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What are the 7 powers of one for all?

One For All is a powerful Quirk in the world of My Hero Academia that has been passed down through generations. Initially wielded by All Might, it was later inherited by Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, who has since grown in strength and acquired various additional powers. In this blog post, we will explore the seven powers of One For All that Deku possesses and delve into their origins, functions, and significance in his hero journey.

One For All

Origin and nature of One For All

One For All is a unique Quirk that combines the accumulated power of previous users. It was originally created by a Quirkless individual in order to pass on his abilities to others. As each successor inherits the Quirk, their strength and potential increase exponentially. Over time, the Quirk has grown stronger, granting immense power to those who possess it.

Power amplification and transfer

One of the key aspects of One For All is its ability to amplify the strength of its users. Each subsequent user inherits not only the Quirk but also the combined power of all the past users. This leads to a tremendous increase in physical abilities, such as strength, speed, and durability. Additionally, One For All can be passed down through physical contact, ensuring that the power continues to be passed on to future generations.

Powers acquired by Deku


Description and function

One of the powers that Deku has acquired through One For All is Transmission. This ability allows him to communicate with the previous users of the Quirk and gain insight and advice from their experiences. It serves as a means of guidance for Deku, helping him navigate the challenges he faces as a hero.

Origins and significance

Transmission represents the collective knowledge and wisdom of the previous One For All users. By tapping into this power, Deku gains valuable insights into combat techniques, hero strategies, and moral guidance. It not only enhances his physical abilities but also enriches his understanding of what it means to be a hero.

Fa Jin

Explanation of Fa Jin power

Fa Jin is another powerful Quirk that Deku has inherited. It involves releasing explosive bursts of energy upon impact, giving him an edge in close combat situations. This ability allows him to deliver devastating attacks and overwhelm his opponents.

Use and application in combat

In combat, Fa Jin enables Deku to unleash powerful strikes, augmenting his punches and kicks with explosive force. By channeling and releasing energy at the precise moment of impact, he can maximize the damage inflicted on his enemies. This power adds a whole new level of offensive capabilities to Deku’s arsenal.

Danger Sense

Overview of Danger Sense Quirk

Danger Sense is a Quirk that enhances Deku’s reflexes and perception. It provides him with heightened awareness of imminent danger, allowing him to react swiftly and effectively. This power plays a crucial role in keeping him safe in high-risk situations.

Enhanced reflexes and perception

With Danger Sense, Deku can anticipate and dodge attacks with remarkable agility. His reflexes are sharpened to an extraordinary degree, enabling him to react in the blink of an eye. This power grants him a significant advantage in combat, as he can quickly evade threats and counter-attack with precision.


Introduction of Blackwhip ability

Blackwhip is a Quirk that grants Deku the power to create and manipulate tendrils of dark energy. These tendrils can be used to bind and restrain enemies, giving him greater control over the battlefield. This power expands Deku’s tactical options and provides him with a means of immobilizing opponents.

Binding and restraining capabilities

With Blackwhip, Deku can manipulate the tendrils to ensnare adversaries, limiting their movement and effectively neutralizing their threats. The tendrils can also be used as whips, extending Deku’s reach and enabling him to attack from a distance. This versatility makes Blackwhip a valuable addition to Deku’s arsenal.


Description of Smokescreen Quirk

Smokescreen is a Quirk that allows Deku to generate clouds of smoke, obscuring his movements and providing tactical advantages in combat. This power grants him the element of surprise and enables him to confuse and disorient opponents.

Concealment and tactical advantages

By creating a dense smokescreen, Deku can obscure his position, making it difficult for enemies to track his movements. This allows him to launch surprise attacks or create opportunities for escape. The smokescreen also serves as a distraction, diverting the attention of adversaries and providing him with strategic advantages.


Float as a new addition to Deku’s powers

Float is the most recent power that Deku has acquired, giving him the ability to levitate and move in mid-air. This power enhances his mobility and opens up new possibilities for aerial combat and rescue missions.

Aerial mobility and tactical utility

With Float, Deku can navigate the battlefield with greater ease and evade obstacles. This power allows him to reach elevated areas or rescue individuals who are in danger of falling. It also provides him with the advantage of aerial attacks, expanding his range of combat tactics.

Evolution and growth of Deku’s powers

Development and mastery of each Quirk

As Deku progresses in his hero journey, he strives to develop and master each of the Quirks he has inherited. Through rigorous training and real-life encounters, he hones his skills and becomes more proficient in utilizing the unique powers at his disposal.

Challenges faced and lessons learned

Along his journey, Deku faces various challenges that push his limits and test his resolve. These obstacles serve as opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Deku’s struggles and the lessons he learns from them contribute to his evolution as a hero.

Integration of multiple Quirks in combat

As Deku acquires more powers, he learns to integrate them seamlessly into his fighting style. By utilizing the strengths of each Quirk strategically, he becomes a formidable force in battle. The synergy between his various abilities gives him an edge over his adversaries.

Impact of the seven powers on Deku’s hero journey

Enhancements to Deku’s physical and combat abilities

Each of the seven powers of One For All contributes to the enhancement of Deku’s physical and combat abilities. The amplified strength, heightened reflexes, and additional combat techniques enable him to face increasingly formidable foes with confidence.

Strategic advantages in different scenarios

The seven powers provide Deku with a range of tactical advantages in various scenarios. Whether it’s the stealth and confusion offered by Smokescreen, the aerial mobility provided by Float, or the binding capabilities of Blackwhip, each power equips Deku with tools to tackle different challenges effectively.

Implications for Deku’s role as the next Symbol of Peace

As Deku continues to grow in power and mastery, the implications for his role as the next Symbol of Peace become more apparent. With the combined strength and wisdom of the previous One For All users, he holds the potential to become a beacon of hope and inspiration for society.


In conclusion, the seven powers of One For All that Deku has acquired are integral to his growth and development as a hero. From the guidance of Transmission to the explosive force of Fa Jin, each power adds a unique dimension to his abilities. As he continues to master and integrate these powers into his fighting style, Deku’s journey as the next Symbol of Peace promises to be an exciting and transformative one. With the potential for further developments and new powers yet to be discovered, the future holds even greater possibilities for the legendary Quirk of One For All.


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