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What are the settings on Instant Pot Lux?

The Instant Pot Lux is one of the most popular models in the Instant Pot lineup. As a 6-in-1 multi-cooker, the Lux offers a variety of cooking functions that are controlled through different settings. In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at the various settings on the Instant Pot Lux and what they are used for.

Pressure Cooking Settings

The pressure cooking function is what makes the Instant Pot so convenient and fast. The Lux has several pressure cook settings to choose from:

Manual/Pressure Cook

This is the basic pressure cooking setting that allows you to set a custom cook time. You can set the time anywhere from 0 to 4 hours (240 minutes). It will bring the contents up to high pressure and cook for the set time, then allow for a natural pressure release when finished.


The soup/broth setting cooks at high pressure for a shorter time of 20 minutes. This is ideal for making soups and broths to preserve more texture and flavor.


Meat/stew cooks at high pressure for a longer 35 minutes. Use this setting for tough cuts of meat or chunky stews that need more time to become tender.


The bean/chili program cooks at high pressure for 30 minutes. It is tailored for beans and chili recipes that require a longer cooking time.


The poultry setting cooks for 15 minutes at high pressure. Use it for bone-in chicken pieces, whole chickens, and turkey breasts.


This setting cooks white rice at high pressure for 12 minutes, followed by a 10 minute natural pressure release. It delivers perfect fluffy rice every time.


Multigrain cooks at high pressure for 40 minutes, allowing grains like barley, farro, and brown rice to become perfectly tender.


The porridge program cooks for 20 minutes at high pressure. Use it for oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat, and other porridge.


The steam function cooks for 10 minutes at high pressure. It’s great for quickly steaming vegetables, seafood, eggs, and more.

Slow Cook

While not technically a pressure cooking setting, the Lux does offer a basic slow cook function. You can set it for 0.5-20 hours, just like a standalone slow cooker.

Non-Pressure Cooking Settings

In addition to pressure cooking, the Instant Pot Lux can be used as a multi-cooker with these functions:


The sauté function lets you brown and sauté ingredients right in the pot. There are 3 temperature options:

  • Normal: for regular sautéing
  • Less: for simmering or thickening sauces
  • More: for searing meats

You can sauté for up to 30 minutes before the cooker automatically switches to standby mode.


You can make homemade yogurt in the Lux! Simply add milk and a yogurt starter culture and let it ferment. The yogurt setting maintains an ideal 115°F temperature for perfect results.

Keep Warm

After cooking is finished, keep warm will hold your food at a safe serving temperature for up to 10 hours.

Instant Pot Lux Program Settings

In addition to setting the cook time manually, the Lux comes with several preset programs for one-touch cooking:

Program Pressure Default Time
Soup/Broth High 20 mins
Meat/Stew High 35 mins
Bean/Chili High 30 mins
Poultry High 15 mins
Rice High 12 mins
Multigrain High 40 mins
Porridge High 20 mins
Steam High 10 mins
Slow Cook N/A 4 hours
Keep Warm N/A 10 hours
Yogurt N/A 8 hours

These program times can be adjusted as desired, but they provide a handy starting point for many common dishes.

Pressure Release Methods

After pressure cooking, the Lux provides two options for releasing pressure:

Natural Release (NR)

This allows the pressure to come down naturally over time. It’s recommended for large pieces of meat and delicate foods. NR can take 15-20 minutes typically.

Quick Release (QR)

Quick release rapidly vents the steam to drop the pressure instantly. This is faster but can cause a mess on liquid-heavy foods. QR is great for quick-cooking vegetables.

Special Features

The Lux has a few extra features and settings worth mentioning:

Delay Start

You can use delay start to postpone the cooking up to 24 hours. Perfect for setting up meals in advance.

Altitude Adjust

The altitude adjust lets you set the cooker for your specific elevation to ensure accurate pressure cooking.

Steam Release

The steam release function lets you manually vent the pressure as needed by turning the pressure valve.


The sterilize program steams at high pressure for 3 minutes to sanitize cooking utensils and jars for canning.


The Instant Pot Lux comes with a few handy accessories:

  • Stainless steel steam rack – for elevating food above cooking liquid
  • Rice paddle – specialized spatula for rice cooking
  • Soup spoon – ladle for serving soups and stews
  • Measuring cup
  • Condensation collector

The 6 quart Lux also includes a cooking pot made from durable stainless steel (18/8).

User Interface

The control panel on the Instant Pot Lux is very straightforward. It includes:

  • Function buttons – to select cooking program
  • +/- buttons – adjust cook time
  • Temperature buttons – for adjusting sauté temp
  • Pressure indicator – shows when pressure cooking is in progress
  • Display screen – shows cooking program and cook time
  • Start/Stop button – starts or cancels cooking program
  • Delay Start button
  • Keep Warm on/off button

The simple interface makes the Lux very easy to operate even for beginners.


The Instant Pot Lux may not have all the advanced settings of more expensive models, but it still offers plenty of versatility with 6 commonly used functions. The pressure cooking options provide fast cooking times, while the sauté, slow cook, and yogurt functions open up even more possibilities. Features like the delay start add convenience, and the straightforward interface lets you start cooking with ease. With the variety of presets and manual options, the Instant Pot Lux provides everything the average home cook needs for preparing delicious meals with the press of a button.