

Should You Buy Costco Boneless Pork Chops?

So should you buy the boneless pork chops at Costco? Here are some key benefits that make them worth purchasing for many households:

  • Excellent price per pound compared to grocery stores
  • Packed with protein – over 50g per 8 oz chop
  • Minimally processed and free from artificial ingredients
  • Provides important vitamins and minerals like B-vitamins, zinc, and selenium
  • Versatile for many recipes and quick weeknight meals
  • Lower in sodium than other cured pork products
  • Sold in packs of 8-10 chops for easy meal prep

The main downsides would be:

  • High in saturated fat – must watch portions
  • Can dry out if overcooked
  • Bulky pack size – must have space to store and use before expiration
  • Can get expensive if you don’t eat much pork

Overall, Costco’s boneless pork chops can be a nutritious and affordable protein option if pork fits into your diet and you have freezer space to store the large package. The exceptional protein for minimal cost makes them a budget and diet-friendly bulk buy. Just use proper portion sizes and cooking methods to keep calories and fat intake reasonable.


An average 8 oz boneless pork chop from Costco contains around 360 calories raw, or 280-310 calories when cooked. This provides over 50g of protein and important B-vitamins, zinc, selenium and other minerals. While relatively high in saturated fat compared to some meats, moderate pork intake as part of a plant-based diet is linked to health benefits. Costco’s pork chops offer an inexpensive way to buy nutritious protein in bulk. Using smart preparation tips and reasonable portion sizes, they can be a diet-friendly staple. The exceptional price and nutrition make Costco boneless pork chops a budget-friendly bulk buy.