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How wide is Jumbo rick rack?

Jumbo rick rack is a type of decorative trim used in sewing and craft projects. It comes in various widths, with the jumbo size being one of the widest options available. Knowing the exact width of jumbo rick rack is important when planning projects and purchasing supplies. In this article, we’ll take a close look at the common widths for jumbo rick rack and discuss how to select the right size for your needs.

What is Jumbo Rick Rack?

Rick rack, also known as zigzag trim or zag zag trim, is a woven decorative edging used for embellishing fabrics. It has a distinctive zigzag pattern that adds interest and texture to projects.

Jumbo rick rack is simply a larger version of standard rick rack. It makes a bolder statement and stands out more than regular sizes. The term “jumbo” is used loosely in the crafting world, but typically refers to rick rack that is 1 inch or wider.

Jumbo rick rack is commonly used to decorate garments, crafts, home decor items, and more. The oversized zigzags create a playful, whimsical look when applied to hems, edges, seams, handbags, pillows, blankets, and other surfaces. It’s a quick and easy way to accentuate and spruce up all kinds of sewing and craft projects.

Common Widths of Jumbo Rick Rack

Jumbo rick rack comes in a range of widths, from 1 inch up to 3 inches. The most common sizes are:

Width Description
1 inch A versatile middle-of-the-road size that works for most applications
1.5 inches A very popular jumbo size with lots of visual impact
2 inches An oversized rick rack that makes a dramatic statement
2.5-3 inches An ultra wide rick rack suitable for bold, artsy projects

The 1 inch width is the most standard jumbo size and is a good all-purpose choice. The 1.5 inch width offers a nice visual punch without going over the top. For maximum drama and presence, the 2+ inch options really stand out and command attention.

Keep in mind that rick rack trim is measured by the width of the entire zigzag. A 1 inch jumbo rick rack will have 1/2 inch wide zigzags.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Width

The right width of jumbo rick rack depends on a few factors:

– The project – Is it a delicate accessory like a hair bow? Or a substantial home decor item like curtains? Larger projects can handle wider rick rack.

– The fabric/material – Delicate fabrics like chiffon or lightweight cotton blends pair best with narrower rick rack. Heavier materials like canvas or denim can support bigger, bolder trim.

– The location – Rick rack used as an accent on a collar or hem can be narrower. Rick rack used as the main focal point along the edge of an item may call for a wider size.

– Personal preference – Some crafters love the subtle look of 1 inch jumbo rick rack, while others favor the dramatic style of 2-3 inch widths. Consider your own tastes.

Tips for Working with Wider Rick Rack

Extra wide jumbo rick rack over 2 inches high requires some special handling:

– Reinforce seams and edges. The weight and bulk of the trim may cause stress and stretching if not well secured.

– Check that your sewing machine foot can accommodate the thickness. You may need a special foot or rick rack binder attachment.

– Take it slow. The bulky trim layers may need to be guided through the machine by hand at a slower speed.

– Use strong thread and longer stitch length to avoid breaking. Cotton thread plus a 3.0-3.5mm stitch length helps.

– Consider wire cutting pliers to trim off excess bulk in tight corners. The zigzags can get very bulky when folded.

– Look for extra wide rick rack with a flat back. The flat shape provides more surface area for better adhesion.

Where to Buy Jumbo Rick Rack

The best places to buy jumbo rick rack include:

– Craft and fabric stores like Joann and Hobby Lobby. Look in the trims and ribbons section.

– Walmart and other department stores. Check both the crafts and sewing departments.

– Online at Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and craft retailer websites. Search for “jumbo rick rack.”

– Direct from manufacturers like RNK Distributing and Gold Star Tool.

– Discount and closeout stores often have jumbo rick rack at reduced prices.

When purchasing, closely check the dimensions listed. Labels like “jumbo” and “extra wide” can be arbitrary, so measuring the actual width is important.

