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Is straight hair sexier than Curly?

The debate between straight hair versus curly hair and which one is sexier has been going on for ages. Both hair types have their own unique appeal and attractiveness. Ultimately, whether straight or curly hair is considered “sexier” comes down to personal preference. However, there are some interesting factors that may sway opinions one way or the other.

The Prevalence and Popularity of Straight Hair

For much of recent history, straight hair has been portrayed as the beauty ideal in Western society. Models, actresses, and influencers with sleek, straight locks have graced magazine covers, dominated hair product ads, and shaped beauty standards. This has contributed to a perception that straight hair is more desirable, polished, and yes, sexier.

Some statistics on the prevalence and popularity of straight hair:

Percentage of American women who straighten their hair regularly 40%
Percentage of the global hair care market focused on straightening products 37%
Number of Google searches for “how to get straight hair” per month 246,000

The notion that straight hair is the ideal and the sheer demand for straightening treatments reinforces the idea that straight hair is seen as sexier by many.

Factors That Make Straight Hair Appealing

There are a few characteristics of straight hair that some find particularly appealing or “sexy”:

– Sleekness – The smooth, shiny, flowing look of straight hair is associated with elegance and polish. The sleek effect is hard to achieve with curly locks.

– Manageability – Straight hair tends to be more manageable, easier to style and often less high-maintenance than curly textures. The ease of straight hair can translate to a sexy, effortless look.

– Versatility – Straight hair can more easily be temporarily styled into various smooth styles like ponies, updos, faux bobs. The versatility lends itself to experimenting with alluring looks.

– Femininity – For fair or long hair, straight locks are associated with traditional feminine beauty and grace. Curly hair is seen as more bold and wild.

Factors That Make Curly Hair Appealing

Despite the popularity of straight hair, curly hair has its own captivating, sexy advantages:

– Volume – Curly hair tends to be more voluminous with bouncy, defined curls that create body. Volume is often seen as a marker of health, femininity and attractiveness.

– Uniqueness – With fewer people naturally having curly locks, curls can offer a rare beauty that stands out. This uniqueness and ability to “wow” is sexy.

– Movement – Bouncy curls that twist, coil and move with life are mesmerizing. The kinetic energy of curly hair can be sensual and seductive.

– Wildness – The untamed nature of curly hair evokes a sense of confidence and boldness. Embracing the free spirit of curls can be very alluring.

How Maintenance & Styling Impact Sex Appeal

No matter if hair is straight or curly, proper maintenance and strategic styling maximize the sexy look:

Well-conditioned hair – Hair that is conditioned and moisturized appears glossier and healthier. This boosts attractiveness for both types.

A flattering cut – The right haircut tailored to face shape and features enhances the beauty of straight and curly hair equally.

Body & bounce – Creating volume at the roots and enhancing the movement gives life and dynamism to strands.

Shine – Glossy, luminous hair grabs attention. Shine-enhancing products help achieve this for all hair types.

Styling versatility – Changing up parts, textures (waves, curls) and styling keep the look alluring.


When it comes to deciding if straight or curly hair is sexier, most agree that healthy, shiny, conditioned hair is universally attractive. Hair type itself is simply a matter of preference. With the right styling and cuts, both straight and curly hair types can achieve enviable sexy looks and turn heads. Confidence and learning your hair’s natural texture ultimately boost sensuality no matter the curl pattern.