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How much will bodybuilders pay for breast milk?

Bodybuilders are always looking for ways to gain an edge in building muscle and strength. Some bodybuilders have turned to breast milk as a potential ergogenic aid for muscle growth. But where do bodybuilders get breast milk, and how much are they willing to pay for it? This article will explore the emerging trend of bodybuilders buying breast milk and the economic factors that determine the price.

Why Do Bodybuilders Want Breast Milk?

Breast milk contains a unique mix of nutrients, hormones, and growth factors that promote rapid growth and development in infants. Here are some of the components in breast milk that make it intriguing to bodybuilders:


Breast milk contains whey and casein, the same proteins found in popular bodybuilding supplements like whey protein powder. The protein helps repair and build new muscle tissue.


Lactose is the main carbohydrate in breast milk. Carbs provide energy for intensive training.

Healthy Fats

The fat content of breast milk comes mostly from healthy unsaturated fats. The fats provide calories for bulking up and support hormone production.


Leucine is an amino acid critical for muscle protein synthesis. Breast milk contains plenty of this muscle-building compound.


Breast milk supplies creatine, which boosts power output during weight training.


Breast milk is filled with anabolic hormones like insulin, IGF-1, prolactin, and prostaglandins that may stimulate muscle growth.

Growth Factors

Compounds like epidermal growth factor and hepatocyte growth factor support tissue repair and development.

With this potent blend of compounds, it’s easy to see why bodybuilders think breast milk could offer advantages. But does the science actually back up the hype?

Does Breast Milk Really Boost Muscle Growth?

Right now, the evidence on breast milk and muscle growth is limited. No direct studies have examined breast milk’s effects on bodybuilders. However, we can look at the theoretical benefits:

Quality Nutrition

Breast milk provides quality nutrition from its protein, carb, and fat content. Good nutrition supports muscle growth.

Anabolic Hormones

The hormones in breast milk may trigger an anabolic response. But it’s questionable how much actually remains bioavailable.

Growth Factors

Compounds like IGF-1 encourage muscle growth. But levels from breast milk pale compared to injectable supplements.

Creatine and Amino Acids

While present, the amounts from breast milk are miniscule compared to supplements.

Overall, any muscle-building benefits are likely minor at best. Athletes already follow rigorous diets and take proven supplements. Breast milk offers insignificant additions compared to these strategies.

More research is needed before conclusions can be made. But right now, the hype seems greater than the realistic benefits.

Legal Issues Around Purchasing Breast Milk

The quickest way for a bodybuilder to get breast milk is to buy it. But purchasing breast milk opens legal gray areas. Here are some considerations:

Is It Legal to Buy and Sell Breast Milk?

In the U.S., it’s legal to buy and sell breast milk, mostly unregulated. The FDA advises against direct sales, but selling under the pretense of being a breast milk donor is common.

Liability Waivers

To protect themselves, breast milk sellers often have buyers sign waivers releasing them from liability. But the enforceability of these waivers is questionable.

Prescription Status?

Some argue breast milk should only be available by prescription. But currently, no prescription is legally required to purchase breast milk.

Child Safety Laws

Breast milk is intended for infants. Selling to bodybuilders raises questions regarding child protection laws, though no clear violations exist.

The legal framework for purchasing breast milk remains ambiguous. Bodybuilders proceed with potential risks. Prudent sellers protect themselves through liability releases. But laws could evolve as breast milk sales expand beyondinfant nutrition.

Where Do Bodybuilders Get Breast Milk?

Given the legal uncertainty, where and how can a bodybuilder get breast milk? Here are some common sources:

Online Marketplaces

Websites like allow users to connect with breast milk donors and sellers. Prices, supply, and shipping options are negotiated.

Social Media Groups

Facebook groups like Human Milk 4 Human Babies facilitate local breast milk exchanges. Bodybuilders may find sellers willing to provide milk.

Breast Milk Banks

Milk banks screen donors and provide milk for medical needs. But they typically require prescriptions, making them unavailable to bodybuilders.

Direct Donors

Bodybuilders may make direct arrangements with lactating women they know to supply milk. This raises fewer legal concerns but provides less anonymity.

The online marketplace appears the easiest route. But verifying quality and safety remains a concern. Ultimately, bodybuilders must weigh risks and benefits of their source.

How Much Does Breast Milk Cost?

With variable supply and opaque legality, pricing for breast milk fluctuates. Some factors impacting cost:


Buying from individuals tends to cost less than breast milk banks. Online sources are cheaper than local postings.

Screening and Testing

Milk banks screen donors, test milk, and pasteurize it. This adds overhead passed onto buyers. Individual sellers rarely provide testing.

Supply and Demand

Breast milk demand exceeds supply. More competitive buyers drive up prices from $1-$5 per ounce.

Volume Discounts

Larger purchases usually come with discounted rates. Buying 100+ ounces could reduce the per ounce price.

Delivery and Shipping

Local pickup saves money. But having milk shipped overnight can add $20 or more.

For comparison, some average breast milk prices:

Source Price Per Ounce
Online Marketplace $2-$5
Facebook Group $1-$3
Breast Milk Bank $4-$6

Given the incentives, individual sellers may provide bodybuilders bulk discounts, cutting rates to $2 per ounce or lower, especially for larger purchases.

How Much Breast Milk Do Bodybuilders Want?

The recommended daily intake of breast milk for infants is about 25-35 ounces per day. Most experts advise bodybuilders to limit supplemental breast milk to 4-8 ounces daily.

Bodybuilders using breast milk likely buy a month’s supply at once for convenience. Based on daily use of 4-8 ounces, monthly needs would be:

Daily Amount Monthly Amount
4 oz. 120 oz. (7.5 lbs)
8 oz. 240 oz. (15 lbs)

At $2 per ounce bought in bulk, costs could range from $240-$480 per month.

Purchasing, storing, and drinking that much breast milk regularly can become burdensome. Most bodybuilders limit their experiments to smaller supplementary amounts for up to a few months.

Proceed with Caution When Buying Breast Milk

While intrigued by the potential benefits, bodybuilders should carefully consider the health and legal risks of buying breast milk. Screening and safety protocols by unregulated sellers vary greatly. Verifying quality is challenging.

Introducing breast milk into a diet as a nutritional supplement also warrants medical supervision. As with any supplement, starting with smaller amounts is prudent.

Ultimately more research is needed to determine if breast milk lives up to the hype for bodybuilders. Skepticism is warranted, given the significant monetary and health risks involved. As with all ergogenic aids, proper due diligence is required.

The Bottom Line

Here are the key takeaways on bodybuilders using breast milk:

– Breast milk contains compounds like protein, hormones and growth factors that may aid muscle-building. But benefits are likely small and unproven.

– Buying breast milk online provides convenient access but can raise legal and health concerns.

– Prices are typically $1-$5 per ounce, with bulk discounts bringing costs down for larger orders.

– Monthly supply for bodybuilding purposes ranges from 120-240 ounces, costing $240-$480 or more.

– Caution is advised when buying breast milk from unregulated sources. Quality control and safety testing are lacking.

– More research is needed before breast milk can be recommended as an evidence-based ergogenic aid. Skepticism is warranted around the hype.

While breast milk intrigues bodybuilders as a potential magic bullet, they should be careful and pragmatic around incorporating it into their regimen given the significant knowns and unknowns. More science is still needed to determine if it lives up to the lofty expectations.