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Resto » Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Address: 1350 W 49th St Bldg .1, Hialeah, FL 33012

Restaurant Type: Italian restaurant

Phone: (305) 819-1541

Price: $$

Rating: 4.3


Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Directions

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What Time Does Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Open?

Tuesday,: 11AM to 10PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 10PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 10PM

Friday,: 11AM to 11PM

Saturday,: 11AM to 11PM

Sunday,: 11AM to 10PM

Monday,: 11AM to 10PM

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Directions

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Reviews

Rut Garcia

The stench that you have in general at the restaurant is terrible but worse as you walk towards the rest room like dry urine. These rugs need to be ripped off and discarded! I washed my hands even before sitting at my table. As I waited for a stall, one of the staff members walked right out the restroom without washing her hands. Big smile tho-. We ordered a $30 dollar bottle of wine that had a taste as if it’s been sitting there for a while. My husband ordered a 6oz stake medium rare. The thing looked like an over cooked shoe with absolutely no taste whatsoever. I ordered a chicken breast with steamed broccoli. Most of my broccoli was served uncooked. Not to mention it took 1 hour to get our meals served. This was the most unsatisfying experience I have had in a long time. Never said anything to anyone. Simply paid our bill of $150 plus tip and simply walked out. I most certainly will not be coming back. This makes me not want to dine out and support any type of big restaurant chains. HORRIBLE

Nair Salinas

At first they took at little long to receive assistance but everything else was fine.
My server was Rey highly recommended to get him as a server! Very nice and sweet person. Very impressed with his customer service, first time that I see a server being so nice and sweet with kids. Definitely will comeback and ask for him!

Daniel (Awesome Daniel)

Parking is horrible! 6 empty to go parking and 3 10 min parking 4 handicap parking. In the end no upfront parking for regular customers! I can with my old grandparent that couldn’t walk and I has to park all the way in the end of the lot. Which is pretty far ans diver 3 min around for parking. This is really bad.!

Redbear32 SOSA

Amazing I mean just great service, Are waiter is what made the experience super great took care of us as we were new to everything took time to help and even help us save on are meal will definitely come back to this olive garden.

G56 Dually

The legendary $5 take home plates are now $6 which is fine , but to sell me 2 plate nearly empty , with no cheese and very little sauce is just unbelievable, if you are going to raise the price at least keep the same amount of food. 4 mouth fulls and this place was done and taste was horrible due to no cheese and sauce! SHAME ON YOU…. i should of looked before taking this home , next time i will

Nas Wright

I gave this 5 stars mainly because of the drinks and salad. We ordered the Margherita and blue something (I could barely call the name the first time much less remember it now) and they were delightfully delicious alcohol content was perfect. The pastas were good, chicken marsala a little salty but the chicken Alfredo was on point.

All in all, we will definitely be back at that location. You can never go wrong with the salad, like ever!

Jessica C

So I waited a week to post this review just so that I made sure my feedback was productive. We have visited this location many times and the last few times have not been what we expected. We keep going back because we realize that sometimes a bad experience is the exception not the norm. However, as of late, it is the norm at this location.

The wait is not bad at all. Our most recent server was very nice and I realize she was doing the best she could. The restaurant had just opened and unfortunately the staffing coordinator only schedules 2 servers when the restaurant first opens. BIG mistake! Our server had so many tables that our service was impacted, and not in a good way. A couple was seated at the table next to ours and requested to move to a different table so that we were distanced a little better. However, this move caused the couple not be waited on for over 20 minutes! Not even water was brought to them.

The server during our previous experience was not as busy and the service was even worse. We had to ask for drink refills and it just wasn’t good service.

The food is another issue lately. The breadsticks are very dry. One of us ordered the create your own pasta with Italian sausage. This is the same thing that my significant other always ordered. Needless to say, if you combined the sausages together, they still didn’t compare to how they were in the past.

I think it will be a long time, if ever, before we try dining at Olive Garden again.

Marilyn Pineiro

I haven’t visited in years because of my last experience. My hubby wanted to give it another try so we went. First off, my lemonade which cost 3.99 was horrible. It tasted like out of a carton. I ordered spaghetti with olive oil and garlic and the garlic came out of a jar, not fresh garlic. The chicken was horrible. I can’t even describe the taste (it was so weird) It tasted like it was in a freezer for years (it was not fresh). It had a funny, kind of rubbery texture. Needless to say, I didn’t eat.

Allan Mejia

I always like this restaurant. It is one of my favorite places in town, food is always good and delicious and people are very nice. This time I had Tour of Italy and it was amazing, Lasagna was the best part though, but the Fettuccini Alfredo was also good. Totally recommend this place for whenever you want pasta.

olvia Gonzalez

This restaurant is completely understaffed. Don’t expect to have a great experience because it’s not happening. Our waiter was venting about how overwhelmed she is because they’re isn’t enough employees. The utensils were disgusting, the napkin used to wrap utensils were very dirty. We had to request plastic utensils because it was just nasty. The food took forever to be ready. Just the drinks took a long way to make it to the table as well. Everything was just disappointing honestly save yourself time and energy and go somewhere else.

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