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Mulled Wine Fireball Jello Shots

This Christmas season, why not try something new? Mulled wine Fireball jello shots are an innovative twist on the classic festive cocktail. By adding jello to thicken the mixture and introduce fruity flavors, this recipe takes the traditional drink to a whole new level. It’s a refreshing change from the usual hot toddies and eggnog recipes that dominate the holiday party scene. Among all the Christmas shot recipes I’ve had the pleasure of trying, this one stands out as a true standout. The spicy kick from Fireball cinnamon whisky pairs surprisingly well with red wine, jello, and spices to create a unique sweet and spicy experience for your taste buds. Perfectly balanced, these shots will add a lively touch to any holiday gathering.

How to Make Mulled Wine Christmas Shots with Fireball

The first step in crafting this mulled wine jello shots recipe is to combine some red wine with spices in a pan and gently warm it for about an hour, without letting it simmer or heat up too much. This gentle warming process coaxes out the rich spice flavors from the wine, resulting in a deeply flavorful base.After an hour, add more wine to the mixture until you have approximately 2/3 cup of liquid total. Next, whisk together the jello powder and boiling water until the powder is fully dissolved, then stir in the mulled wine, orange juice, and Fireball whiskey. The resulting mixture will form the foundation for your Fireball jello shots.Once the mixture is prepared, portion it out among eight 2-ounce plastic jello shot cups or shot glasses. You may be able to squeeze nine shots from the mixture, but I usually stop at eight and reserve any remaining as my personal ‘quality control’ sample!Allow the Fireball jello shots to chill until set, which should take around three to four hours. Serve the finished shots garnished with cranberries, star anise pods, and orange slices for a visually appealing and flavorful treat.

Tweaks and Variations

While sticking to traditional Christmas shot recipes, feel free to experiment with alternative flavors like cherry or orange Jell-O for a unique twist. As for garnishes, the possibilities are endless. If you’re limited to a single star anise, consider using it in your mulled wine and omitting it from the garnish altogether. Candied ginger adds a lovely winter touch when used as a garnish. If you’re not keen on the spicy kick of cinnamon, try using half a cinnamon stick or substitute Fireball cinnamon whiskey with regular whiskey, bourbon, or honey-infused whiskey for a milder flavor. For a fun alternative, consider whipping up Santa’s hat cocktail, made with rum and offering a festive twist.

Mulled Wine History

Mulled wine, a warm and cozy drink, is crafted by combining red wine with a splash of dark spirits like whiskey or brandy. To enhance its flavors, aromatics such as orange slices, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and star anise are commonly added to the mixture.

This festive beverage has a rich history that dates back to the second century when the Romans first created it as a way to keep their wine warm during the harsh winter months. As the Roman Empire expanded its territories across Europe, so did the popularity of mulled wine, making it a beloved winter tradition throughout various regions.

Fireball Shots FAQs

When it comes to storing these wine shots, they’ll generally remain fresh for several days if kept refrigerated and covered with plastic wrap. Just be sure to reserve the garnish until serving time. As for experimenting with different flavors of Jell-O, the possibilities are endless! However, keep in mind that using orange Jell-O will result in a less-than- festive color. To achieve the desired dark red hue, simply add a few drops of red food coloring. Alternatively, you can opt for cherry, raspberry, or any other flavor you prefer.

Mulled Wine Fireball Jello Shots Recipe

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Mulled Wine Fireball Jello Shots

Bella Bucchiotti shares a festive and flavorful twist on traditional mulled wine – Fireball jello shots that are sure to get any holiday or Christmas party started. This innovative cocktail combines the warmth of mulled wine with the spicy kick of Fireball, making it an ideal choice for cold winter nights. With only 10 minutes of prep time and 1 hour of cook time, these jello shots are easy to prepare and perfect for a crowd of 9.


Combine red wine, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and star anise in a small saucepan and heat it over low for one hour, without allowing the wine to simmer. Once done, remove from heat and strain out the spices. The mixture will reduce significantly, leaving you with about 3/4 cup of liquid. If needed, add enough fresh wine to bring the total volume to 1 cup. Set aside. In a separate bowl, whisk together boiling water and raspberry gelatin until fully dissolved. Then, add the mulled wine, orange juice, and cinnamon whiskey, whisking until well combined. Pour the mixture into shot glasses and refrigerate for at least four hours or until set. To serve, top each glass with whole cranberries, orange slices, and a star anise pod, if desired.


When selecting cinnamon sticks for your wine infusion, opt for high-quality options like McCormick’s. I’ve found that budget-friendly alternatives often fall short in terms of flavor and aromatic impact, ultimately affecting the overall quality of the infused wine.