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Address: 1003 Main St, Paterson, NJ 07503

Restaurant Type: Mediterranean restaurant

Phone: (973) 881-8819


Rating: 4.4

Website: Directions

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What Time Does Open?

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: 9AM to 7:30PM

Thursday,: 9AM to 7:30PM

Friday,: 9AM to 7:30PM

Saturday,: 9AM to 7:30PM

Sunday,: 9AM to 6PM

Monday,: 9AM to 7:30PM Directions

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Chris Schuck

This place was authentic and great. The team was friendly, the food was fresh and served quickly enough to know it was all made to order. There’s so many Middle Eastern restaurants to choose from on the street and I’m happy I stumbled into this one.

G.A. Samuel

Always good times eating here. Food is always fresh and delicious, and always service with a smile–cant beat it.

I grew up in the middle east and I know what Shawarma is supposed to taste like. These guys are the real deal. DO NOT HESITATE to spend your hard earned money on everything from their beef shawarma sandwiches, Za’atar and meat pies, and fresh made juices & smoothies to the kababs and salads– most recently I’ve been getting the house salad topped with kafta and shish kababs everytime I go. Healthy eating has never been this much of a no-brainer…

A visit to Nouri’s never disappoints: go indulge– you won’t regret it!

My only problem with them is that they are so far from me! Fingers crossed that they open up in Middlesex Co. soon!

Mina Faraj

This place is amazing. Food taste really good and staff are so friendly. I am here every week from now on.

Asim Shafi

Excellent service. Excellent food. Great people. My wife and I wanted to go to the falls and stopped over. What a gem. Good parking complex behind the cafe.

Eaman Kaddour

Food was good. Waitress took our order down for a large pizza and fries. Came out with a small pizza and forgot about the fries until we reminded her. 10 min before closing we asked for a drink and she refused to make it… they should be serving until the very last minute they close.

Ralphy Firebird

I must say, I rarely go to these places on Main Street to eat because they all end up being the same and sometimes the community just loses their touch with their own cultural food. But this place here had me pleasantly surprised. The customer service is good, the environment is clean and friendly. There’s a lot of space to sit and enjoy your meal and one nice part about this cafe is that you get to see them cook food in front of you but it’s only when you enter the cafe and sit there. They do have a backside to sit and eat. Food quality was fresh, I think halal and food was excellent. The portions can vary for some items. We got the fattoush salad and the mixed grill. That fed two people well. The prices are pretty decent but I think it’s well worth eating here. Come and enjoy.

rahima ali

Went for breakfast and will never go back. Hostess seemed oblivious. Had to ask for the check while she was texting. She never checked on us to see if we needed anything. We were given no water or utensils other than utensils that came with the food. I had to go up and wait to pay while she was making tea and noticed her dipping the tea bag with her nails going into the tea. The only good thing was the breakfast pizza. Don’t order tea and prepare to be your own hostess.


I think this is the only restaurant which is having a huge car park attached in this area. Restaurant is small but the quality and price is rich.

They took extra time for preparation, but worth the wait time. Tried zaatar, delicious, same taste as if you are sitting in gulf country.

Laben (curd) is good if you like the sour taste. I have enjoyed it. Tried few kababs, shawarma and overall satisfied.

If you order soup, make it lentil, avoid the veg plus chicken.

Naqi Sheriff

Gem of a place! Fresh delicious grill. Excellent service. We loved Nouri mixed Grill. Meat is tender fresh and full of flavor. We will definitely come again

Grandma’s Cookies

Great place to come and have a traditional Arabic breakfast with some tasty authentic food. The customer service was amazing!

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