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How many calories in a Wendy’s grilled Asiago chicken sandwich?

Many people enjoy the taste of a Wendy’s grilled Asiago chicken sandwich, but are concerned about the calorie content. Knowing the calorie count can help people make informed choices to meet their nutritional goals. This article will provide a detailed breakdown of the calories in a Wendy’s grilled Asiago chicken sandwich, looking at the calories in each individual ingredient.

Calories in the Chicken Patty

The chicken patty is the main component of the grilled Asiago chicken sandwich. According to Wendy’s nutrition information, the grilled chicken patty contains 280 calories.

The patty is made from seasoned, grilled chicken breast meat. Chicken breast is typically considered a lean, lower-calorie protein option. However, the calories can add up quickly in a large, breaded chicken patty like this.

280 calories is a significant portion of a standard 2000 calorie daily diet. Understanding that the protein alone contains nearly 300 calories can help create realistic expectations for the total sandwich calories.

Calories in the Asiago Cheese

In addition to the chicken, the grilled Asiago chicken sandwich gets its name from the Asiago cheese. Asiago is an Italian cheese made from cow’s milk.

The Asiago cheese adds 70 calories to the sandwich. Cheese is high in fat, which is very calorie-dense at 9 calories per gram. The flavorsome cheese contributes significant calories.

Some tips for lightening up the cheese calories include:

  • Order just one slice of cheese instead of two.
  • Opt for a lower-calorie cheese like Swiss or cheddar.
  • Skip the cheese altogether.

Making adjustments to the cheese can make a notable difference in the total calorie content of the grilled Asiago chicken sandwich.

Calories in the Bun

The chicken patty and cheese are sandwiched between a toasted white bun. The bun accounts for 150 calories of the sandwich’s calorie total.

Bread and buns, while not as calorie-dense as fat-heavy cheese, still pack a caloric punch. Cutting out the top bun or switching to a lower-calorie wheat bun are some options to reduce the calorie count of this sandwich component.

Calories in the Sauce

Wendy’s grilled Asiago chicken sandwich comes with a signature Asiago cheese sauce. The creamy, cheese-based sauce contains 90 calories for a regular size sandwich.

The sauce is an integral component adding cheesy Asiago flavor throughout the sandwich. However, the extra creamy cheese element also tacks on nearly 100 calories.

Asking for light sauce, or skipping it altogether, is the easiest way to remove these calories. Some lower-calorie sauce alternatives might include mustard, barbecue sauce, or hot sauce.

Calories in Vegetables

The grilled Asiago chicken sandwich includes fresh lettuce and tomato on top.

According to Wendy’s, the lettuce contributes a negligible amount of calories to the overall count. Meanwhile, the tomato slice adds around 5 calories.

The vegetables provide important nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, and fiber. At the same time, they add very minimal calories to the sandwich. Loading up on the fresh produce is an excellent way to boost nutrition without adding calories.

Total Calories in Regular Grilled Asiago Chicken Sandwich

Adding up the calories in each component gives us a total calorie count for the regular size grilled Asiago chicken sandwich:

Ingredient Calories
Chicken patty 280
Asiago cheese 70
Bun 150
Asiago sauce 90
Vegetables 5
Total 595

So a regular Wendy’s grilled Asiago chicken sandwich contains about 595 calories. That totals up to 30% of a 2000 calorie daily intake.

While chicken and cheese provide protein and satisfaction, the high calorie count is important to keep in mind. We’ll examine some options for reducing calories next.

Ways to Make the Sandwich Lower-Calorie

There are several ways to adjust a Wendy’s grilled Asiago chicken sandwich to cut some of the calories:

  • Order a junior size sandwich which removes over 100 calories.
  • Skip the cheese to eliminate 70 calories.
  • Opt for a lower-calorie bun or no bun to reduce around 150 calories.
  • Leave off the creamy Asiago sauce to drop 90 calories.
  • Ask for extra lettuce and tomato instead of cheese or sauce.
  • Choose grilled chicken on a salad instead of on a bun.

Making just a couple of these sandwich tweaks can lead to a much lower calorie count. For example, here is one potential lighter option:

Ingredient Calories
Junior chicken patty 140
No cheese 0
No bun 0
No sauce 0
Lettuce and tomato 5
Total 145

This modified junior sandwich with no cheese, no bun, and no sauce comes in at only 145 calories – less than 25% of the original.

