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Resto » LongHorn Steakhouse Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

LongHorn Steakhouse Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

LongHorn Steakhouse

Address: 1360 W 49th St, Hialeah, FL 33012

Restaurant Type: Steak house

Phone: (305) 828-8691

Price: $$

Rating: 4.3


LongHorn Steakhouse Directions

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What Time Does LongHorn Steakhouse Open?

Tuesday,: 11AM to 10PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 10PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 10PM

Friday,: 11AM to 11PM

Saturday,: 11AM to 11PM

Sunday,: 11AM to 10PM

Monday,: 11AM to 10PM

LongHorn Steakhouse Directions

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LongHorn Steakhouse Reviews

M. B.

The place is really nice, the decoration the music, all nice. We ordered wings and baby back bbq ribs. I like the ones that the meat fall off the bones, but this wasn’t the case. But that is my taste. The food was tasty, but you have to use your hands in order the get the most out of those ribs.

Gamer Greedy9

Hello everyone! I had a great time coming to this Longhorn! It was supper busy but I was able to get a seat.
The service was good. The server was super attentive, even when she was handling a lot of tables.

The food came out at a good time. My meal was delicious!!! I had the longhorn and with mash potatoes and broccoli. My steak was medium well, and it was well seasoned! I couldn’t believe how flavorful it was. No wonder this place was pack on a weekday. I can’t even imagine what it would look like in the weekends. Nonetheless, I had a great time there with my friend.

The music was just at the right sound level. I didn’t feel bothered by it at all. Plus, I was able to communicate effectively with the server and my friend whenever we got into a conversation.

I will definitely post a picture of my meal along with this comment!

Please follow me, I am pretty much every where in the USA lol. I go to cool places and shares my experiences.

Odali Smith

Excellent Server! Highly recommended. Unfortunately I couldn’t eat all my steak but it was delicious. It was cooked just right!( just like I asked them medium rear).

Lilian Lopez

Nice greetings super fast service . The decoration is beautiful.The food was great only wish they had more desserts and drinks options but the chocolate cake is amazing design to share .

Daniel M.

Brought mom her for her birthday upon request. Regardless of the long wait time to be seated due to staffing shortages, once we sat down everything from the server to the food was great. Our steaks were cooked to the exact temperature one ordered and the flavor was amazing. Due to the great food and service once seated, it’s understandable that like many if not every restaurant, this location is suffering from the lack of individuals willing to work. The ones that are there though, did a great job a making sure mom was happy for her birthday.

Tangela Brown

Arrived and was seated but our waitress really didn’t pay us any attention she took the order, brought some bread out and then she was gone for like 10 minutes came back with the drinks. It’s as if she really didn’t want to be bothered with us, after about 20 minute I asked a manager what was the eta on the food he said the steak was ordered well done so that’s the hold up, so to me that meant all the other food is done sitting under a heater turning into rubber after waiting approximately 40 minutes for our food we decided to leave, that was my first and last time there I will stick with my Pembroke Pines Longhorn the service is excellent there and the food is always fresh and hot


Flavors and good service, Robin was great. For me, better than Outback.

Mohammad Alkhaldi

Best Ribeye steak (outlaw ribeye) I’ve ever eaten.

The American portion is way too big for one. My friend and i have this main course together.

Macbell Cruz

I was trying to have dinner with my wife and when we got there one of the hostess came out and started yelling in front of my face calling a group of 6 persons, she was super rude and never greeted us in any form. She totally ignored us. Then we went inside, and the other 2 guys working there were too busy talking to each other and drinking coffee apparently!!
I totally understand that Friday evening is kind of busy specially for restaurants, but hostess should be able to treat customers properly and offer them a nice service and good manners, not to ignore them!!

Miguel A

Longhorn need to improved customer service at host station. We have a family dimer of 9 people, they ask us to to be sitting in an small table, and when we ask just to put 2 tables together, they refuse. After a lot of discussion, I asked for the manager,( who still trying to convince me, that they can put 2 tables together because some company polices on weekends) after another 10 min of discussion and almost leave the restaurant, finally they just put two tables together and problem solved. (Easy solution from the beginning, or I’m wrong)
After that,everything go fine, thumbs up for our waitress Ryan who saves the day with an excellent service.

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