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Is Levi Mikasa’s Uncle?

This is a common question among fans of the popular anime Attack on Titan, which features the characters Levi and Mikasa Ackerman. In this article, we’ll examine the evidence both for and against Levi being Mikasa’s uncle.

Who is Levi?

Levi is one of the main characters in Attack on Titan. He is the captain of the Special Operations Squad within the Survey Corps and is widely considered to be the strongest soldier alive. Despite his short stature, Levi possesses incredible speed, strength, and swordsmanship skills. He is able to take down numerous Titans single-handedly. Levi has a cold and detached personality, but he cares deeply for his comrades and the greater cause of humanity.

Who is Mikasa?

Mikasa is one of the main protagonists of Attack on Titan. As a child, her parents were killed and she was kidnapped. She was then rescued by Eren Jaeger. After this traumatic event, she became very protective of Eren and joined the military largely to stay by his side. Mikasa is considered a genius, with exceptional battle skills that surpass even most adults. She is stoic and withdrawn, but cares deeply for her friends, especially Eren and Armin.

The Ackerman Clan

Both Levi and Mikasa are members of the Ackerman bloodline. The Ackerman family lived within the walls like other Eldians but kept their bloodline distinct. They were persecuted for their different traditions and values. The Ackermans were known for their superior combat abilities. After the persecution of the Ackermans, the bloodline scattered. Mikasa and Levi both represent remnants of this clan.

Evidence That Levi is Mikasa’s Uncle

There are a few clues that suggest Levi could be Mikasa’s uncle:

  • They share the same last name Ackerman, indicating they are part of the same bloodline.
  • They both have similar combat styles and strength beyond normal humans.
  • In a flashback, Kenny Ackerman (Levi’s uncle) sees Mikasa and comments that the Ackerman bloodline lives on.
  • Levi shows some special interest in watching over Mikasa earlier in the series.

The similarities between them and Levi’s protectiveness of Mikasa hint they could be family. The Ackerman clan was persecuted, so if Levi was an older surviving member, he may have looked out for a younger relative like Mikasa.

Evidence Against Levi Being Mikasa’s Uncle

However, there are also reasons to doubt that Levi and Mikasa are uncle and niece:

  • They do not seem to recognize each other or have any familial closeness when they first meet.
  • Nothing in the official family trees or character profiles establish a family connection.
  • As the Ackerman clan was scattered and persecuted, it is unlikely Levi would know Mikasa’s exact relation to him.
  • Mikasa is very devoted to Eren, so if Levi was her uncle, she may have interacted with him more.

The lack of any clear confirmation they are related in official information makes the uncle theory uncertain. Their interactions also do not demonstrate a strong bond or familiarity that would be expected of uncle and niece.


While there are small clues that Levi could potentially be Mikasa’s uncle, there is no definitive proof they are directly related. Their connection is left ambiguous in both the manga and anime. Fans are free to speculate on their possible family ties, but ultimately it is not made conclusively clear whether Levi is actually Mikasa’s uncle or just a fellow member of the Ackerman bloodline. Their relationship reflects the larger tragic fragmentation of this once prominent clan. Unless the creator provides more background, the question of whether Levi is Mikasa’s uncle will likely remain unsettled.

Evidence For Evidence Against
  • Same last name Ackerman
  • Similar combat abilities
  • Kenny Ackerman’s comment about the bloodline
  • Levi’s early protectiveness
  • No clear recognition between them
  • No family connection in official profiles
  • Unlikely Levi would know her exact relation
  • Mikasa very devoted to Eren, not Levi

Levi and Mikasa’s Backgrounds

To provide more context on Levi and Mikasa’s backgrounds, here are some key facts:

Levi’s Background

  • Born in the Underground as Levi Ackerman
  • Never knew his parents
  • Was a thug before joining the Survey Corps
  • Uncle was Kenny Ackerman, a serial killer
  • Very skilled fighter even as a young child
  • Joined Survey Corps and quickly rose to Captain

Mikasa’s Background

  • Born as Mikasa Ackerman within the walls
  • Parents killed when she was young
  • Rescued by Eren and lived with his family
  • Awakened her Ackerman powers after trauma
  • Joined military and ranked top of her class
  • Very protective of Eren from early on

This outlines where each character came from before the main events of Attack on Titan. Their backgrounds are quite different, providing no obvious overlaps that would indicate a close familial tie. However, given the persecution of the Ackermans, some connection can’t be fully ruled out either.

