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Resto » Somewhere Louisville Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Somewhere Louisville Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Somewhere Louisville Restaurant

Address: 1135 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204, United States

Restaurant Type: American restaurant

Phone: +1 502-552-6942

Price: $$$$

Rating: 3.9


Somewhere Louisville Restaurant Directions

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What Time Does Somewhere Louisville Restaurant Open?

Tuesday,: 5 to 10p.m.

Wednesday,: 5 to 10p.m.

Thursday,: 5 to 10p.m.

Friday,: 5 to 11p.m.

Saturday,: 5 to 11p.m.

Sunday,: 1p.m. to 2a.m.

Monday,: Closed

Somewhere Louisville Restaurant Directions

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Somewhere Louisville Restaurant Reviews

Zach Dee

Best place in town to go to with the best looking people, plus reasonably priced drinks and quality live music with a dance floor. If you’re planning on going with friends, it can be a bit crowded and difficult to secure seating, but it’s perfect for singles and small groups. The visual effects on the dance floor, along with the sound system and energy are worth the cover charge, but I believe that you can show up early and mitigate the fees. Totally worth it if you’re going to have a couple of drinks on the strip anyway; might as well show up early.

Shauna o’shea

Food is not served after 10. Atmosphere was good. Was a slow night compared to other nights. Great dancing, DJ, and drinks


Tried this place on a Thursday night beforethe holidayweekend. We were looking to have a great night out, but found it pretty empty at 11pm except for about 30men and 4 women with their dates. So we’re going to have to see what it’s like on a Saturday night.

Toni Pop

I’m not one to usually leave reviews but on a trip here out of town with friends for a birthday trip, we show up on a slow Sunday night. Emphasis on slow. A friend accidentally goes into the mens bathroom to do her thing. Upon coming out our friend was met with a bouncer kicking her out with merely the purpose that she went into the wrong restroom. Odd policy considering we now live in a world with a plethora of non gendered restrooms.

Nolan R.

Honestly a pretty great spot. I like that they have two pool tables and a dance floor! Even when it’s super crowded you can still get a drink. A good place to go for parties and events like Halloween. It’s like a little spot for everyone, even if its just to meet up and start there. The outside area is large and had many seats and little fire pits on one side which is great.

Daniel Bruce

People were great here! Bartender and bouncer/door guys were cool!

Dallas Browning

After watching a show in town with a few friends and family we decided to grab some food. Found this place online. It clearly says restaurant. We walk in with the soul intentions of eating and are very rudely told to leave because apparently minors are not welcome here. CHANGE YOUR NAME TO BAR OR ATLEAST PUT A STATEMENT ONLINE THAT YOU MUST BE 21 TO ENTER.


NOT kid friendly even though listed as “American restaurant”. Drove out of the way to come here only to be turned away when the place had maybe 4 people inside and outside!

Bailey Jo

Such a vibe love the bar tenders and the layout is super fun and flowing.

Kristin Stratman

Great place to dance!

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