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Resto » Suraya Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Suraya Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Suraya Restaurant

Address: 1528 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Restaurant Type: Lebanese restaurant

Phone: (215) 302-1900

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7


Suraya Restaurant Directions

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What Time Does Suraya Restaurant Open?

Tuesday,: 5 to 9:30PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 2PM, 5 to 9:30PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 2PM, 5 to 9:30PM

Friday,: 11AM to 2PM, 5 to 10:30PM

Saturday,: 9AM to 2PM, 5 to 10:30PM

Sunday,: 9AM to 2PM, 5 to 9:30PM

Monday,: 5 to 9:30PM

Suraya Restaurant Directions

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Suraya Restaurant Reviews

Ashleigh N. DeLuca

The food is incredible here! It seems like you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. That said, highly recommend the slow roasted lamb as a main course and the hummus and yoghurt dips for appetizers. And, on top of the amazing food, the servers are all knowledgeable and very friendly. Will absolutely be coming back here and certainly recommend for a special occasion.

Eric P

My wife and I went to Suraya back in March. We loved it. Had heard positive things about the resto so we decided to go. Everybody was super friendly and thought the little shopping shelves were really cute. We ordered a bunch of plates as you can see. Truly enjoyed the showcase of flavors on display here.

Rasha Abri

Was in Philly for a conference and decided to try this place. They only do the tasting menu on Friday and Saturday but so worth it. Everything was so amazing and authentic in taste. For the price it is definitely a lot of food and you leave stuffed. I highly recommend this place is your in the fish town area, you will not be disappointed. Liking forward to coming back and trying this place again. Ask for Lydia, she was very attentive and made the experience so much more enjoyable.

Bronson Carpenter

The best restaurant in Philadelphia (period). Made even more perfect by an incredibly kind and attentive waitstaff. Absolutely everything was 5 stars. If you’re looking for incredible middle eastern flavors, Suraya is a total gem (and quite the romantic spot, too). The tasting menu (served Fridays and Saturdays) was an awesome value, and worth every penny.

Dessie Hristov

Service was phenomenal! They remade one of the dishes for us and we were stunned at how well everything was handled. Every bite was good and a savory one. The lamb was my favorite entree. The kunefe was my favorite dessert! Suraya is becoming the step above your standard fine dining. Parking is right around the corner and it’s free Mon- Wed.
Suraya, we will come back!

Ekrem cetinkaya

Suraya was one of the most unique experiences we have had in Philadelphia. We went for brunch, and sat between the courtyard and main dining room with a beautiful ceiling to wall painting of the mother of the owners from Lebanon. The ambiance and atmosphere sucks you in until the food arrives. Each dish carefully crafted with unique blends of spices and ingredients that brings the best of the region in a modern enlightenment. The food is rich in texture and your tastebuds will never forget the delicious food and unique refreshing beverages such as the rose water lemonade. Highly recommend for a brunch next time you are in Philadelphia!

Lissy Matos

This was my first time at Suraya. I was very unsure as I have never had Lebanese food before. I tried to do some research so I knew what to expect. (Research didn’t help) When the food was laid out I still wasn’t sure how I was about to feel about the variety of food placed in front of us. We did the “A taste of Suraya” for $70 per person. DO NOT BE FOOLED ITS A LOT OF FOOD.
The way the flavors were married…. The beauty of how each dish was put together… The service provided with minimal disruption & courtesy…. The chatter from the patrons and the background music that played well with the crowd…. All of it was so good. This is date night worthy. It seemed like a family friendly site but if I’m honest I didn’t see any children. It was such a pleasant experience. I felt like it was a bit expensive but as of lately prices went up on everything so it’s to be expected. But I left there so happy and content. Such a great place to eat. If you can go and check it out!

Jose Palacios

What a fabulous place, atmosphere, superior service and great food all together in one place. visited with my family for Brunch, the taste menu is fantastic and the Chai Latte is probably the best I have had so far… the bread basket with different pastries is a no miss. Ensure you make advance reservations… ah and they have parking! So nothing to worry about

Aman Sharma

Exciting and sexy cocktails filled just 75% of the way to the top. Who wants them overweight anyways? Waitresses will seat you and walk away, leaving you uncomfortably sober for the first 25 minutes of your dining experience.

You will end up with cold ankles because the fireplace isn’t on and it’s 49 degrees with howling wind and rain outside but it’s all good because they don’t serve baklava.

Good table decorations.

Ming Lu

*Outdoor dining review*

This restaurant is a hidden gem in an area I would not normally visit.

Restaurant: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 5/5

Parking: There is a limited parking lot next to the restaurant, it used to be free, and then they started charging people $10 to park. Now I do not see the $10 parking on the website anymore, it MIGHT have been changed? Other than that, there’s also street parking.

First off I would say before we even got to the restaurant, I had couple questions, so I emailed ahead regarding specific area we want to sit also called ahead and the person on the phone, both occasions the staffs and owners were very pleasant and helpful. To me that sets the tone of whether we even want to visit the restaurant or not.

-Restaurant –
Restaurant itself looks really nice inside and outside, since it was somewhat warm, we decided to make reservation for the “Garden” area that was semi covered and heated if needed, also it has see-through screen between each table. Which was perfect for Covid concerns. There’s also open area right in the middle of the garden if you’re interested. Everything’s clean, the tables the utensils, nothing is sticky.

We were 5 minutes late due to Philly traffic, so we decided to call 5 minutes before our reservation and was told it we had 15 minute window. From the moment we walked in, we were able to sit down within a minute of arrival, hostesses were very professional and courteous. As soon as we sat down our waitress came right away and explained to us about their ordering process what each items are…etc.

Why 4/5 for the service you asked? During the time we were eating, we saw a food runner dropped some food for another guest right in the pathway of the garden next to us… Instead of picking it up right away, one of the other food runner or waiter simply kicked it aside, and never came back for the clean up.

It was pre-fix tasting menu, with the option to order extra, which we did and it did not disappoint. Everything was absolutely delicious, our waitress made great recommendations. You get quite a lot of food for it being tasting menu, we ended up taking almost everything to go. My girlfriend’s been asking me to make another reservation since our last visit.

All in all one of the better restaurant experiences I have had. We will definitely be back again to see what items they have on the menu.

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