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How many sauces does Tijuana Flats have?

Tijuana Flats is a popular Tex-Mex restaurant chain with over 100 locations across the Southeastern United States. The chain is known for its bold flavors, creative sauces, and fun atmosphere. One of the things that makes Tijuana Flats stand out from other Tex-Mex chains is the wide variety of signature sauces available. Customers can choose from over a dozen sauces to complement their entrees, ranging from mild to very spicy. So exactly how many sauces does Tijuana Flats offer? Let’s take a closer look.

Tijuana Flats’ Sauce Selection

After reviewing Tijuana Flats’ menu and website, it appears they currently offer 16 different signature sauces. This includes both “mild” and “hot” versions of some sauces. Here is the full list of Tijuana Flats sauces:

  • Mild Salsa
  • Hot Salsa
  • XX Hot Salsa
  • Guacamole
  • Queso
  • Sour Cream
  • Pico de Gallo
  • Chipotle Ranch
  • Jalapeño Ranch
  • Cilantro Lime Ranch
  • Boom Boom Sauce
  • Sweet & Tangy Sauce
  • XXXX Hot Sauce
  • Mango Habanero Sauce
  • Ghost Pepper Sauce
  • Smokehouse BBQ Sauce

So in total, Tijuana Flats has 16 signature sauces for customers to choose from and customize their meals.

Sauce Flavor Profiles

Tijuana Flats’ sauces range from mild to extremely spicy, offering options for all preferences. Here is an overview of the sauce flavor profiles:

Mild Sauces

The mild sauces include the Mild Salsa, Guacamole, Queso, Sour Cream, and Chipotle Ranch. These sauces have just a hint of spice and are tangy, creamy, or tomato-based. They are great options for customers who don’t like a lot of heat.

Medium Sauces

The medium sauces provide a bit more kick. These include the Hot Salsa, Pico de Gallo, Jalapeño Ranch, and Cilantro Lime Ranch. You’ll taste more chili pepper flavor in these sauces. They add a moderate amount of spice to any dish.

Hot Sauces

Brace yourself for some heat with the hot sauces. This category includes the XX Hot Salsa, Boom Boom Sauce, and Sweet & Tangy Sauce. They have a bigger bite of chili peppers. The Boom Boom Sauce is a peppery, ginger-flavored sauce.

Extra Hot Sauces

The extra hot sauces crank up the spice level. These include the XXXX Hot Sauce, Mango Habanero Sauce, and Ghost Pepper Sauce. They are loaded with intense chili peppers and are not for the faint of heart. The Ghost Pepper Sauce is one of the hottest.

Most Popular Sauces

While Tijuana Flats offers a wide selection of sauces, a few have emerged as customer favorites:

  • Chipotle Ranch – A creamy, smoky sauce and longtime favorite.
  • Boom Boom Sauce – A hot sauce with a cult following, known for its ginger kick.
  • Queso – The classic Tex-Mex cheese dip pairs well with many dishes.
  • Guacamole – Fresh, creamy guacamole made in-house daily.

These four sauces seem to be the most popular based on customer reviews and sauce usage. The Chipotle Ranch is a standout, adding a creamy contrast to spicier sauces. The Boom Boom Sauce’s unique flavor profile gives it an edge. And no Tex-Mex meal is complete without queso and guacamole as dipping sauces.

Limited Time Sauces

In addition to its core sauce lineup, Tijuana Flats sometimes offers limited-edition specialty sauces for a short time. For example, they introduced a Mango Habanero sauce over one summer. They also had an Iguana Verde Green Sauce for a period. While not permanent additions, these limited sauces keep things interesting for regular customers.

Sauces by Meal

Certain Tijuana Flats sauces pair better with specific menu items. Here is an overview of the best sauce matches for main entrées:


For tacos, the Salsa (Mild, Hot or XX Hot), Pico de Gallo, and Guacamole are excellent sauce choices. Their fresh flavors complement proteins like chicken, steak or shrimp in a taco perfectly without overpowering them.


For burritos, the top sauces are Chipotle Ranch, Queso, and Jalapeño Ranch. They inject a creamy, spicy punch that takes the burrito to the next level.


On quesadillas, you can’t go wrong with Queso, Guacamole or Sour Cream as dipping sauces. They provide cooling contrast to the melted cheese.

Rice Bowls

For rice bowls, try the Boom Boom Sauce, Mango Habanero or one of the Hot Salsas. They give a fiery kick that pairs nicely with a protein over rice.


On salads, the Cilantro Lime Ranch, Chipotle Ranch and Jalapeño Ranch are excellent topping choices. They have enough flavor for greens without masking other salad ingredients.

So the sauces can really customize the meal experience depending on your entrée selection.

Nutritional Information

One area where Tijuana Flats sauces differ is in their nutritional profiles. Some sauces pack more calories, fat, salt or sugar than others. Here is a nutritional overview of some key Tijuana Flats sauces:

Sauce Calories Fat Sodium
Guacamole 80 8g 220mg
Queso 110 9g 470mg
Chipotle Ranch 140 14g 270mg
XX Hot Salsa 15 0g 480mg

As shown, some sauces like Guacamole and XX Hot Salsa are lower in calories and fat compared to cream-based sauces like Queso. However, sodium levels can still be high in certain sauces, so those restricting sodium should pay attention. When customizing your meal, keep the nutrition facts for sauces in mind.

