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Italian Antipasto Board Appetizer

Instead of relegate this delectable Italian antipasto board to just an occasional treat, why not make it a new holiday tradition? This delightful party platter is a masterclass in variety, featuring a harmonious blend of cheeses, cured meats, fresh vegetables, and a pungent garlicky herb dressing that’s sure to please even the most discerning palates. And as an added bonus, the arrangement of bite-sized morsels in circular patterns, accompanied by the elegant union of rosemary and asparagus, creates a charming wreath-like effect that’s perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving gatherings.

How to Make an Italian Antipasto Board Appetizer

In the initial stage, whisk together the dressing ingredients to create a marinade, which you’ll then use to coat the tomatoes for about an hour. Set aside some of this mixture as a dip for bread before proceeding with the platter assembly.

Holiday Antipasto Wreath FAQs

Would you like to prepare this classic Italian starter ahead of time? Once prepared, it’s best to store it in an airtight container, such as one covered with plastic wrap, in the refrigerator. This will keep it fresh for a day or two. It’s essential not to add bread or crackers too early, as they can become soggy. When serving meat and cheese combinations, it’s also important not to leave them at room temperature for an extended period. When it comes to selecting a platter for this Italian antipasto board appetizer, the options are vast. A large bamboo serving platter is a great choice, but you can also use metal trays, wooden chopping boards or cheeseboards, ceramic or china large platters, and more. Don’t forget to provide utensils, small plates, and napkins for your guests.Do you need to serve bread with this holiday antipasto wreath? The answer is no, although it’s an option if you prefer. Other good choices include chips, flatbread crackers, or mini breadsticks. If you’re preparing this Italian appetizer platter as a snack to accompany festive cranberry margaritas, consider serving the meats, cheeses, and veggies without additional items, lest your guests become too full for the main course.

Italian Antipasto Board Appetizer Recipe

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Italian Antipasto Board Appetizer

Why not turn this Italian-inspired antipasto board or holiday wreath into a new seasonal tradition? This flavorful party appetizer platter combines the perfect blend of cheese, cured meats, fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs, all tied together with a savory garlicky dressing. With only 15 minutes of preparation time, you can easily serve this delightful treat to 10 guests.


In a bowl, whisk together olive oil, rose wine vinegar, minced garlic, balsamic vinegar, salt, oregano, fennel, parsley, and black pepper to create a flavorful dressing. Use this marinade to coat fresh tomatoes for at least one hour. Set aside a portion of the marinated tomatoes as a dip for bread.Next, prepare the asparagus by bringing 3 cups of salted water to a boil, then blanching it for 2 minutes before draining and allowing it to cool. On a circular platter or wooden cutting board, lay slices of peppered salami in a shingle pattern around the outer rim. Slice the cooled asparagus into 3-inch spears and arrange them in the center of each salami slice, then tightly wrap with capicola.Create a starburst pattern on the platter by placing the capicola-wrapped asparagus slices, leaving space between each one. Add sliced marinated artichokes to fill in these gaps, arranging them between the asparagus. Place thin rounds of pepperoni at the base of the asparagus and create a circle with it.To add some greenery to the wreath, arrange rosemary sprigs over the pepperoni in a shingle pattern, creating a wall in the center of the platter. Fill the center of the wreath with sundried tomatoes, blue cheese stuffed olives, marinated tomatoes, and kalamata olives.Finally, top the wreath off by drizzling the same dressing used for the tomatoes over the entire arrangement. Add thinly sliced parmesan in a starburst pattern around the outer edge of the platter and plate any extra ingredients with an additional drizzle of dressing. Serve with sliced bread.