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What are Naruto powers after Kurama death?

Naruto Uzumaki is the main protagonist of the popular anime and manga series Naruto. He is a young ninja from the fictional village of Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village). Naruto is known for being the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, Kurama. This means Kurama’s chakra was sealed inside Naruto, which granted him immense powers. However, Kurama was extracted from Naruto during the Fourth Great Ninja War, leading many to wonder what powers Naruto still possesses.

Does Naruto still have any tailed beast powers?

No, Naruto no longer possesses any powers directly associated with being a jinchuriki after Kurama’s extraction. When Kurama was removed from Naruto, he lost the ability to draw on the Nine-Tails’ chakra reserve. This means all the abilities fueled by Kurama’s chakra are no longer accessible to Naruto, such as chakra mode cloaks and Tailed Beast Bombs.

What abilities did Naruto lose after Kurama’s death?

Here are some of Naruto’s main powers that he lost after Kurama was removed from him:

  • Tailed Beast Mode – Naruto can no longer enter Tailed Beast Mode by drawing on Kurama’s chakra.
  • Chakra Mode Cloaks – Naruto cannot access chakra mode cloaks like KCM and Bijuu Mode that enhanced his abilities.
  • Enhanced Chakra Reserves – Without Kurama, Naruto’s chakra reserves are significantly smaller.
  • Enhanced Strength and Speed – Kurama granted Naruto improved strength and speed which he has now lost.
  • Tailed Beast Bomb – Naruto cannot create or control Tailed Beast Bombs anymore.
  • Accelerated Healing – Naruto no longer has accelerated healing from Kurama.

In short, all the abilities directly fueled by Kurama’s chakra are gone. Naruto has reverted to only having access to his own native chakra reserves and abilities.

What original abilities does Naruto still have?

While Naruto lost all his Kurama-related powers, he still retains his original techniques and abilities that are not reliant on the Nine-Tails’ chakra. Here are the main powers Naruto still has access to:

Shadow Clone Jutsu

The Shadow Clone Jutsu allows Naruto to create solid clones of himself. This remains one of Naruto’s signature moves even after losing Kurama. He can use his own chakra reserves to summon clones for reconnaissance, distraction, or offensive attacks.


The Rasengan is a powerful spinning ball of chakra formed and controlled entirely by Naruto’s own chakra. He can still create and wield Rasengans of different shapes and sizes for strong offensive strikes without Kurama’s aid.

Summoning Jutsu

Naruto is still able to summon toads like Gamabunta using the Summoning Jutsu, giving him access to additional combat support when needed.

Sage Mode

By balancing natural energy with his own chakra, Naruto can still enter Sage Mode and gain enhanced strength, speed, and sensory abilities. This does not require Kurama’s chakra.

Change in Chakra Nature

Naruto’s chakra control allows him to change the nature of his chakra to utilize various elemental jutsu like the Wind Style: Rasenshuriken. He can still perform these techniques.

Does Naruto gain any new abilities after losing Kurama?

Naruto does not seem to gain any major new abilities immediately after losing access to Kurama’s powers. However, there are some subtle changes and improvements:

  • Improved Chakra Control – Without Kurama’s overwhelming chakra, Naruto gains finer chakra control.
  • Calmer Disposition – Naruto becomes more level-headed and calm without Kurama’s influence.
  • No Risk of Losing Control – Naruto no longer risks losing control to Kurama’s negative influence and energy.

Additionally, Naruto will likely continue honing his skills and may develop new techniques that combine his original abilities in innovative ways. But as of now, he does not exhibit any new major powers after Kurama’s removal.

How does Naruto defeat powerful enemies without Kurama?

Here are some ways Naruto can continue defeating powerful enemies even without direct access to Kurama’s power:

  • Strategic Use of Shadow Clones – Naruto can overwhelm enemies through sheer numbers and coordinated attacks.
  • Nature Transformation – Wind Style Rasenshuriken and other elemental jutsu give Naruto offensive power.
  • Senjutsu – Sage Mode enhances all his abilities and gives him sensory abilities.
  • Summoning Jutsu – Summons like Gamabunta provide battlefield support.
  • Tactical Skill – Naruto has keen battle instincts and can outmaneuver opponents.
  • Powerful Allies – As Hokage, Naruto has strong allies like Sasuke he can rely on.

While lacking Kurama’s overwhelming power, Naruto can defeat enemies through creative use of his diverse skillset and resources.

Can Naruto still become Hokage without Kurama’s power?

Yes, Naruto can still achieve his dream of becoming Hokage even without Kurama’s power. Here’s why:

  • Strong Ninja Skills – Naruto still boasts abilities like Shadow Clone Jutsu, Rasengan, and Sage Mode.
  • Hero Status – Naruto is revered worldwide as a hero for his role in the War, regardless of Kurama.
  • Leadership – Naruto has rallied support through his charisma, empathy, and determination.
  • Powerful Allies – Naruto has formed bonds with strong allies who can support him as Hokage.
  • Advisor Role – Naruto served as an advisor to Kakashi, proving his tactical/leadership skills.
  • Peace Initiatives – Naruto spearheaded peace talks between villages, befitting of a Kage.

While the tailed beasts were viewed as assets for a Kage, Naruto has proved himself capable of handling the responsibilities through his own efforts. His attributes make him a worthy candidate for Hokage with or without Kurama.


In summary, Naruto loses access to all powers directly granted by being Kurama’s jinchuriki after the tailed beast’s extraction. This includes enhanced chakra reserves, chakra mode cloaks, Tailed Beast Bombs, and accelerated healing. However, Naruto still retains his personal skills like Shadow Clone Jutsu, Rasengan, Sage Mode, and summoning. He also gains benefits like better chakra control and freedom from Kurama’s negative influence. While lacking the full power of a jinchuriki, Naruto can still defeat enemies through creative use of ninjutsu, senjutsu, and tactics. Most importantly, Naruto remains fully capable of achieving his dream of becoming Hokage, even without Kurama’s mighty powers.