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11 Virtual Museum Tours From Around The World

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Are you searching for an exciting virtual museum tour that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home? Look no further! Many of the world’s top museums have created immersive online experiences, allowing you to explore their exhibits without leaving your seat. Whether you’re a history buff, a science enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique way to spend an afternoon, these virtual tours are perfect for anyone seeking a cultural adventure from home.

What Museums have Free Virtual Tours?

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One of the most exciting developments in the world of museums is the proliferation of free online virtual tours. With institutions like the Louvre and the Frida Kahlo Museum leading the charge, it’s now possible to explore a wide range of exhibits from the comfort of your own home. But before you start exploring individual museums, there’s a fantastic resource that’s well worth checking out first: Google Arts and Culture. This platform is a treasure trove of artwork, stories, photographs, and even virtual reality experiences that you can participate in. You can access it via its website or download the app, which is essential if you want to experience the VR features. While compatibility issues may arise with older phones, newer Androids and iPhones should have no problem handling the app’s demands.

The Best Virtual Museum Tours

While many art museums are offering engaging online tours, we’ve made an effort to include a diverse range of unique online museum experiences in this selection, showcasing not only the world of art but also other fascinating aspects of human culture and knowledge.

Frida Kahlo Museum – Mexico City

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Embarking on a virtual journey to Mexico? The Frida Kahlo Museum, also known as the Blue House, is an absolute must-visit. This online tour takes you through Kahlo’s home and provides a unique glimpse into her life and art. To make it even more engaging, you can combine it with our free lesson plan that caters to beginners in Spanish, as well as offering thought-provoking discussion prompts. R.M. Nunes recommends exploring the museum by taking a virtual stroll, admiring the displayed paintings, and using this opportunity to appreciate the artwork without any additional contextual information. For an added layer of learning, try pairing the Blue House’s paintings with Kahlo’s works listed on her official website. This activity can help deepen your understanding of her artistic style and themes.

Lima Art Museum – Lima, Peru

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MALI Museo de Arte de Lima’s YouTube offering, ‘Los Khipus de Ttio’, presents a captivating mini-documentary that delves into the world of khipus, an ancient Andean record-keeping method. Historian and professor José Carlos de la Puente, from Texas State University, embarks on a journey to the Cuzco province’s community of Ttio to uncover the secrets behind these knot-based records. The documentary, featuring English subtitles, provides a unique insight into the lives of the Inca and other ancient cultures who utilized khipus as a means of communication and information storage. This innovative ‘knot-record’ system, which operated without an alphabetic writing system, is a testament to the ingenuity of our ancestors. For history enthusiasts, it’s a fascinating exploration that offers a glimpse into the past.

Smithsonian Natural History Museum

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When exploring Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian Natural History Museum or experiencing it online, visitors can enjoy a comprehensive overview of exhibits by following the interactive map at the top corner of their screen. For those with VR capabilities, an immersive experience awaits in VR mode, allowing them to feel as if they’re physically present within the museum’s walls. Additionally, many items feature small camera icons when zoomed in; clicking on these reveals a closer, magnified view. This feature enables visitors to delve deeper into fascinating exhibits like the Hope Diamond, ancient Egyptian mummies, and the early human story.

British Museum – London, England

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As you navigate the British Museum’s website, you’re greeted by a dynamic timeline that starts from the present day and seamlessly filters content based on your interests. The right-hand side features a range of topics, including art and design, power and identity, living and dying, religion and belief, as well as trade and conflict. You can also explore exhibits by geographical location, allowing for a deeply immersive experience.

Take the Americas in the mid-1800s, for instance. Upon clicking on this era, you’ll be transported to a specific point in time where a white buffalo skin appears. As you interact with it, an item will pop up featuring stunning images accompanied by detailed text, audio descriptions, and pinpointed geographical information. To further enhance your understanding, you’ll have access to related object images.

