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Is the DBS dub finished?

Dragon Ball Super has been an incredibly popular anime series since its release in 2015. Fans from around the world have been hooked on the story of Goku and his friends fighting against villains and saving their universe. For those who prefer watching anime dubbed in English, the waiting game for the dub version of Dragon Ball Super has been quite long. Even though the show is available in Japanese and subbed, many fans have been eagerly anticipating the English dub to catch up.

One of the most frequently asked questions on various forums and social media platforms is whether the DBS dub is finished or not. This blog post aims to answer this question and provide some additional information about the status of the Dragon Ball Super dub.

Dragon Ball Super Dub History

To better understand the answer to this question, it’s important to go over the background of the DBS dub. The English version of Dragon Ball Super is produced by Funimation, the company responsible for bringing the previous Dragon Ball series to the North American market. They have been releasing the dubbed episodes on a regular basis.

Initially, the English dubbed version of Dragon Ball Super premiered on Adult Swim’s Toonami on January 7, 2017. Since then, they have been releasing new episodes every Saturday night. Funimation has also been releasing the dubbed episodes on their online platforms such as FunimationNow and VRV to cater to their international audience.

Current Status of the Dub

As of January 2021, the Dragon Ball Super dub is not finished. The latest episode of the dubbed version is episode 119. However, the good news is that the series is nearing its conclusion. At this point, there are only 10 episodes left to be dubbed, including the two-part finale. This means that the English dubbed version is nearing the end of its run.

Despite the slow pace, the English dub has been generally well-received by fans. It’s quite common for anime dubs to lag behind the Japanese version, especially for long-running shows like Dragon Ball Super. The dubbing process can take quite a while as the animation studio releases one episode at a time, and it takes a team of voice actors, translators, and directors to produce the English version.


In conclusion, the Dragon Ball Super English dub is not finished yet, but it’s close to reaching its end. The show has been running on Toonami for over four years now, and it’s still going strong. Despite the slow pace, fans of the English dub have been following the show’s progress closely and eagerly anticipating the release of new episodes.

The fact that the English dub is still being produced is a testament to the popularity of Dragon Ball Super. The action-packed fights, interesting characters, and epic story arcs have attracted a passionate fanbase worldwide. Whether you prefer the subbed or dubbed version, it’s clear that Dragon Ball Super is a must-watch anime for all fans of the genre.

If you haven’t yet watched Dragon Ball Super, there’s never been a better time to catch up with the series. You can watch the subbed version on various online anime streaming platforms or wait for the dubbed version to be completed. Either way, Dragon Ball Super is a worthwhile investment of your time as an anime fan.

Here’s a link to FunimationNow – for those who are interested in watching the dubbed episodes as they become available.


When did DBS English dub end?

Dragon Ball Super, the Japanese anime television series, was dubbed in various languages for its international release. In North America, Funimation Entertainment licensed the English-language version and aired it on their streaming service. The English dub of Dragon Ball Super began airing on Adult Swim’s Toonami block in January 2017, and since then, it has been a popular show among anime fans.

The English dub of Dragon Ball Super consisted of 131 episodes, which spanned across five story arcs. The arcs were Battle of Gods, Universe 6, Future Trunks, Universe Survival, and Galactic Patrol Prisoner. Each arc had its own set of episodes, which varied in length.

The series completed its run on October 5, 2019, with the final English dub episode being episode 131. The show’s ending was a satisfying conclusion to the story, and fans were pleased with the way it wrapped up. The English dub was well received by fans and critics alike, and it helped to introduce the franchise to a new generation of viewers.

Dragon Ball Super’s English dub ended on October 5, 2019, after airing 131 episodes over the span of three years. The show’s success can be attributed to its engaging storytelling, relatable characters, and high-flying action. Even though the English dub has ended, the Dragon Ball franchise continues to be popular among fans around the world.

Will the new DBS movie be dubbed?

The new DBS movie, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,” was released earlier in 2022 in Japan and it was accompanied by both an English-dubbed version and the original Japanese version with English subtitles. Therefore, it is highly likely that the movie will also receive an English-dubbed version for its international release.

Given that Dragon Ball is a widely popular franchise worldwide, it would be surprising if the movie was not dubbed into English and other languages for its international release. Dubbing is a common practice in the film industry and is done to make movies accessible to a larger audience who may not be familiar with the language in which the movie was originally made.

Moreover, Funimation, the company that has been responsible for the dubbing and distribution of Dragon Ball content in North America, has already released a teaser trailer with an English-dubbed version of the movie. The trailer features the voices of the English- language cast members, including Sean Schemmel as Goku and Christopher Sabat as Vegeta.

Based on the fact that the movie was already released with an English-dubbed version in Japan and considering the popularity and global reach of the Dragon Ball franchise, it is highly probable that the new DBS movie, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,” will be dubbed in English and possibly other languages for its international release.

How many episodes of Dragon Ball Super are dubbed on FUNimation?

As of now, there are 131 episodes of Dragon Ball Super, but not all the episodes are available in dubbed format. Funimation, the streaming service that holds the license for Dragon Ball Super, has been releasing the English dubbed versions of the show a few episodes at a time. However, as of this writing, episodes 1-39 of Dragon Ball Super are available dubbed on Funimation. So, if you want to watch Dragon Ball Super in dubbed format, you can stream the first 39 episodes at FunimationNow. It’s worth noting that Funimation is expected to release more dubbed episodes in the coming months, so fans of the show should keep an eye out for updates on the availability of more dubbed episodes.