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How to order a Mermaid Frappuccino?

To order a Mermaid Frappuccino, start by visiting your local Starbucks store and telling the barista that you’d like to order a Mermaid Frappuccino. They should have the ingredients necessary to make it.

If they don’t, you can ask them to explain the drink to you. After selecting the size you’d like, the barista will begin preparing the drink. The Mermaid Frappuccino is made with vanilla bean Frappuccino, mango syrup, blue tea powder, and vanilla whipped cream.

The barista will add these ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. Once blended together, the Frappuccino will be topped with whipped cream and a sprinkling of blue and green sugar pearls. Enjoy your Mermaid Frappuccino!

How do you order the mermaid drink at Starbucks?

To order the mermaid drink at Starbucks, you’ll need to ask for an Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte. Start by ordering a Grande (or whichever size beverage you prefer) Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte.

To make it a mermaid drink, ask your barista to add one pump of white mocha and one pump of peppermint syrup to your beverage. The white mocha and peppermint will give it a delightful sweet flavor. Finally, stir and enjoy!

What is the Grinch Frappuccino?

The Grinch Frappuccino is a holiday-themed beverage that is available exclusively at Starbucks. It is a twist on the beloved holiday classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The Grinch Frappuccino is made with a blend of Christmas sugar, peppermint syrup and coffee Frappuccino syrup.

It is then topped with a creamy green sugar-based topping and matcha whipped cream. A few drops of peppermint syrup are then added to give it a deliciously refreshing twist. The Grinch Frappuccino was first launched at Starbucks in 2020 and has quickly become a holiday staple for many.

As of 2021, the Grinch Frappuccino is still available for a limited time each year.

Is the under the sea Starbucks drink real?

No, the “Under the Sea Starbucks drink” is not a real Starbucks drink. The drink that has been circulating on social media is actually a copycat recipe that one Twitter user created at home. The original recipe was posted by user @hmarella_ and includes a mix of mango juice, vanilla bean powder, blueberry syrup and a squirt of lime juice.

Although it looks visually appealing, the drink is not available at official Starbucks locations.

What is the recipe for Starbucks under the sea drink?

The Starbucks Under the Sea Drink is a tasty and refreshing summer favorite that can easily be made at home. Here’s what you’ll need:


-6 ounces of coconut milk

-2 ounces of blueberry concentrate

-3 ounces of ice

-2 tablespoons of shaved coconut

-3 ounces of fresh pineapple juice

-1 tablespoon of honey

-Optional: garnish with fresh blueberries


1. Begin by combining the coconut milk and blueberry concentrate in a blender.

2. Next, add the ice, shaved coconut, and pineapple juice.

3. Blend the ingredients until they are incorporated.

4. Lastly, add the honey and blend until the mixture is smooth.

5. Serve the drink in a tall glass and garnish with fresh blueberries if desired.

Enjoy your delicious Starbucks Under the Sea Drink!

Why did Starbucks Pick a mermaid?

Starbucks chose the mermaid as their logo because it encapsulated the spirit of exploration and discovery that has been a cornerstone of their success since the company was founded in 1971. The mermaid, known by various forms of the Siren in ancient mythology, has long been associated with the lure of the sea and all of the mysteries and opportunities it held.

By weaving this concept into their logo, they hoped to inspire customers to explore new avenues in pursuit of a fulfilling and meaningful life. Additionally, the mermaid was seen as a strong feminine figure, which complemented their desire to provide a safe, welcoming, and comfortable atmosphere for all of their customers.

Finally, the Starbucks logo is an iconic symbol in the coffee world that evokes a sense of adventure and exploration, which is exactly what Starbucks wanted to express to their customers.

What is the famous TikTok Starbucks drink?

The famous TikTok Starbucks drinks is the Dalgona Coffee Frappuccino. This trendy concoction is made by shaking instant coffee, sugar, and hot water together until the mixture is creamy and fluffy, then topping with cold milk.

The drink has taken over the internet, in part because of its cute appearance and its easy-to-follow recipe. It has been described by some as sweet, creamy, and toasty, with a nice coffee flavor. For those who love coffee and/or frappuccinos, this unique drink provides a delicious experience.

What is the Starbucks siren called?

The Starbucks siren is called the “Mermaid”. The iconic logo of a two-tailed mermaid encircled by a green ring is synonymous with the Starbucks brand. The history of the “maiden” or mermaid of Starbucks dates back to 1971, when founder Gordon Bowker came across a 16th-century woodcut of a mermaid in the Old Manuscript Collection at the Seattle Public Library.

The curvy design of the mermaid–or siren–embodied Bowker’s vision for the company. He felt that the Siren’s captivating presence represented the allure of Starbucks’ exceptional coffees from faraway places.

The iconic logo has been around since the opening of the first store in 1971, and has been modified a few times throughout the years.