This innovative approach not only makes learning a captivating experience but also fosters a sense of fun exploration, making the British Museum’s website an invaluable resource for both education and entertainment.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – Seoul, South Korea

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The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea stands out from other virtual museums by offering an impressive 99 online exhibits that are free to access. While it doesn’t offer a traditional virtual tour, these digital displays provide a unique glimpse into Korean and Asian art, showcasing various forms such as performance videos, immersive VR experiences, and intimate artist interviews. This treasure trove of artistic expression offers something for everyone, particularly those fascinated by Korean culture or seeking a fresh perspective on Asian art.

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

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The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia’s oldest and most visited gallery, has made significant strides towards increased accessibility by offering virtual tours of its vast collection. This development eliminates the need for visitors to worry about accommodations in Melbourne. The museum boasts an impressive 70,000-strong inventory, with a current focus on showcasing contemporary art and design through its 2020 Triennial exhibition. Beyond online exhibits, educational institutions can schedule virtual field trips, catering to homeschools and traditional classes alike. A total of 17 customizable programs are available for booking, allowing educators to curate engaging experiences for their students.

Galileo Museum – Florence, Italy

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Galileo Galilei, dubbed the father of modern astronomy, left an indelible mark on the world during his 16th-century to 17th-century reign in Italy. His groundbreaking discoveries not only revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos but also significantly impacted the fields of velocity, gravity, and the scientific method. A testament to his remarkable work is the Galileo Museum, which can be explored both physically in Florence and virtually online. The museum offers remote learning experiences, such as interactive exhibits on Galileo’s telescope and the scientific instruments used during his time. These must be booked in advance but are accessible to anyone interested. Additionally, there are over a dozen English-language online exhibits available at any time. For those seeking insight into Galileo’s written works and documents, the Galileo//thek digital repository provides a treasure trove of hundreds of items, offering an unparalleled glimpse into his life and legacy.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s digital platform brings its vast collections to life through an interactive experience designed specifically for kids. Upon entering, visitors are greeted with a comic book-style opening that invites exploration based on their interests. Each artifact is categorized into four areas: discover, imagine, create, and learn more, providing a variety of engaging ways to interact with the content.

For younger viewers, the site features a time machine that allows users to select time periods, geographic locations, and big ideas to explore, with the GO button triggering the appearance of relevant artifacts. Additionally, the video section showcases creative art-making ideas, Q&A sessions about the museum and art, as well as kid-created artwork.

For older viewers, MetCollects presents high-contrast photography and narrative descriptions of specific items, providing a more in-depth look at the museum’s collections. Furthermore, the website hosts online live events, including talks, art activities, and musical performances, every week. Overall, this digital platform offers an engaging and interactive way for users to explore incredible artwork from around the world.

National Museum of Computing – Bletchley Park, UK

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Step into a world of computing history at the National Museum of Computing, located within the iconic Bletchley Park – a site synonymous with code breaking during World War II. The physical museum is steeped in nostalgia, while its online presence offers a wealth of archival materials and interactive experiences. For instance, the website provides access to photographs and a podcast boasting over 100 episodes, offering valuable insights into the code-breaking process. Visitors can also embark on a virtual tour of the museum’s exhibitions, which transport viewers back in time through period-specific furnishings. Moreover, the museum hosts online events, ranging from live discussions to private bookings, providing a unique opportunity to engage with experts and delve deeper into the world of computing.

How Much do Virtual Museum Exhibit Tours Cost?

With a simple online search, you can discover a vast array of museums globally that offer complimentary virtual exhibit tours, catering to diverse interests and passions. From cutting-edge technology exhibits to fascinating displays of natural history, there’s something for everyone.

Can’t Travel? Well, Try some Virtual Museum Tours from Home Online

As travel restrictions ease, the cultural landscape is evolving with museums increasingly digitizing their collections, offering unparalleled access to art and historical treasures from anywhere in the world. While planning your next adventure, take advantage of the plethora of free virtual tours available, allowing you to explore and learn alongside international institutions.