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Resto » Kona Grill – Huntsville Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Kona Grill – Huntsville Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Kona Grill – Huntsville

Address: 435 The Bridge St #150, Huntsville, AL 35806

Restaurant Type: American restaurant

Phone: (256) 808-2540

Price: $$

Rating: 4.5


Kona Grill – Huntsville Directions

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What Time Does Kona Grill – Huntsville Open?

Tuesday,: 11AM to 11PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 11PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 11PM

Friday,: 11AM to 12AM

Saturday,: 10AM to 12AM

Sunday,: 10AM to 10PM

Monday,: 11AM to 11PM

Kona Grill – Huntsville Directions

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Kona Grill – Huntsville Reviews

Josh Guzon

The servers have always been great and attentive. But the food has been amazing. I can appreciate the staff and quality of food for when my family comes here to eat after a long day. We had Whitney as our server tonight and had a great experience just as we do every time we come here. I will be coming here often based on their patriotism to having a military discount, the service they provide, and the food.

Angela Blaylock

Amazing staff that treats you as family. Great food!!! Sal is very informative and excellent making sushi he makes it look so easy and is over the top. Last but not least these mimosas are the best I’ve had by far!!

Jacob Boissonnault

Pretty good but fairly expensive, as others have said. We stopped in between lunch and dinner on a Friday. There were few people and the service was fast. Our waitress was very kind and attentive; explaining the restaurant and the menu to us and ensuring we had everything we needed. We ordered 2 cocktails, which were great, along with the French Dip Sandwich and the Kona Stir-Fry. Everything was delicious, however some of the rice in the stir-fry was not cooked.

Definitely a neat place, a bit of Asian American fusion that all looked and sounded amazing. Just be prepared for the price!

Sandra Wilson

Visited on a cold Saturday was packed..
I used to be a regular here..for tonight’s visit..not too sure if I will return.
Ordered my usual..a poke bowl with salmon and tuna with sushi rice..
Service was good..she was very attentive.
Our table was next to a window..we kept our coats on it was so cold.
Now for the review of the bowl itself..price had gone up to 21 bucks..from 18 the last time I was there.
Yes I do realize everything has gone up..but they sell the same bowl at happy hour for 9..
The bowl was very small..the rice was undercooked..u could tell that the rice itself was rolled previously for a piece of sushi..still in clumps…couldn’t even use chopsticks the grains were so minuscule.
Everything in it was of minimal portions..the fish pieces tiny and everything else in it..I has 3 macadamia nuts..oh come on.. Before I couldn’t finish half of this..I finished this one.
I don’t recommend this dish anymore..may be another selection perhaps.

Yujiro Shibata

I ate steak and sushi. It was very delicious. The atmosphere of the store is good, and the customer service of the clerk is also wonderful. The price is a little high, but I am satisfied with the quality.


Food was delicious and the server was awesome. The only thing bad I can say is that it is a bit on the expensive side. The Pad Thai was simply great but for that price I would have liked another half serving. The miso whipped potatoes was next level.

Andrew Copeland

I always have high hopes for this place but am dissappointed time after time, as it’s consistently overpriced and unreliable. It’s the kind of place that acts like a step below fine dining, but in reality the entire menu should be $6-$8 cheaper. I ordered the $14 spicy tuna roll, which was just sad (pictured). Didn’t come with the spicy mayo it was supposed to and had very little meat with the cucumber only on one side, while showing the lack of skill of the sushi chef. I’ve never had a roll this bad. The other roll, not pictured, fell apart. This is what $16 worth of sides looks like (pictured), its just crazy. The fried rice comes with pineapple which is the kind of thing you need to tell people. It’s just wrong. They served me something that was made long before I ordered it, was awful. Our bartender had some made fresh without pineapple, which was great actually, even with the uncooked carrot. Our bartender was the saving grace of the night, and the pot stickers. The pot stickers were on point. You can tell the wait staff deal with this regularly and I feel bad for them. This is a last resort place at bridge street, unless you just want a drink.

Marcos Almonte Perez

Gluten free options. Severely overpriced. $100+ for 2 people.

Miso soup $11.00!? Avg Sushi price $13

I am severely disappointed in this Kona Grill. I used to love this restaurant so much that I bought tons of shares in it hoping it would improve. They have Gluten Free options which is one of the only good things. I like the ambiance but there are not enough servers for you to even enjoy this place.

The avocado egg rolls were pretty good compared to similar options like at Cheese Cake factory. The food today overall was not quality.

I visited here with a friend. We have been checking out all the restaurants in N Alabama that have sushi on the menu.

Kona used to be one of the best. I am not sure what happened!? The fish tasted old. The presentation was cool but that did not compensate for the price.

Go here if you don’t care about cost and don’t mind waiting and risking the chance of poor quality food.

Claire Hamilton

Had an amazing time at Kona Grill tonight! My husband and I shared the cilantro lime chicken, spicy yellowtail roll, and spicy tuna roll. All were absolutely amazing, the cilantro lime chicken being the highlight of them all! We love coming here for special occasions or date nights Cory was our server, and he was very helpful with food/drink suggestions and had a super positive attitude. We can’t wait to come back!

Meli’Ana Girl

My first time at Kona Grill and the food is AMAZING, the service was excellent and everyone is so friendly there! This is the place to be for amazing food and the best service. Definitely 5 stars from me!!

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