Sauce Portion Sizes

Tijuana Flats offers their sauces in a few different portion sizes:

  • 2 oz side cups
  • 4 oz containers
  • 8 oz squeeze bottles
  • 16 oz pint containers

The smaller 2-4 oz cups and containers are typically used for sides and dipping. The larger 8-16 oz bottles and pint containers allow you to get more of your favorite sauce to use on multiple menu items or take home. Certain sauces like Guacamole and Queso are only available in the smaller sizes for tableside ordering. But for most sauces, you can choose the portion size based on your preferences.

Sauce Availability

While Tijuana Flats locations have over a dozen signature sauces, they don’t necessarily offer every sauce option at all restaurants. Some locations have a slightly condensed sauce selection of 10-12 options. Availability can also depend on inventory and whether an ingredient for a particular specialty sauce is in stock.

Your best bet is to check the sauce selection at your specific Tijuana Flats restaurant before visiting. The choices may vary slightly by location. You can call ahead or go online to view that restaurant’s active sauces menu. This will prevent any disappointment if your favorite sauce isn’t currently available.

Overall though, most Tijuana Flats restaurants carry the vast majority of the chain’s core sauce offerings. You’ll still have 10+ sauces to choose from to customize your Tex-Mex meal.

Ordering Extra Sauces

One of the best things about Tijuana Flats’ sauces is that you can order extra sauces on the side. This allows you to try multiple sauce flavors in one meal. Or stock up on your favorites to bring home.

When ordering at the counter, simply ask for any additional sauces you want on the side. Most locations will provide up to 2 extra sauces at no charge. If you want more than 2 extra sauces, there is typically a small charge per additional sauce, such as $0.35 each.

You can also buy larger take-home containers of sauces like a 16oz pint starting around $3-5. So feel free to build a sampler platter of sauces to enhance your meal experience.

Sauce Recommendations

With so many excellent sauces to choose from at Tijuana Flats, it can be difficult deciding which to try, especially if you’re a first-time customer. Here are some recommendations for great sauces to start with:

  • For mild flavor – Chipotle Ranch
  • For medium spice – Boom Boom Sauce
  • For hot spice – XXXX Hot Sauce
  • For extra creaminess – Queso
  • For fresh flavor – Pico de Gallo

These sauces offer a good range of flavors and heat levels to give you an introduction to the Tijuana Flats sauce experience. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with different sauce combinations in future visits to find new favorites.

Bringing Your Own Sauces

Because Tijuana Flats offers such an extensive sauce selection, guests are asked not to bring their own sauces into restaurants. This helps ensure food safety and allergen precautions. It also prevents external sauces that don’t meet the restaurant’s quality standards from being consumed on-premises.

If you have a dietary preference requiring a unique sauce, it’s best to call the location ahead of time to check if an accommodation can be made. But in general, guests should plan to take advantage of Tijuana Flats’ own sauces rather than bringing sauces from home.

Sauces For Purchase

The good news if you love Tijuana Flats’ sauces is that many are available for take-home purchase. You can buy larger to-go containers and bottles of select sauces during your restaurant visit. This allows you to enjoy your favorites at home.

Some of the most popular sauces like the Chipotle Ranch and Boom Boom Sauce are also available for online ordering and shipping. You can order them from the Tijuana Flats website to be delivered straight to your door.

Purchasing sauces to-go or online is a great way to get your fix of signature Tijuana Flats flavor anytime. Keep a stash of certain sauces in your refrigerator to elevate home-cooked meals and snacks.

Future Sauce Innovation

Tijuana Flats regularly experiments with new specialty sauces for limited-time offerings. They also accept customer suggestions for sauce flavors they should develop next.

In the future, we might see new creations like a Mole Sauce, Jalapeño Lime Sauce or Creamy Cilantro Sauce added to the menu. Some fan recommendations include a Greek Yogurt Sauce, Orange Honey Sauce, and Bacon Ranch.

While their current 16-sauce lineup covers all the Tex-Mex basics, there’s always room for more flavor innovation. Tijuana Flats seems committed to keep surprising customers with new and exciting sauces.


Tijuana Flats sets itself apart in the Tex-Mex marketplace through an extensive collection of signature sauces. With 16 core sauces spanning the flavor and heat spectrum, customers have ample options to customize their dining experience. Favorites like the Chipotle Ranch and Boom Boom Sauce have reached cult status. Testing sauce and entrée combinations is part of the fun. Tijuana Flats also caters to spice-lovers by offering mild to extra hot salsas and chili-packed sauces. Their sauces are central to the chain’s identity. Don’t be surprised if the sauce selection continues expanding in coming years. So if you are looking for a generous and diverse sauce bar, head to your nearest Tijuana Flats and get saucy!