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In which episode Natsu knows that Zeref is his brother?

Natsu finds out that Zeref is his brother in Episode 203 of the Fairy Tail anime series. The episode is called “The Power of Contradiction”, and it is the 10th episode of Fairy Tail’s ninth season. In this episode, Natsu is devastated by the news that Zeref is his brother and comes to terms with the fact that he is powerless to stop him.

He is ultimately able to find strength in his friends and overcome his pain to join the fight against Zeref and stop him from unleashing the destructive force of Anima. The episode ends with Natsu leading the charge against Zeref and the other villains, declaring that he will protect everyone from their evil plans.

Did Zeref care about Natsu?

Yes, Zeref did care about Natsu. While it is true that Zeref cursed Natsu with immortality, he did it out of love and concern for him. In the manga and anime series of Fairy Tail, Zeref expresses his admiration and care for Natsu several times, saying that he has grown up well.

He is also grateful that Natsu has been able to find happiness in life and feel love like he never could. Zeref mentions several times that he is grateful to be reunited with him after years of separation.

He shows his care for Natsu by explaining his difficult past and the curse that he put upon him. He also worries about Natsu and attempts to protect him from danger. Zeref ultimately sacrifices himself in order to bring Natsu true death, showing the strength of his love for him.

It is evident from these actions and statements that Zeref did care deeply for Natsu.

Was Natsu created by Zeref?

No, Natsu was not created by Zeref. Natsu is a main character of the popular Japanese manga series Fairy Tail. He is a member of the Fairy Tail guild, and is an aspiring Dragon Slayer. Natsu was born 400 years ago and was raised by the dragon Igneel, who had promised his adoptive father (also a Dragon Slayer) to take care of him.

As such, Natsu has been raised by Igneel ever since, with no knowledge of his real identity or Zeref’s involvement. In the manga, it is revealed that Zeref was responsible for the creation of a magical item, the Lacrima, which contained Natsu’s dragon powers, but is not directly responsible for Natsu’s creation.

Does Mavis know August is her son?

No, Mavis does not know that August is her son. Mavis had a brief affair with a traveller when she was young, and August is the result of that affair. Although Mavis was pregnant with August, circumstances led her to give him up for adoption shortly after his birth.

As a result, Mavis has not known that August is her son until recently. Through a series of events, Mavis eventually discovers the truth about August. She is overwhelmed with emotions and learns to accept her son and embrace him as her own.

Who is Natsu’s human dad?

Natsu’s human dad is named Igneel, and he is a powerful dragon mage. He is responsible for raising Natsu and teaching him the various skills and techniques of Dragon Slayer Magic. He left Natsu at a young age to take on a powerful dark wizard named Zeref, and allowed Natsu to believe that he was abandoned while he continued his mission.

After a lengthy battle, Igneel eventually defeated Zeref, only to suffer a fatal wound in the process. In his last moments, he directed Natsu to take his power and continue his mission, making Natsu the Fire Dragon Slayer.

While the specifics of his life are unknown, he is a respected figure among the other dragons, instilling great respect from his son.

Who is Zeref’s child?

Zeref’s child is a mysterious, unnamed character who appears in the Fairy Tail series. They are referred to as the “Etherious Child” and are said to be the result of Zeref’s attempt to create a living being from the Etherious (Dark) Magic he had mastered.

Although the identity of the child has yet to be revealed, it is speculated that the child could be a corresponding counterbalance to the dragon Acnologia, the devastating creature that Zeref unleashed on the world.

The child could also represent an alternate form of Zeref himself, as his power is said to be capable of bringing inanimate objects to life and restoring those killed by the Ravines of Time. It is also possible that the child was created as a means of combating the endless destruction brought on by Acnologia and other magical creatures, allowing Zeref to intervene without actually fighting himself.

Whatever the case may be, the identity of Zeref’s child remains a mystery.

Is Natsu a demon of Zeref?

No, Natsu is not a demon of Zeref. Natsu is a dragon slayer from the Fairy Tail guild in the anime and manga series “Fairy Tail”. Natsu’s particular kind of dragon slayer magic originates from a flame dragon called Igneel.

He leaves Natsu when he is very young, so his whereabouts are unknown for quite some time. When Zeref is first introduced in the series, it is revealed that he is an immortal being with the nickname “The Black Wizard”.

He is referred to as a demon, but it is unclear if he is actually a demon or just referred to one. It is hinted that Natsu may have a special affinity to Zeref, such as when they first meet and Natsu manages to survive Zeref’s spells despite the fact that most humans would not be able to do so.

However, Natsu is not a demon of Zeref.

Is Zeref a founder of Fairy Tail?

No, Zeref is not the founder of Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail was founded by a Mage named Mavis Vermillion, in year X686. Mavis used her ability to sense the magical auras of Wizards to choose four close friends, who would form the first members of the guild.

Together, they created the guild’s philosophy and established their headquarters in the Kingdom of Fiore. Zeref, on the other hand, is known as a dark wizard who is both feared and respected by many throughout the world of Fairy Tail.

He is centuries old and holds powerful magical abilities, but he is not the founder of the guild and has no direct involvement with it.

