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How to make wild boar meat tender?

What Makes Wild Boar Tough?

Wild boar meat can be tough and chewy due to a few factors:

  • Less fat content – Wild boars are very active animals and have less fat, which means less marbling in the meat. Fat helps keep meat tender.
  • Age – Older boars tend to have tougher meat than younger ones.
  • Muscle development – Since boars use their muscles extensively, they are well-developed and dense, making the meat tougher.
  • Cooking method – Improper cooking, like overcooking, can make wild boar meat tougher.

So wild boar requires special preparation and cooking methods to make it tender. Here are the top tips:

Choose Younger Animals

Younger wild boars, less than 2 years old, offer the most tender meat. The meat has had less time to toughen from muscles developing and collagen forming within the animal’s movement and growth. Look for smaller carcasses, under 100 lbs, to find younger boars.

Marinate the Meat

A marinade breaks down the proteins in the meat, helping make it more tender. Acidic ingredients like vinegar, wine, yogurt, or fruit juices work best. Spices, herbs, and oils will also impart flavor. Marinate wild boar steaks or roasts for 8-12 hours or overnight before cooking.

Use Moist Heat Cooking Methods

Moist heat cooking, like braising or stewing, gently breaks down connective tissues over time, resulting in tender meat. Dry heat methods like grilling or roasting can toughen wild boar. Slow cooking for 2-3 hours or pressure cooking can make even older wild boar meat fork tender.

Best Moist Heat Cooking Methods for Wild Boar

  • Braise or stew chunks of meat covered in a flavorful liquid like wine or broth.
  • Slow cook roasts or ribs in a slow cooker with added moisture.
  • Pressure cook cuts of meat in a pressure cooker with sauce or broth.
  • Poach tenderloin, chops, or meatballs gently in simmering water or broth.

Velvet the Meat

Velveting is a Chinese cooking technique of marinating thinly sliced meat in oil, egg whites, cornstarch, and wine or broth for up to an hour. This tenderizes and moisturizes the meat so it stays tender when stir-fried or cooked quickly at high heat. Use velveting for wild boar stir-fries or quick grill recipes.

Velveting Wild Boar

  1. Slice pork thinly across the grain.
  2. Mix slices with oil, egg white, cornstarch, wine, and seasonings.
  3. Let marinate 20-60 minutes.
  4. Cook pork quickly by stir-frying, grilling, or broiling.

Use Meat tenderizer

Meat tenderizer breaks down tough muscle fibers in wild boar. Look for tenderizer with natural enzymes like papain or bromelain. Apply it by sprinkling it directly on the meat, marinating meat in a tenderizer solution, or injecting it into roasts or whole muscles. Follow package instructions for amounts.

Slice Meat Thinly Across the Grain

Slicing wild boar thinly across the grain of the meat’s muscle fibers shortens those fibers so they are less chewy or tough. Use super thin slices for stir-fries, kabobs, or grilled dishes. Cut roasts into 1/2 inch slices across the grain for more tender results.

Age the Meat

Hanging wild boar for several days after butchering allows natural enzymes to start breaking down the proteins. This process, called wet aging, helps tenderize the meat. Age primal cuts like hams or shoulders for 5-7 days wrapped in cheesecloth in the refrigerator.

Grind the Meat

Turning less tender cuts like shoulders or leg roasts into ground boar meat guarantees a tender result. Use ground boar for burgers, meatballs, sausages, or chili where texture isn’t as important. Mix with fattier meats like pork or beef to enhance juiciness and flavor.

Cook Low and Slow

Long, slow cooking over low heat gives collagen in wild boar time to break down into gelatin, guaranteeing tender, juicy meat. Use a low temperature between 250-300°F and cook roasts or whole legs for 8-12 hours so they are fork tender. Add moisture like broth or apples while cooking.

Lard or Bard the Meat

Adding external fat helps keep wild boar meat moist and tender. Larding inserts long strips of fatback within the meat. Barding covers roasts or chops with strips of bacon or other fat. The melting fat bastes the lean boar meat from drying out.

Larding and Barding Wild Boar

  • Larding – Insert fatback strips into slits cut across the grain of roasts or chops.
  • Barding – Wrap bacon slices around roasts or chop before cooking.

Add Acidic Ingredients

Ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar, tomatoes, wine or yogurt help break down proteins in wild boar, making it more tender. Marinate meat in acidic ingredients before cooking or braise or stew meat with tomatoes, wine, or a bit of vinegar added.

Don’t Overcook

It’s easy to overcook lean wild boar, drying it out and making it tough. Use a meat thermometer to determine doneness and avoid overcooking. For maximum tenderness and juiciness, cook ribs and roasts to an internal temp of 145°F, pork chops to 145°F, and ground boar to 155-160°F.


Wild boar meat can be delicious if cooked correctly. Choosing young animals, proper aging, strategic cuts, and moist-heat cooking methods are key for tenderizing this lean meat. Marinades, external fat, meat tenderizers, and slicing across the grain also ensure tender texture. Master these tips and you can enjoy delicious and tender wild boar roasts, chops, or steaks.

Tenderizing Method How It Works
Choose younger boars Younger animals have less developed muscles and collagen
Marinate the meat Acids help break down proteins
Cook with moist heat Gentle, slow cooking softens collagen into gelatin
Velvet the meat Marinating helps tenderize thin slices
Use meat tenderizer Enzymes break down tough muscle fibers
Slice meat thinly Shortens muscle fibers so less chewy
Age the meat Natural enzymes start tenderizing process
Grind the meat Tenderizes by breaking into small pieces
Cook low and slow Long cooking gently softens collagen
Lard or bard Basting with fat keeps meat moist
Add acidic ingredients Helps break down proteins
Don’t overcook Prevents drying out and toughening meat

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