How the Grilled Asiago Sandwich Compares

Compared to other Wendy’s menu items, the grilled Asiago chicken sandwich is lower in calories than many fried options. However, it is still one of the higher-calorie sandwiches.

For example, here is a comparison of calories in some popular Wendy’s sandwiches:

Sandwich Calories
Grilled Asiago Chicken 595
Classic Chicken BLT 625
Baconator 670
Jr Cheeseburger 290
Crispy Chicken BLT 500
Grilled Chicken Wrap 340

The grilled Asiago chicken sandwich has 70-100 fewer calories than Wendy’s biggest burgers and fried chicken sandwiches. However, it has over double the calories of the junior cheeseburger and grilled chicken wrap.

Compared to other grilled chicken options, the Asiago sandwich is slightly higher calorie than the classic chicken BLT or grilled wrap due to the cheese and sauce. Overall, it’s a mid-range calorie choice for Wendy’s sandwiches.

Nutrition Beyond Calories

While calories provide an important benchmark for managing weight, they are not the only component of nutrition. It is also helpful to look at aspects like:

  • Protein – The grilled chicken sandwich provides about 36g protein.
  • Fiber – At 2-3g of fiber, the sandwich is not a significant fiber source.
  • Sodium – With over 1000mg sodium, the sandwich is high in salt content.
  • Sugar – Around 3-4g sugar per sandwich comes mostly from the bun and sauce.
  • Carbs – The total carbohydrates ring in around 56g.
  • Fat – With about 32g fat, over half the calories come from fat.

Reviewing this fuller nutritional profile can help you make knowledgeable decisions about this menu item. If limiting sodium, for example, you may want to skip the Asiago sauce. If watching carbs or blood sugar, removing the bun would be beneficial.

Prioritizing protein and nutrients from the grilled chicken and produce, while moderating fat, carbs, and sodium, can help make this sandwich a healthier choice.

Grilled Asiago Chicken Salad

Ordering the grilled Asiago chicken ingredients served on a salad instead of a sandwich is one easy way to reduce carbs, fat, and calories.

Wendy’s offers the Asiago chicken on a garden side salad. Here is a calorie comparison of the sandwich versus the salad:

Menu Item Calories
Grilled Asiago Chicken Sandwich 595
Asiago Chicken Salad 270

Choosing the salad reduces calories by over 60%, providing a lighter way to enjoy the Asiago chicken flavors. The salad also boosts nutrition with vitamin-rich produce.

If you want to cut even more calories, ask for grilled chicken without cheese or sauce served on top of a salad. This further minimizes the carbs, fat, and sodium while maximizing nutrition from the chicken and greens.

Making the Healthiest Choice

When dining at Wendy’s, the grilled Asiago chicken sandwich provides a fresher, lower-fat option compared to burgers and fried foods. However, at nearly 600 calories, it is one of Wendy’s higher-calorie sandwiches.

To make the healthiest choice when ordering this sandwich:

  • Opt for junior size or remove the bun
  • Skip the cheese and creamy sauce
  • Ask for extra lettuce and tomato
  • Pair it with fruit or a salad instead of fries
  • Split the sandwich or take half home for later

Cheese and creamy sauces quickly increase calories, fat, carbs, and sodium. Focusing on the grilled chicken, vegetables, and other lower-calorie toppings or sides can help control portions and improve the nutrition profile.

Alternatively, the grilled Asiago chicken served over a fresh salad is an excellent lighter option at Wendy’s. You can balance the flavor and satisfaction from the chicken and cheese while benefiting from the nutrition, fiber, and lower calories of the salad.


Wendy’s grilled Asiago chicken sandwich contains around 595 calories for a regular size. While the grilled chicken provides protein, the high-calorie Asiago cheese and sauce quickly add fat, carbs, and sodium.

To lighten up this menu option, order a junior size, remove the bun and skip the cheese and sauce. Loading up on lettuce, tomato and other veggies boosts nutrition without adding many calories. Or choose the salad option to cut over 60% of the calories and increase fiber.

Being mindful of portions and ingredients is key to enjoying the great taste of Wendy’s grilled chicken while still eating healthy and managing your daily calorie intake.