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Resto » Palace Cafe Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Palace Cafe Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Palace Cafe

Address: 1301 East 15th Street 15th &, S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74120

Restaurant Type: Fine dining restaurant

Phone: (918) 582-4321

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.4


Palace Cafe Directions

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What Time Does Palace Cafe Open?

Tuesday,: 5 to 10PM

Wednesday,: 5 to 10PM

Thursday,: 5 to 10PM

Friday,: 5 to 10PM

Saturday,: 5 to 10PM

Sunday,: 9AM to 2PM

Monday,: Closed

Palace Cafe Directions

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Palace Cafe Reviews


I love the atmosphere of this restaurant, it is quiet and dimmed just enough it’s cozy. We always sit near the Door with the large circle table the view of the setting sun on cherry Street and downtown always fills my heart with a peace. The last time we had gone was for the grandmother’s birthday and Ivan was a delight I would recommend him if you want a top teir server .The rest of the staff is always nice and so helpful. The food and drinks are fantastic and it helps when the company you bring are equally fantastic.

Western Doughty

The food is amazing, you cannot miss even closing your eyes and picking from menu. Brunch is my fav. The drinks are wonderful. A must!

Megan Atterberry

This is by far one of the best restaurants in Tulsa! From the time we sat down our experience was absolutely fantastic. The food was bold and flavorful, making it easy to tell is was made with passion. Our waitress was so kind and knowledgeable, assisting us while making decisions throughout the menu. She informed us of the origins of the Palace Cafe and highlighting all the great things including the kitchen staff. This is a must eat restaurant.

Bailey Hisaw

My husband and I came for our Valentine’s Day date. We had a reservation and waited close to 10 minutes to be seated. They sat us at a small two top closest to the door. With it being about 28° outside, every time the door opened we got a rush of cold air and it was FREEZING. I would have asked for another table but I knew there was no chance so we just endured, but it was not pleasant. Other than that we tried all the “two bite” appetizers for $20. A great deal, and we enjoyed them all! Our server was Taylor and she was so sweet, we liked her a lot. My husband had the steak and I the short rib. Both were incredibly delicious! We ended our meal with the Crème Brûlée and it was also tasty. We will definitely be back. The reason I only gave 4 stars was for the seating and the atmosphere. (Maybe it would have been better had we not been by the door and hostess stand, not fun, I wouldn’t even seat that table in the winter time).

Marcus T. Berry

Not a bad place, the food was pretty good and I liked the atmosphere. I had the Chicken Roumalaud it was different but good. My wife had the Black and Bleu burger. I would definitely go back to try other things

CuddleButtle (CuddleButtle)

Just a WONDERFUL experience, I cannot recommend this place enough! My boyfriend and I came here for our anniversary and we made a reservation a month in advance, and set up to have a tasting menu done for us. Unfortunately the chef got sick but we ordered off the regular menu and were not disappointed at all, the chef even gave us complimentary champagne for the trouble! Everything was so delicious and the wine menu fit perfectly with all of it! If you’re looking for a wonderful dining experience I recommend coming here. The service and food is incredible.

JT Skelton

The drinks were pretty good, and the bento bite appetizers were good. My wife and I got the fish special which was halibut and it was WAY overcooked. Good flavors, but it was the driest fish I’ve ever eaten. Very disappointing considering it was $42 per plate. Service was very good.

Emron Mangelson

I am so sad to feel the need to write this review. I am not one to share my criticism on a public forum. However, I do hope that this feedback can be used by the owners in a constructive fashion.

My wife and I took the opportunity to try Palace Cafe yesterday evening – a Tuesday. We had seen the generally positive reviews on this restaurant and felt excitedly optimistic about going. We had also taken a look at the menu online and we were excited by the offerings.

We were pleasantly greeted and we take no issue with the service staff – thank you, Danielle – you were just great. Our discontent arises primarily on two issues.

First, we were informed upon being seated that on Tuesdays they do not serve items from their standard menu and instead they offer a wholly different menu of completely different items in the form of Tapas – small plates for sharing. Okay, that’s interesting and I can see it’s place/value in providing variety and an opportunity to try something new. However, what if I had my appetite for an item off the standard menu? – we were told that was not possible. So, the waygu steak that I was hoping for was not an option (was told this hadn’t been available for past few weeks anyway – that’s unfortunate). This was the first disappointment.

I went the website and I did not find anywhere that it mentions this apparent recurring practice by Palace Cafe of not offering their standard dinner menu on Tuesdays. As a patron, might I humbly suggest to the owners that they make this more clear on their website, rather than surprising patrons upon their arrival, after having seated – dispels unnecessary awkwardness for you and us.

Our second issue has to do with the quality of the food relative tor the price paid. The items from our “surprise” tapas menu were of an Italian cuisine fare. Unfortunately, in our subjective opinion, they very much missed the mark. First of all, the Duck dish that I was considering, I was told was not available – my unfortunate, but seemingly consistent bad luck. So, I settled on a Roulade beef medallion dish. My wife ordered a Rissoto dish. I’m so sorry to report that my dish was very much unremarkable and did not imho seem of a quality that I was expecting. My wife’s dish was very salty and she could not finish it. Also, we paid an additional $18 for her dish to add salmon – the salmon was fine, but it was, in her opinion, a very meager portion and a far cry from the premium paid for its inclusion.

Lastly, we tried their sole dessert offering (all others that we had anticipated we’re not being served), which was a pastry. At $9, I’ve got to say, it was dry, over-toasted and just disappointing.

I’m so sorry, that our experience was found to be so lacking, but at $85-90 after tip with no alcohol, for two unremarkable bowls of sub-par Italian dishes and a sad, toaster strudel-esque dessert, we left feeling very underwhelmed. I hope all other patrons have a better experience. Please, be mindful of the Tuesdays change-up with the menu and maybe consider going a different evening, when the chefs are, perhaps, more on their A-game.

All the best.

chad click

James at the Palace Cafe recently catered an event my wife and I attended. The food was AWESOME. They made everything fresh right in front of the guests. I highly recommend Palace Cafe for their amazing catering experience. Top notch all they way. Support this local business.

Jessica Carney

I am in love with this place. No bias I just live close- so we I pop in randomly & Every single time, it’s just flat out fresh & delish, the drinks are top tier!
This is a Tulsa locally owned restaurant, it’s a gem for sure. Chef Caleb Mohr sure knows what He’s doing, Your pallet will not be disappointed!

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