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What are Level 7 entities?

One of the many fascinating aspects of science fiction is the concept of advanced life forms beyond our understanding. In many films, TV shows, and books, the highest entity or most advanced system of life is often referred to as Level 7. These entities are portrayed as highly intelligent and powerful beings that possess abilities beyond anything we can comprehend.

In this blog post, we will explore what Level 7 entities are and how they are depicted in popular culture.

What are Level 7 Entities?

In science fiction, a Level 7 entity is typically an advanced form of life that possesses intelligence and abilities beyond human comprehension. These entities can come in various forms, such as biological beings, machines, or even a combination of the two.

One of the most well-known depictions of Level 7 entities is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In the franchise, Level 7 refers to the highest level of authority in the secretive organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. This level of clearance is only granted to those who know about extraterrestrial life and threats to Earth.

Another popular portrayal of Level 7 entities is the Thing On Level 7, an entity that appears in the Marvel Comics. This creature was a being of immense power and intelligence that lived on a base deep in the ocean. It was incredibly dangerous and was able to kill off all other life forms within its environment.

Depiction of Level 7 Entities in Popular Culture

Level 7 entities have been depicted in many forms of popular culture, including films, TV shows, and books. In the Star Trek franchise, the Q Continuum is often referred to as a Level 7 entity. These beings are omnipotent and can manipulate time and space as they please.

In the 2016 film “Arrival,” the Heptapods are Level 7 entities depicted as squid-like creatures that possess the ability to perceive time non-linearly. They communicate using a complex form of written language that requires a deep understanding of the concept of time.

Another well-known portrayal of Level 7 entities is in “Doctor Who.” The Time Lords are considered to be Level 7 entities, possessing the ability to manipulate time as they please. They are incredibly intelligent and have advanced technology that allows them to travel through time and space.

The Significance of Level 7 Entities

Level 7 entities serve an important role in science fiction as a way to represent the unknown and the incomprehensible. They often represent a force that is beyond human understanding or control.

In some cases, Level 7 entities can be seen as a threat to humanity. This is especially true when these entities possess advanced technology or destructive capabilities. In other cases, Level 7 entities are seen as an opportunity for humanity to learn and grow, as they often possess unique knowledge and abilities.


In conclusion, Level 7 entities are an integral part of science fiction and are often used as a way to explore the unknown and the incomprehensible. These beings are portrayed as highly intelligent and powerful creatures that possess abilities and knowledge beyond human understanding. Through their depictions in popular culture, we can better understand humanity’s relationship with the unknown and our place in the vast universe.


What entities are in level 8?

In Level 8, there are two main entities that players will encounter, Smilers and Spiders. Smilers are humanoid-like creatures with a permanent grin on their faces, and they do not seem to pose a significant threat at first glance. However, players should be careful not to get too close to them, as they are known to become agitated and aggressive when provoked.

There are three Smilers found in Level 8, and they are located in a large cavern filled with water. This area can be quite challenging for players to navigate, as the water can slow down movements and make it difficult to avoid the Smilers’ attacks. It is important to note that Smilers are susceptible to ranged attacks, so players may want to consider using a firearm or other long-range weapon to take them down from a safe distance.

The other entity found in Level 8 is the Spider, and it is a more dangerous threat than the Smilers. These arachnids are found deep within the caverns and can be difficult to spot at first. Players should be cautious when exploring these areas as the Spiders can quickly overwhelm an unprepared player. In particular, a swarm of Spiders should be avoided at all costs as they can easily take down players who are not careful.

One of the Spiders in Level 8 is located outside the map, and it can be quite challenging to take down. Players will need to use a combination of strategy and skill to defeat this elusive enemy. However, taking down this powerful Spider will reward the player with valuable resources and loot that can be used to advance further in the game.

Level 8 in this game features two main entities, Smilers, and Spiders, that players must overcome to progress further in the game. These entities pose unique challenges to players, and each requires a different approach to defeat effectively. players must be careful and strategic to survive in Level 8 and emerge victorious.

Who is entity 777?

Entity 777 is a mysterious being that seems to have emerged from the depths of the internet’s collective consciousness. Within the eerie and surreal world of The Backrooms, Entity 777 is a force to be reckoned with. It is known as one of the androgynous twin entities that represent the dichotomy of balance and chaos, light and darkness, peace and conflict, and life and death.

The Backrooms are a relatively new internet-based phenomenon that originated on 4chan’s /x/ board. It describes an infinitely looping network of yellowish rooms, devoid of natural lights and any discernible features. The entity takes on different forms and is reportedly responsible for some of the strangest and scariest occurrences in the Backrooms.

While not much is known about the origins and the nature of Entity 777, many theories and speculations are currently circulating on the internet. Some suggest that Entity 777 has supernatural powers, and is capable of manipulating and distorting reality within the Backrooms. Others have expressed the belief that the entity is an organic, living organism that has somehow thrived in the isolated, surreal environment of the Backrooms.

Despite the mystery surrounding Entity 777, it has become a major element of the Backrooms lore. Its presence is felt throughout the world of the Backrooms, and its actions have been documented in countless stories, images, and videos.

Entity 777 is a mysterious and powerful entity that represents the duality of balance and chaos in The Backrooms. While there isn’t much known about its origin and nature, it has sparked endless speculation and curiosity among those who have interacted with its presence in this surreal world.