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Resto » Sigri BBQ Newark Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Sigri BBQ Newark Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Sigri BBQ Newark

Address: 155 University Ave, Newark, NJ 07102

Restaurant Type: Indian restaurant

Phone: (973) 596-1114

Price: $

Rating: 3.9


Sigri BBQ Newark Directions

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What Time Does Sigri BBQ Newark Open?

Tuesday,: 11AM to 10PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 10PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 10PM

Friday,: 11AM to 10PM

Saturday,: 12 to 8PM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: 11AM to 10PM

Sigri BBQ Newark Directions

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Sigri BBQ Newark Reviews

Nehal Ahmed

A decent and only Indian place to grab a quick bite in the area. The have both kati rolls and platter options. For kati rolls, the paratha is thin and tasty, chicken tikka was my favorite protein, but the remaining ingredients they serve are not very Indian. I was surprised to see they offered onions, beets, and cucumber salad. I would have liked them to be prepared with some Indian spice. I also tried the minced lamb, didn’t like it much, as it was pleasing to my taste buds, probably having it in cubes would have worked better than grounded.

The restaurant in general is clean, like most restaurants in Newark, their fountain soda machine is also broken. They also have an establishment for a chicken wings restaurant in the same spot, which is very strange.

If I am graving for Indian food, probably I’ll stop by Sigri again, not it’s not going to be in my regular go to spots.

Beverly Chamba

First time here and enjoyed my meal so much. It was also my first time having Indian food and it was beyond my expectations. Will definitely come again

Danielle Kimberly

Best Indian takeout around. Good prices for the amount of food you get!

Sarat Chandra

Visited Sigri for lunch with a group of friends from work. It is one of the newest restaurants around in Newark at Rutgers campus and has become pretty popular in short time. The restaurant can be dubbed as an Indian Chipotle serving awesome food with great ambience, quick service and reasonable pricing. The staff was very friendly and suggested me the choice of sauce for the meal. It may get a bit crowded during lunch hours, but the lines move pretty fast and there is ample seating as well. They also have an open bread kitchen where one can see live Naan making in the Indian ovens called tandoor. The menu was very simple and had great choices for each course of the meal.

I found the place pretty vegetarian friendly. For each order you can choose between bowl, roti or platter type. For platter pick a choice of rice, protein, sauce, naan bread, kachumbar (salad) and chutney. It also comes with a Samosa on the side. This may seem a lot of things to pick but it was simple and definitely worth it. Vegetarians can choose between Grilled Vegetables (vegan option) or Paneer for their choice of protein. I wish the amount of sauce served could have been a bit more, found it a tad less for the entire meal. Overall, I have found the food very flavorful and tasty.

Recommendations: Rice bowl
Rice: Sigri Rice
Protein: Paneer
Sauce: Butter (Rich tomato and onion based sauce) or Vindaloo (Spicy sauce option)
Naan: Garlic Naan
Kachumbar/Salad: Cucumber and Radish (Light, refreshing and pairs well with spicy curries)
Chutney: Mango Cilantro ( Sweet and tangy sauce to cut the richness of the meal)
Lassi: Mango Lassi

FYI, one can also order the food online on their app and skip the line to save some time.

A must try place in Newark area close to the Rutgers campus for some great Indian food and quick lunch.

Niamh Parsley

Love the modularity of the ordering process. Great lunch spot. Lots of seating. Good food. The sigri rice, with chicken Tikka, butter sauce, mango chutney, and cucumber relish with garlic naan… Really nice people too, with quick service.

Bhargavi Gurijala

Worst food I ever ate. The panner was so dry, Rice was so hard and tomato butter gravy is so sour. I cook 100% better than that.

Abraham Awad

A quick place to get a nice array of Indian food. I love how they make ordering very simple and their are many options to choose from. I ordered the chicken and butter sauce and it was very good. The paneer is very good as well.

Ekta Singh

Definitely recommended!

Good quality, tasty and healthy.
Love that you can customize your plate which makes it even better!

Omar Vrigen

I’m not a big fan of Indian food as such , but this place really hits the right spot for any taste Pallet.
Place is always welcoming and the food Is always fresh tasting. They have all spice levels available and that’s what I like. Must try!

Karim Aquil Sabur Sharif

This was the chicken dish I dont remember the name of it but it was awesome the mango pepper sauce was amazing my only issue was I would have preferred romaine lettuce instead of spring mix.

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