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What are some rap slang words?

Rap slang words are words that have become popular among rap and hip-hop music. Many of these terms are derived from African-American English and are widely used throughout the genre. Here are some popular rap slang words:

• Serve – To really reach a level of greatness

• Shade – To talk smack about someone

• Mac – A gun

• Dimes – A perfect 10

• Hood – Neighborhood

• Crew – Gang of friends

• Spitting Bars – Rapping

• Hit ’em – To punch someone

• Jux – To steal from someone

• Boo – Girlfriend

• Ride – To cruise in the car

• Slap – a good song

• Stack – A lot of money

• Swagger – Style

• Whips – Cars

• Bangers – Good songs

• Shook – To be scared

What are 5 examples of slang?

1. Catch-22: A situation in which the only solution is a paradoxical situation.

2. AF: Short for “as f*ck”. Used to emphasize the degree of an adjective.

3. Chilling: To be hanging out, relaxing and having a good time.

4. Throw shade: To criticize someone indirectly in a sly or humorous way.

5. Coifed: To style or groom someone’s hair in a fashionable way.

What is slang give two examples?

Slang is informal language that is used among friends and peers. It is often used to express intense emotion in a witty or careless way. Examples of slang include: Throwing shade, which means to express yourself in a condescending way, and Beat it, meaning to leave or get out of there.

Slang words can be used to create new meanings or to add emphasis to existing words or phrases. Slang can also refer to synonyms and other words used to describe cultural phenomena. In short, slang is the informal use of language that is often used among friends or peers to add emphasis, express emotion, or create new meanings.

What is a bottom b * * * *?

Bottom breathing (or BB) is a type of breathing technique made popular by yogis and martial artists. The goal of bottom breathing is to become aware of the lower abdomen and breath in and out slowly in a controlled manner.

The technique is accomplished by inhaling slowly and deeply and filling the lower belly with air. As the lower belly extends, the air should be released slowly, making sure to empty your lower belly and ribs completely before each new breath.

Bottom breathing is said to calm and relax the body, and can be used to help focus the mind. Such as laying flat on the back, pressing the legs and feet together, and pressing the palms to the floor.

Additionally, bottom breathing has been used to reduce anxiety, strengthen the respiratory system, and ultimately help a person achieve a meditative state.

What does it mean to YEET?

YEET is an exclamation of excitement, approval, surprise, or all-around energy, often as issued when doing a dance move or throwing something. It is similar to the phrase “Wee!” but with an extra burst of enthusiasm.

It can also mean “to throw” and is associated with the phrase, “Let’s Yeet!” It originated in the early 2000s as a dance move and was popularized in Vine and other social media platforms. The exact meaning and origins of the term are unknown, but it is often used to express excitement, approval, or surprise.

What word is most used in rap?

The most commonly used word in rap music is “yeah.” It is used to emphasize certain words or phrases and add a rhythmic element to the song. It is also used to affirm a point or phrase and show enthusiasm.

Additionally, it can be used to extend a thought or phrase. It is used so often in rap music that it can be considered a signature element of the genre.

What is the commonly used word in rap?

One of the most commonly used words in rap is ‘flow’. Flow is a term used to refer to the rhythm and flow of rap lyrics, which often has a lot to do with the speed and rhythm of the rapper’s delivery.

Generally, good rap music will have a consistent flow and pacing, with lyrics that match up with the underlying beat. Flow is obviously a qualitative term, as what flows for one artist may not necessarily flow for another.

Other commonly used words in rap include ‘bars’ and ‘wordplay’, which refer to the content of the rap, such as clever wordplay or cleverly-constructed verses. Common slang words that are frequently used in rap music include ‘dope’, ‘flex’ and ‘lit’.

What words do rappers use?

There is a very wide variety of words and phrases used by rappers in the genre, ranging from slang and pop culture references to more abstract and sophisticated vocabulary. Some of the most common words and phrases used by rappers include references to rap and hip hop culture, financial wealth, drugs and alcohol, sex, and violence.

Examples of words and phrases that are frequently used by rappers include “flow,” “turn up,” “grind,” “flex,” “CRU,” “radio banger,” “ride out,” “hustle,” “burn it down,” “who want it,” and “cut it up.”

Additionally, many rappers make references to popular culture such as movies, television shows, celebrities, and sports teams. Rappers also employ various metaphors, similes, and other forms of figurative language.

Furthermore, many will reference drugs, money, jewelry, and cars. All these rich and varied words and expressions make rap one of the most interesting and complex music forms around.

What rappers use most unique words?

A number of rappers stand out for their use of unique words in their lyrics. Kendrick Lamar is often cited as one of the most lyrically creative artists of his generation. He has a gift for creating vivid images and complex narratives with unexpected word combinations.

Others include J. Cole, Logic, Aesop Rock, and MF DOOM, whose raps often delve into deeper philosophical topics through creative word pairings. Eminem is also recognized for his clever use of language to craft vivid stories, making his turns of phrase memorable to listeners.

Additionally, Young Thug is known for punctuating his free-flowing style with tongue-twisting lyrics as well as slang words and phrases. Including Lil Wayne, Schoolboy Q, Chance the Rapper, and Rae Sremmurd.

Is rap spoken word?

Yes, rap is a form of spoken word. It is a musical genre that combines the rhythmic and lyrical elements of speech with musical elements such as beat and melody. The rap style of music originates from African American culture and is marked by MCs (Master of Ceremony) rapping to a beat or instrumental track.

The rap lyrics consist of many different topics such as social issues, politics, and personal experiences. Many people view rap as a lyrical form of storytelling, as the artist raps their stories, ideas and emotions to the beat.

Rap is both a form of self-expression and a way of connecting to other people. Phrases like “spitting bars” or “flow” are often used to describe the process of rapping.

How do you speak fast in rap?

Speaking fast in rap is a difficult skill to learn and it takes a lot of practice to become proficient. To get started, try tapping or clapping out a rhythm and then begin to recite simple nursery rhymes like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” or “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

As you become more comfortable, gradually increase your speed and try mixing up different types of rhymes like using internal rhymes and changing the number of syllables per line.

You can also get creative when it comes to improving the speed of your rap flow. Try adding different types of intervals between your raps like pauses, switching up the rhythm, or even changing the rhythm altogether.

Additionally, practice tongue twisters and other drills meant to increase your speed. Finally, avoid focusing on the end of the bar when rapping and try to stay in the moment. This will help you stay in rhythm and increase your speed as you learn to keep up with the beat.