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Resto » Nanglo Restaurant and Bar at Arlington Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Nanglo Restaurant and Bar at Arlington Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Nanglo Restaurant and Bar at Arlington

Address: 3980 N Collins St Suite 150, Arlington, TX 76005

Restaurant Type: Indian restaurant

Phone: (682) 310-6595


Rating: 4.2


Nanglo Restaurant and Bar at Arlington Directions

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What Time Does Nanglo Restaurant and Bar at Arlington Open?

Tuesday,: 11AM to 2:30PM, 5 to 10PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 2:30PM, 5 to 10PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 2:30PM, 5 to 10PM

Friday,: 11AM to 2:30PM, 5 to 10:30PM

Saturday,: 11AM to 3PM, 5 to 10:30PM

Sunday,: 11:30AM to 3PM, 5 to 10PM

Monday,: Closed

Nanglo Restaurant and Bar at Arlington Directions

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Nanglo Restaurant and Bar at Arlington Reviews

Eric Flodstrom

If you are reading this review, stop reading and go try it out. It is great food at a fair price. For the other reviews that say it is tasteless or expensive, your tastebuds are burnt out, or you don’t know where you are in Arlington. This is a brand-new restaurant in an upscale area. The price is absolutely fair. If you want lower price, go to a more budgetary part of Arlington. I am not knocking down any place for location. There is great food everywhere. What makes it great is where the owners take pride in what they do. Nanglo is one of those that takes pride. I plan to go there as often as possible.

Ramesh Ghimire

We are so happy that a Nepali restaurant came to viridian neighborhood. We were the early customers of this venue and a big fan of Nepali food especially momos. They have improved a lot since the start, and added more Nepali items. Beside they also have good Indian food. I had two of my friends and clients over there for a lunch meeting last week and they can’t stop raving about the food and atmosphere here. The owners and staffs all are nice and friendly. I highly recommend Nanglo restaurant at viridian

Sushma Bista

This place really took me by surprise. I went in not expecting much but I was blown away by everything. The servers were all really nice and willing to patiently answer any questions I had. The food was amazing, you have to try the nanglo chicken curry! The manager stopped to check how we were doing which is awesome. I met the chef as well and he was so humble and kind. This place was amazing. Not only do they have good food and a nice environment, the staff is wonderful. I will definitely be coming back, especially to try their tandoori items which had a beautiful presentation.

Nadi’s Channel

I walked in and another man was being helped and so I patiently waited for him to finish being helped. Keep in mind I’m only here to pick up a Doordash order otherwise I wouldn’t need to even be in this place. After the other man was finished being helped tell me why the worker that was helping him walked away on the phone when they obviously saw me standing there. There was another worker girl there as well who saw me and said nothing to me, did not ask me if I needed anything and walked away as well. She proceeded to walk over to a couple of other people that were there completely avoiding me it felt like. I said excuse me ma’am and she blatantly ignored me and acted like I said nothing. I ended up just leaving and canceling the Doordash order I was there to receive because I refuse to be treated as if I am just not there. Definitely won’t be returning to try their food and was so excited to as well. If I could rate zero stars I definitely would.

Cassia Gardner

Tonight was my second time ordering take out. Over the phone order was simple and easy, pickup was quick, quality of food was delicious as ever with good shareable portions!

willie tolliver

Excellent service. Food was delicious especially my goat dish. I wrote this review a couple of days after eating there so unfortunately I forgot the manager and our bartender/server names. We went Saturday 10/02 about 8pm. Much respect on how they treated us.

Nicole G

They give off very racist vibes (to black people). Even though the customer service was horrible (after them hanging up on my mom promptly after ordering our food even though she wasn’t done), I still decided to try them out. The butter chicken was not good to me or my mom. Just tomato paste basically. The garlic naan was okay to me but my mom liked it. The samosas were the best thing we had. They were very good. My mom ordered the mango lassi but she said it didn’t taste like mango at all and it wasn’t good. Upset that we spent 37$ on food that was mediocre at best and customer service that was very disappointing. I will not be ordering from them again but take what you will from this review.

Shreya Maharjan

Every time I go, this restaurant never fails to impress me. I tried their goat curry, garlic naan, momo and wing. Excellent- balanced flavor, quantity and price were decent as well. It will be my forever place to go and satisfy my hunger. Hats off to management.

Sonia Adhikari

I have been to this restaurant few time the food was so delicious and service was also really good. My server was really friendly. She explained every food so patiently and clearly. Gonna visit soon. This is One of my favorite now


Terrible experience. Food was cold when I picked it up. The mango Lassi spilled in the bag because they have an opening in the top and didn’t think to cover it. The Naan had plastic in it!! Eww. The food is ridiculously over priced and the quality and taste is really bad. Will never go again!

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