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Is Dubai a happy city?

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, known for its extravagant architecture, luxury shopping, and lively nightlife. Over the past few decades, it has transformed from a sleepy port city to a cosmopolitan metropolis. With its booming economy, world-class infrastructure, and tax-free living, Dubai seems like an idyllic place to live. But does all the glitz and glamour translate into happiness for Dubai residents? Let’s take a closer look at some key factors that contribute to happiness and life satisfaction to determine if Dubai really is a joyful place to call home.

Economic prosperity

One of the most basic requirements for happiness is having enough money to cover basic needs and enjoy some luxuries. By this measure, Dubai scores very well. It has one of the highest GDP per capita rates in the world at $67,000 in 2022, compared to a global average of around $18,000. Much of this wealth comes from oil and gas reserves, but Dubai has successfully diversified into real estate, tourism, commerce, and finance. Job opportunities abound, especially for expats, and incomes are very good on average. Low tax rates allow residents to fully enjoy their earning power too. With all this disposable income and financial security, Dubai residents are able to afford very comfortable lifestyles.

Average Salaries in Dubai

Position Average Monthly Salary (AED)
Teacher 15,000
Nurse 20,000
Accountant 25,000
Engineer 35,000
Lawyer 50,000
Doctor 55,000
Manager 60,000

So from a purely economic standpoint, Dubai provides an environment conducive to happiness and satisfaction.

Health and lifespan

Another factor related to happiness is physical health and life expectancy. Dubai has high-quality healthcare facilities and residents have access to the latest medical treatments and technologies. Health standards are regulated and enforced for food, water, sanitation etc. As a result, life expectancy is around 77 years, comparable to other developed nations. The hot climate lends itself to an outdoor lifestyle with beaches, pools, and parks where people can stay active. All these conditions promote physical well-being. However, the lavish lifestyle and abundance of food in Dubai has also led to high obesity rates. Almost 1 in 3 adults are obese, and related issues like diabetes are prevalent. The government is attempting to encourage healthier lifestyles through various initiatives. Overall, Dubai offers the facilities for a long and physically healthy life, but lifestyle diseases are a growing issue.

Safety and stability

Feeling secure in your environment is crucial for happiness. Dubai is generally considered an extremely safe city, especially compared to many other major global cities. Violent crime rates are very low, and incidents like murder and robbery are rare occurrences. Law enforcement maintains a strong presence and utilizes extensive surveillance systems. The judicial system is efficient and strict. Residents of all backgrounds report feeling safe to walk alone at night without fear of crime. There are also no major political or civil conflicts disrupting society. The government provides stability and continuity. Emiratis receive extensive social benefits. So in terms of personal safety and social order, Dubai earns high marks.

Dubai’s Low Crime Rates

Crime Rate per 100,000 population
Murder 0.5
Assault 15
Robbery 3
Burglary 50

The numbers above demonstrate Dubai’s impressive safety record compared to major U.S. cities like New York or Los Angeles where violent crime rates can be 10x higher or more.

Governance and civil liberties

One area where Dubai performs less well is governance and personal freedoms. As an absolute monarchy, citizens have no real voice in government. Freedom of speech, press, and protest are severely curtailed. Human rights organizations have accused the UAE of arbitrary detentions, torture, forced disappearances, and other violations, though Dubai itself has a better reputation than places like Abu Dhabi. Still, expats in particular have to watch what they say and post online. There are no independent non-governmental organizations. For citizens of democratic countries, the lack of civil liberties could negatively impact happiness and life satisfaction.

Work-life balance

Work culture in Dubai tends towards long hours and high pressure, especially for expats hoping to succeed in this competitive environment. Holiday and vacation days are shorter here. On the other hand, mandatory maximum 48-hour work weeks give some protections. Lower income service jobs like retail or hospitality can be extremely long and stressful. The work-life balance is not as advantageous as Europe. However, for high-powered professional there are enormous opportunities to advance careers and earnings. Overall Dubai offers great job prospects but expectations about work hours and conditions depend heavily on occupation and employer.

Average Work Hours per Week by Country

Country Average Work Hours
France 36.3
Norway 36.5
Denmark 37.2
UK 36.5
UAE 42.0
USA 34.4

Expats moving from Europe to Dubai experience a notable increase in expected work hours. This can interfere with work-life balance.

