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Was Meredith pregnant before Derek dies?

No, Meredith was not pregnant before Derek dies. Meredith and Derek had discussed possibly having another child, but at the time of Derek’s death, Meredith was not pregnant. The series finale of Grey’s Anatomy includes an emotional scene in which Meredith reflects on the possibility that she and Derek could’ve had a third baby, but ultimately that never came to pass.

In the episode, after Derek’s death, Meredith visits his grave and expresses her regret at never having the opportunity to have a third child, telling him that she felt like the third one was supposed to be theirs.

This suggests that while no, Meredith was not pregnant before Derek died, she was still mulling the idea.

How many miscarriages does Meredith have?

Meredith Grey has had three miscarriages across the course of the medical drama series “Grey’s Anatomy”. In Season 5, Meredith discovers she is pregnant after a series of unsuccessful in vitro fertilizations.

Unfortunately, she loses the baby in the middle of the season. In Season 6, Meredith becomes pregnant again but ends up miscarrying the baby. She later reveals that she was pregnant for a third time in Season 8, after a spontaneous night of unprotected sex with Derek, but she miscarries shortly after.

Her third miscarriage is what leads her to try to rekindle her friendship with her mother, with whom she has a notoriously complex relationship. Despite her three miscarriages over the course of the show, Meredith eventually goes through a successful pregnancy and gives birth to her and Derek’s daughter, Zola, in Season 9.

Does Meredith have a 3rd baby?

No, Meredith does not have a third baby. She has two sons, Derek and Zola, who were born during her marriage to Derek Shepherd. Meredith and Derek had a happy marriage prior to Derek’s death in Season 11, and the couple had already decided they would not have any more children.

Meredith has not had any more children since Derek’s death. Since then, Meredith has been focused on her career as a surgeon and raising her two kids. She also has had a few romantic relationships, but none have resulted in pregnancy or any other children.

What happens to Bailey’s baby?

Bailey’s baby is born healthy and safe. After a few days in the hospital, the family takes the baby home and begins the process of bonding and caring for their new addition. The baby takes to their parents right away and is a very healthy, happy and content little one.

Everyone in the family is delighted to have such a wonderful addition, and they quickly adjust to the new daily routine of caring for their baby. As the baby grows, they experience all of the milestones that every child should, taking their first steps, learning to talk, and exploring the world around them.

Bailey and their loved ones can’t help but beam with pride as their little one continues to grow into an amazing person.

Does Meredith miscarry again in season 9?

No, Meredith does not miscarry during Season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy. This season focuses on her finding out about her half-sister Maggie Pierce and her journey of adjusting to that reality, and pursuing a romantic relationship with Riggs.

Throughout the season, she and Riggs discuss the idea of having a baby together, and it always seems like a possibility in their future, but Meredith does not miscarry a second time during the season.

Who is the father of Meredith’s 3rd baby?

The father of Meredith’s 3rd baby is not known publicly. Meredith is a main character on the popular show, Grey’s Anatomy, and her character has had many romances over the course of the show. When she became pregnant with her 3rd baby, the father’s identity was not revealed directly, leaving this mystery unsolved.

Meredith gave birth to the baby alone and viewers can only guess about the true identity of the baby’s father.

Who are Meredith’s 3 kids?

Meredith Grey has three children: a daughter, Ellis and two sons, Derek and Zola. Ellis is the product of Meredith’s first marriage, while Derek and Zola are the product of her relationship with Derek Shepherd.

The youngest, Zola, was adopted from Malawi and boasts a unique, multicultural family dynamic with her siblings. Derek and Zola have appeared in episodes of the hit show, Grey’s Anatomy, while Ellis has had minor cameos.

All three children are close and have a strong bond with their mother.

How did Meredith end up with 3 kids?

Meredith Grey ended up with three kids by first marrying Derek Shepherd and subsequently having two biological children with him. Their first child, daughter Zola, was adopted from Malawi. Meredith went through a complicated process to acquire her, assisted by her mother Dr. Ellis Grey and sister Dr. Lexie Grey.

Two years later, Meredith and Derek had twins, a boy and a girl, whom they named Bailey and Tuck. This was a surprise, as Meredith was unable to conceive naturally due to a medical condition that Derek’s sister diagnosed.

The couple also fostered a few other children, such as a 16-year-old girl, who has a relationship with Meredith and lives with her. Since the death of Derek in season 11, Meredith has been a single mother to her three children and is fiercely protective of them and their well-being.

Does Cristina Yang have a baby?

No, Cristina Yang does not have a baby. Cristina Yang is a character on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, and at the end of the tenth season, which aired in 2014, she moved away from Seattle, leaving behind her close friend and former romantic partner, Dr. Owen Hunt.

While a lot has happened to Cristina since then (she has become a successful cardiothoracic surgeon in Switzerland, for instance), we have not seen her have a baby, either on-screen or otherwise, so it is safe to conclude that she does not have a baby.