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Resto » Papapavlo’s Mediterranean Bistro & Bar Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Papapavlo’s Mediterranean Bistro & Bar Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Papapavlo’s Mediterranean Bistro & Bar

Address: 1320 Standiford Ave #2, Modesto, CA 95350

Restaurant Type: Mediterranean restaurant

Phone: (209) 525-3995

Price: $$

Rating: 4.4


Papapavlo’s Mediterranean Bistro & Bar Directions

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What Time Does Papapavlo’s Mediterranean Bistro & Bar Open?

Tuesday,: 11AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 8PM

Friday,: 11AM to 9PM

Saturday,: 11AM to 9PM

Sunday,: 11AM to 8PM

Monday,: 11AM to 8PM

Papapavlo’s Mediterranean Bistro & Bar Directions

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Papapavlo’s Mediterranean Bistro & Bar Reviews

Sharon Chandra

My first time here and I loved it! Everything tasted delicious and the place itself is beautiful. I don’t usually eat veg items but I did try their bruschetta and hummus with pitta bread and both were scrumptious. My friend had the chicken Alfredo. Our hostess, who was very courteous, brought over the different dessert selections for us to see live. It helped us decide what we wanted to try. I had the baklava cheesecake and she had the chocolate cake. I can’t wait to come back!

Rosemarie Silva

I had Chicken Alfredo the food and sauce was delicious. The waiter was pleasant and not too pushy. We arrived a little late after our party arrived and they had already ordered. I didn’t know it was close to closing time because this was 1st time going there.

Jerry Luciano

The salad was excellent, but the service was very, very, VERY slow. I had the euro plate, which, ironically had no lettuce tomato or onion on it. I guess that’s my fault for not reading more thoroughly. One assumes…
Nice atmosphere, and the people all around me raved about their meals. I would like to give this place a chance again.

Ryan S

Good food at a fairly expensive price. Excellent service here! Amazing crème brûlée! They serve pita bread with olive oil and vinegar.

Joseph Brocchini

My fiance Susie and I ate there last night and we had a wonderful dinner and time. The waitress was very good and went above and beyond. The food was excellent. This place is definitely a come back place. Thank you everyone involved who makes Papavalos a great place to eat and have fun.

Shalom Shalom

The place is elegant and cozy. customer service is very good. But I have never eaten such bad food. It doesn’t taste like anything and the four dishes were meat and pasta that were non edible. although the salad was tasty .
I lost my money and left very hungry

Eugene Groomes

The service was good and the young lady that served us was very professional and awesome. I ordered a glass of chardonnay shrimp cocktail I had soup chicken marsala and a lemon cookie with powdered sugar. I would have been better off just ordering a hamburger at a local restaurant my meal was horrible I can make it better chicken marsala at home. So I packed up all the leftovers and dessert I did not eat that evening and gave to a friend who in turn ate it up and said it was the best meal he’s had in a long time that’s funny.

Mitch Collins

My second visit and even better than the first. We had moussaka, the best I’ve ever had, and chicken marsala. For desert, amazing baklava cheesecake. Highly recommended. Excellent service and fair prices.


You know what? so, a lot of people seem to like this place. I just was not impressed, at all. The salad started things off by having two what look like large kidney beans in the salad so like any normal person I was hungry and started chomping away and there were large rock-like seeds in the middle of these two beans. Who puts something like that in a salad that could damage your jaw or take out your teeth. I felt pain in my jaw for about 3 hours after I ate there I mentioned it to the waitress and she kind of laughed and said oh yeah the first time I ate here the same thing happened to me and I’m like is it some sort of a Mediterranean thing in salads to put hard Rock like beans in the salad that you just cannot remove just thought it was very strange I’ve never ever been in a restaurant before in my life where they were beans with seeds large Rock like seeds in the salad. Who eats like that?

Calli Dare

EXCELLENT FOOD!!! The gyro plate is GREAT! The gyro meat is ample, savory, seasoned perfectly and not too salty. It comes with rice pilaf, veggies, pita bread, tzatziki sauce and soup or salad. Their rice pilaf is FANTASTIC! (soft and tasty) The veggies are tasty, fresh and seasoned perfectly. The pita bread is warm and satisfying. (They know how to serve the pita bread for a to-go order – in foil so it stays hot.) The tzaziki sauce is fresh, cool and very good with the hot gyro meat and warm pita bread. The Greek salad is very fresh and the dressing is delicious. If you choose soup, I’ve had the clam chowder and it’s magnificent. Their baklava is a must-have. It’s about $2 for a piece and it’s worth it. One or two of those really top-off a perfect meal there.

The dining room is nice. It’s a great spot for a romantic date. Wear nice clothes. The bathroom is nice and clean.

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