The Ackerman Clan’s History and Bond

To provide context on why fans speculate about a blood relation between Levi and Mikasa, here is some background on the Ackerman clan:

  • Were known for their superior strength and battle skills
  • Served as bodyguards to the Eldian King in the past
  • Persecuted for their different values and traditions
  • Scattered after the persecution, bloodline became fragmented
  • Pass on combat abilities through paths connected to the Titans
  • Gain immense power when awakened through trauma

Despite being scattered, those with Ackerman blood still share a deep intrinsic bond. This leads fans to believe any surviving Ackermans like Levi and Mikasa could be connected through bloodline and experience even if they do not know each other personally. However, the specifics of how closely related they are remain ambiguous in the story thus far.

Levi and Mikasa’s Fighting Abilities

As part of the famed Ackerman clan, both Levi and Mikasa display incredible fighting skills:

Levi’s Abilities

  • World’s strongest soldier
  • Unmatched speed and agility
  • Master swordsman
  • Able to swiftly kill numerous Titans
  • Calm and collected in battle
  • Savvy tactics and strategy
  • High pain tolerance

Mikasa’s Abilities

  • Top graduate of her cadet class
  • Expert at using ODM gear
  • Able to kill Titans efficiently alone
  • Strong and skilled in hand-to-hand combat
  • Very protective fighting style toward Eren
  • Speed and agility close to Levi’s
  • High resilience and stamina

Their uncanny strength and similar combat styles lend credence to the theory they may have inherited these abilities from a shared Ackerman lineage. However, their skills could also simply reflect the Ackerman bloodline rather than close relation.

The Importance of Family in Attack on Titan

Family lineage plays a key role within the world of Attack on Titan. This adds significance to Levi and Mikasa’s potential connection:

  • Eldian people can become Titans based on ancestral bloodlines.
  • The Ackerman clan has special abilities in their bloodline.
  • Eren’s access to the Founding Titan derived from his father.
  • Mikasa’s bond to Eren strengthened after his family took her in.

Both being Ackermans already connects Levi and Mikasa in a profound way in-universe. If they were also blood relatives, it would further highlight that family ties shape one’s place in the world of Attack on Titan. This may be why fans search for evidence of their exact connection.

Symbolic Meaning If They Were Family

If Levi was revealed to be Mikasa’s uncle, the symbolic implications would include:

  • Their bond represents the scattered Ackerman clan’s hopes.
  • Levi lost his own family, so finding Mikasa gives him purpose.
  • Mikasa lost her parents, so Levi is protective of his niece.
  • Adds more emotional weight to their joint sacrifices.
  • Sets up an inner conflict between helping Eren or her uncle.

Thematically, making them uncle and niece would create a compelling dynamic as they both try to preserve family while fighting for humanity’s future. It would add more layers to why Levi looks out for Mikasa yet also challenges her devotion to Eren.

Why It May Be Left Ambiguous

There are also narrative reasons the creator may intentionally leave their relationship status ambiguous:

  • Allows fans to speculate and debate possibilities.
  • Provides more shock value if a relation is revealed later.
  • Keeps focus on the broader plot rather than distracting family ties.
  • Highlights how the Ackermans were scattered and lost their past.
  • Emphasizes chosen bonds over blood relations in the story’s themes.

Leaving their exact connection uncertain generates interest and preserves storytelling options. More so than definitive answers, Attack on Titan often explores partial truths, unknown pasts, and mysteries of identity. Levi and Mikasa’s unclear relationship status may reflect that narrative style.


The popular theory that Levi and Mikasa are uncle and niece has compelling evidence but remains unconfirmed. Their shared heritage as Ackermans and similarities as fighters suggest a potential blood connection. However, the lack of definitive proof or close familiarity between them casts doubt. Attack on Titan’s narrative thrives on mysteries, so their relationship may be left ambiguous. While their bond clearly resonates given their place as last heroes of a scattered clan, fans will have to wait eagerly for any final revelation of whether Levi is actually Mikasa’s uncle.