Prices of Jumbo Rick Rack

Jumbo rick rack prices vary based on the width, materials, brand, and where it’s purchased. On average:

– 1 inch jumbo rick rack costs $2-$3 per 5-yard roll.

– 1.5 inch jumbo rick rack costs $3-$4 per 5-yard roll.

– 2 inch jumbo rick rack ranges from $4-$7 per 5-yard roll.

– 2.5-3 inch jumbo rick rack goes for $6-$10 per 5-yard roll.

Bigger box stores like Joann and Walmart tend to have the best deals. Name brands and specialty trims cost more. Buying in bulk brings down the per yard price significantly.

With some hunting, inexpensive jumbo rick rack can be found starting around $1 per yard. Clearance sales often have remnants and odd widths at a discount too.

Jumbo vs. Standard Rick Rack Widths

To highlight the difference, here’s a comparison of standard rick rack widths versus jumbo sizes:

Standard Width Jumbo Width
1/4 inch 1 inch
1/2 inch 1.5 inches
3/4 inch 2 inches

As you can see, jumbo rick rack starts where standard sizes max out. The jumbo 1 inch width is four times wider than a standard 1/4 inch rick rack. This illustrates the noticeably amplified size and presence of jumbo trim.

Typical Uses for Jumbo Rick Rack

Here are some of the most popular ways to utilize jumbo width rick rack:

– Garment embellishment – Adding to collars, hemlines, pockets, sleeves, lapels, etc.

– Craft trimming – Edging blankets, placemats, scarves, towels, bags, and other handmade items.

– Home decor accents – Fringing lampshades, accent pillows, curtains, upholstered furniture.

– Hair bows and accessories – Massive zigzags make a statement on hair ties, scrunchies, headbands.

– Quilting and blanket binding – Adding color and texture to quilt bindings and blanket edges.

– Wreaths, banners, wall art – Incorporating into artsy wall hangings and other displays.

– Edge finishing – Providing a tactile, decorative edge along potholders, coasters, mats.

– Kid’s apparel and toys – Whimsical trim for little girls dresses, dolls, stuffed animals.

The design options are endless with jumbo rick rack. It’s the perfect choice when you want to infuse a bold, playful vibe into any fabric project.

Incorporating Multiple Widths

For a variety of looks, combine several widths of jumbo rick rack in one project:

– Use 1 inch trim on smaller elements like collars and pocket flaps. Use 2 inch on the garment hem or curtains.

– Frame a quilt center with 1.5 inch rick rack, and use 2.5 inch trim on the outer border.

– Make hair scrunchies with 1 inch rick rack at the gathering base, and 2-3 inch on the tie tails.

– Mixing widths adds visual interest and depth. Keeping one color throughout ties it together.

– Align the zigzag points when joining different sizes to maintain the linear look.

Layering wider rick rack over top of narrower widths creates a tiered effect as well. The possibilities are endless!

Cutting Jumbo Rick Rack

The zigzag pattern of jumbo rick rack makes it tricky to cut smoothly and accurately:

– Use sharp scissors made for cutting intricate designs. Look for small blades.

– For straight cuts along the edge, line up the very outer points in your scissors.

– For angled cuts, follow the edges of the inner zigzag valleys as you cut.

– Move slowly and carefully to ensure a precise cut line.

– Stack multiple layers and cut through for efficiency on bulk cuts.

– If the trim distorts, iron afterward on a low setting to flatten and realign the zigzags.

A rotary cutter and ruler can also be used. Place the outer zigzag points along the ruler edge. Pinking shears add a decorative touch for finishing raw edges.


Jumbo rick rack offers crafters, sewers, and designers an easy way to incorporate outsized visual impact. Choosing the ideal width comes down to your particular project, materials, placement, and personal style preferences. Common jumbo sizes range from 1 inch to 3 inches wide. Take fabric weight, seam allowances, machine foot limitations, and trimming intricacy into account when selecting the perfect jumbo rick rack width for any creative endeavor.