What episode does Natsu find out he’s 400 years old?

In the Fairy Tail anime series, Natsu discovers he is 400 years old in Episode 72: “Natsu’s Secret”. In this episode, Natsu comes across a village which was destroyed by the dragon he was chasing, Igneel.

He finds out that 400 years ago, a dragon layed its egg in the village, and Natsu realizes that it was his own egg. Shocked, he finally discovers his true identity to be a 400 year old dragon slayer.

Later on, Natsu comes across a magical book that reveals all of Igneel’s secrets, including the truth about Natsu’s age.

How did Natsu live for 400 years?

Natsu lived for 400 years due to a magical source of longevity. It is believed that Natsu was granted this extended lifespan due to a powerful mage, Zeref, who is said to have cast a life-prolonging spell on him.

As a result, Natsu was able to continue living for centuries without aging. While the specifics of the spell remain unknown, it is clear that it was extremely powerful and granted Natsu with immense magical power that allowed him to survive for such a long period of time.

Furthermore, Natsu is said to possess a natural affinity and aptitude for magic, which also may have played a role in his long lifespan.

What happens in episode 318 of Fairy Tail?

Episode 318 of Fairy Tail begins as Erza and Millianna arrive to inform their fellow guild members that their village from which they hail, Meermi, is under attack by dragons. In response, the guild quickly mobilizes in order to defend the village and stop the dragons from doing any serious damage.

While flying to the village, the guild is attacked by the same dragons, only to be saved in the nick of time by Guild Master Makarov and his Magic – Fairy Law.

Upon arriving at the village, they find that the Dragons are attempting to steal an ancient relic of Meermi’s. Knowing that this would spell doom should they be successful, the guild sets out to take down the dragons.

Natsu and other strong guild members team up and manage to defeat the dragons with their vast array of Magic.

Back at the guild hall, they find out that the relic contained a powerful Magic that had been protecting the village. With the ancient Magic stolen, the village is left vulnerable to attack from other Dragons in the future.

Everyone decides to work together to protect Meermi and prioritize saving their home from further destruction.

To close the episode, the guild takes a break from the intense fight in the village and members of Fairy Tail, including Erza and Millianna, enjoy a lively, cheerful holiday celebration at the guild hall.

What is Natsu’s true form?

Natsu’s true form is that of a spirit from the Fire Dragon King, Igneel. He was sealed away inside Lucy Heartfilia when she was a baby, who later passed the spirit onto Natsu after she was taken back to the past.

He has the ability to consume Ethernano and use it to become stronger, as well as access special powers like being able to fly in the air and breathe fire. Natsu is also capable of growing and transforming into a large powerful dragon, a form which he has been known to use in his fights against his enemies.

He is also one of the only Dragon Slayers to have access to both Magic and Dragon Slayer powers, which makes him a formidable foe and an even more powerful ally.

Does everyone know Natsu is Zeref’s brother?

No, not everyone knows that Natsu is Zeref’s brother. Natsu and Zeref have a complicated history, and their relationship is actually a plot point in the ongoing manga/anime series Fairy Tail. In the series, Natsu Dragneel and Zeref Dragneel are both wizards (Natsu of the Fire Dragon Slayer variety), and their lives have been intertwined since birth.

It’s only slowly revealed over the course of the series, but Natsu is in fact Zeref’s younger brother, though Zeref himself does not remember this due to the fact that their relationship ended in tragedy.

Natsu is driven by the desire to find his brother and help him, believing his brother never wanted to cause so much pain with his Curse of Contradiction power.

How did Natsu become a demon?

Natsu’s transformation into a demon occurred when Zeref, the immortal wizard, used the Reborn spell to transfer Natsu’s life force into a demon form. This transformation was brought about in an effort to contain the immense Dragon Slayer magic Natsu was imbued with.

Through this spell, Zeref merged Natsu with a demon and purified him in the process, allowing Natsu to temporarily gain the powers of a demon. However, the power of this spell caused Natsu to remember painful memories from his past, making him lose control and act out in frenzied rage.

After Natsu’s transformation, Igneel, the Fire Dragon King, gave up his own life energy to seal Natsu’s magic and contain the demon’s power. Now, Natsu is able to harness both his human and demon forms to become a powerful warrior.

Who kills Zeref in Fairy Tail?

The one to ultimately kill Zeref is Natsu Dragneel, the Fire Dragon Slayer and the main protagonist of the anime series Fairy Tail. It was revealed early in the series that it was fated for him to be the one to kill Zeref for his part in the destruction of their home town, Magnolia.

Natsu was able to achieve this with the help of his guildmates in the Fairy Tail guild. After acquiring the powerful “Three Great Powers” from Mavis Vermillion, the founding guild master of Fairy Tail, Natsu finally had the strength to confront Zeref and defeat him in battle.

Natsu was able to use two of the Three Great Powers (ancient magic and dragon’s blood) to his advantage to counter Zeref’s stength and eventually defeat him. With this victory, Natsu was finally able to put an end to Zeref’s reign of terror, and thus restore peace to the world once again.