Family life

Starting and providing for a family is a major life goal for many people that affects happiness. Here Dubai presents clear pros and cons. On the positive side, it offers globalized education and abundant opportunities for children as they grow up. Raising children is also made more affordable through government education subsidies and healthcare. Families enjoy spacious, modern housing units. Paid maternity leave further aids working mothers. However, the high costs of living also put pressure on families as expenses add up. Long working hours could interfere with family time for parents. Dubai provides favorable conditions for family life but also some challenges.

Relationship satisfaction

For couples, the outlook for relationship happiness in Dubai is mixed. Stress from job demands could create tensions. The gender imbalance, with males significantly outnumbering females, also distorts dating dynamics, especially for expat women. On the other hand, the material comforts and weather in Dubai are conducive to enjoying quality time with a partner. Exciting leisure and entertainment options abound. Lavish weddings and honeymoons are the norm. In some cases relationships may struggle under expectations and pressures, while for others Dubai offers an ideal setting for romance. It depends on individual circumstances.

Friendships and community

Making new friends brings people happiness. Dubai presents a unique situation of high population turnover, with most residents being relatively recent arrivals. This transience could make establishing roots difficult. But it also means meeting new people from all over the world. Dubai offers an unparalleled diversity of cultures. Shared experiences of adapting to Dubai life also help foster connections. The many beaches, pools, restaurants, malls and other social venues facilitate meeting people. Dubai has a thriving expat networking and socializing scene. For an outgoing person, opportunities for friendship abound. However, the transient nature means ties are often temporary. Building lifelong bonds can be tough.

Leisure and recreation

Having fun experiences during your free time is an important part of enjoying life. Here Dubai excels fantastically. With year-round sunny weather, there is a perpetual atmosphere of vacationing. Beaches are world-class. Shopping caters to every taste with enormous malls packed with shops, restaurants and entertainment. Sightseeing includes architectural marvels like the Burj Khalifa and resort islands shaped like palm trees and continents. Dubai has become a global hub for sporting events, concerts and conferences, attracting superstars and spectators from everywhere. Amusement parks like IMG Worlds provide thrills. A dizzying array of clubs and bars keep Dubai’s nightlife buzzing. For those with the means, Dubai offers limitless recreation possibilities from dining on underwater seafood to renting a private island to racing supercars. You would never run out of fun things to try.

Outdoor living environment

Dubai’s climate plays a major role in lifestyle. The sunny weather allows for taking advantage of beaches, hotel pools, parks, gardens and outdoor attractions year-round. Sitting outside at restaurants and cafes is feasible most of the time. Winter temperatures remain pleasant. On the downside, summer heat of 40 to 50°C restricts outdoor activities for a few months unless in temperature-controlled spaces. Air conditioning is ubiquitous indoors. Natural scenery like deserts, the sea and tropical gardens also enhance Dubai’s environment. Cleanliness and organization add to the enjoyment factor. Overall, the weather enables an outdoor lifestyle most of the year. However the extreme heat during summer is an issue.

Average Temperatures in Dubai

Month Average High Temperature (°C) Average Low Temperature (°C)
January 24 14
April 33 22
July 41 30
October 37 25

Temperatures allow for comfortable outdoor activities for most of the year aside from summer months when heat becomes extreme.


Considering all these factors, while Dubai has its flaws and drawbacks, overall it does seem to provide an environment conducive to happiness and life satisfaction for many people. The economic prosperity enables a very high standard of living. Safety and security allow peace of mind. Abundant recreation options make having fun easy. The climate and amenities cater to an outdoor lifestyle. Job and business opportunities abound. Networking is easy in this diverse melting pot.

The high costs, work pressures, governance restrictions, and transitory nature of relationships could negatively impact happiness too. Individual circumstances also play a major role in how someone experiences Dubai. An extroverted high roller with a lucrative job and lavish lifestyle may find Dubai exhilarating while an activist introvert on a tight budget might consider it oppressive. There are certainly trade-offs.

But for people who prioritize material comforts, weather, adventure and upward mobility, Dubai offers an environment where they are very likely to find contentment and thrive. Its unique amalgam of qualities enhance many factors linked to happiness, even if they detract from others. For large numbers of people, Dubai does seem to live up to its image as a slice of paradise in the desert.