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Resto » Las Brisas Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Las Brisas Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Las Brisas

Address: 4701 112th St, Lubbock, TX 79424

Restaurant Type: Steak house

Phone: (806) 687-6050

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.6


Las Brisas Directions

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What Time Does Las Brisas Open?

Tuesday,: 4 to 10PM

Wednesday,: 4 to 10PM

Thursday,: 4 to 10PM

Friday,: 4 to 11PM

Saturday,: 4 to 11PM

Sunday,: 10AM to 2PM

Monday,: 4 to 10PM

Las Brisas Directions

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Las Brisas Reviews

Vladi Verbov

I had an amazing birthday dinner here the other night. Grant, our server, did an excellent job at pairing our wines with our meals. I had the A5 wagyu ribeye. It was perfectly cooked, and is most likely the best steak I’ve ever eaten. Everything was amazing from the appetizers too desserts. If you haven’t been here you need to try it out!

Jason Alford

Arrived to judgemental girls at the reservation desk, ended up eating outside, the view around the restaurant is pleasant, appetizers were really good and the waitress worked hard but she was covering to many tables, food was slow, steaks were smothered in pepper that we did not ask for, lobster was cold. Not worth 380$. Did not meet expectations!

Harrison Verrett

This is the third best steak I’ve had in life. So it ranks above the Ruth Chris and Morton’s of the world. The service at the bar was top notch. Even with the top notch bar service there leaves room for improvement and selection of beers and more importantly being a steakhouse in Texas tequila’s.

Atmosphere was really nice with the only available seating being in the bar area and outside without a reservation. This being Texas in early June the outside seating isn’t preferable.

I had the lobster mac and cheese which was absolutely awesome and a loaded baked potato. I honestly wish I would have passed on a baked potato and went for one of the other sides just to try something different. I had the smaller fillet which is my preferred steak of choice and stayed away from the bigger fatty steaks.

I ordered my steak medium which it came out slightly over which is weird for a steakhouse usually they come out slightly under when I asked for medium medium steaks. Since the steak was such a high cut of beef it retained the tenderness that I normally experience with my medium medium steak so it wasn’t an issue. The steak was very very flavorful there was no need for anything no extra salt no extra pepper none of those fancy toppings that they have on offer I would say stay with just the steak.

Now this is where preference comes in. If you have the money sure this place is going to be your premier steakhouse in all of Lubbock. But for about half the cost triple J’s near the University is going to give you about 75% of the quality for less than half of the cost so there’s that. Will I go back to Las Brisas yes I think I will, will it be my first choice probably not. The only reason being is because I know how good the other steak houses in the town are.

minjie wei

well. We went there for few times.Last night we went there. We order couple surf and turf with wagyu filet mignon. Also wagyu new york steak. Those filet just doesn’t taste and looks like wagyu . I asked our server Ethan if he send wrong order . He told me those are right . But that still doesn’t looks right to me . So i went there today find manager and show her . She told me that is definitely not wagyu. And she said she can refund the difference between regular filet and wagyu filet to me. To be honest. If i willing to spend $800 for a dinner. That means i want wagyu. I feel insulted when she said that to me. They should do better job

Jerry Griffin

Incredible find on our way home from San Antonio… the food here is fantastic and the staff is amazing. Our waiter, Kraig, took great care in making sure we got what we came for in a delicious steak plate. My wife and I ordered the Filet Duo to share, and the chef cooked hers medium and mine medium rare… both absolutely perfect! We also highly recommend the pretzel brownie with pecan praline ice cream drizzled with caramel… makes your mouth smile all the way home! The picture is of our split blue cheese wedge and a bowl of lobster bisque. Probably the best lobster bisque I have ever tasted — so creamy and flavorful… just amazing. Any time we are close to Lubbock, this place will be on the top of our list for places to eat!

the bear

Ownership change much improved the whole experience. Had avoided this place for several years due to a significant decline from when it opened. Unreal experience last night. I actually dreamt about my beef wellington last night. had the other half for breakfast when i got up this morning. you have to know how to cook to properly prepare a rare beef wellington. spot on! Seasoning on everything was amazing.


Staff and food is good….would return gladly. U pay what u get!vet! Would come back

sara caldwell

amazing place!!! Food was really good and me and my boyfriend loved the filets! Trey also did an amazing job of serving us, he knew the answer to every question we had and made it such a fun experience! Would recommend and will definitely ask for Trey again(:

Isabel Ibarra

Clean, beautiful, super attentive waiters. Inviting atmosphere either you decide to be in the patio area, the bar or main dining area you will have the best experience…
Food has a heavenly flavor…

Priscilla Gilbert

BEWARE – the menu listed on Google is NOT the menu available. We had STICKER SHOCK at the menu choices and prices! There were limited options so we just did the best we could. We were stuck in a backroom so we didn’t pay for the ambiance. The waiter was very nice and friendly but we’re looking forward to the options listed on Google but not sure what happened.

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