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What are the three things a bride needs?

Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect and magical. As she plans for her big day, there are three essential things she needs to make it everything she has dreamed of.

The Dress

The most important thing a bride needs is her wedding dress. This is the centerpiece of her entire look and sets the tone for the wedding. She will wear it as she walks down the aisle and for the reception, so finding the perfect gown is crucial.

When dress shopping, a bride should find a style that flatters her body type. Popular silhouettes like A-line, ball gown, mermaid, and sheath each have a different effect. The fabric is also key – lace, chiffon, satin, and tulle each have a different look and feel. Embellishments like beading and sequins can add glamour.

Beyond the style, a bride will want a dress that fits the formality and location of the wedding. A sleek crepe gown works for a city chic wedding, while a full tulle ball gown is perfect for a formal church ceremony. The season matters too – sleeveless for summer, long sleeves in winter.

It’s important to allot adequate time for alterations after finding the dress. Proper fitting is essential. With the perfect gown tailored to her figure, every bride feels beautiful and confident on her wedding day.

Key Tips for Finding the Perfect Dress

  • Start dress shopping early, 6-12 months before the wedding
  • Have an open mind when trying on different silhouettes
  • Bring supportive friends/family who will give honest feedback
  • Stick to your budget but don’t be afraid to go a bit over for the right dress
  • Take photos from all angles in each dress you try on
  • Trust your gut feeling – you’ll know when it’s the one!

Wedding Shoes

The second essential thing a bride needs is the perfect pair of wedding shoes. While they’ll be hidden under her gown, they complete her bridal ensemble.

For many brides, the shoe search starts with deciding between heels vs. flats. Heels add height and elegance but can be uncomfortable for a long wedding day. Flats are practical but don’t always match the traditional bridal look. Kitten heels or wedges are a good compromise.

Style-wise, the most popular options are peep-toe, classic pumps, and sandals. Decorative touches like crystals, lace, bows or satin ribbons add a special bridal flair. Shoes should complement the wedding gown – a simple dress calls for statement shoes while an ornate gown pairs best with simple footwear.

Don’t forget about comfort. Shoes should be broken in ahead of time to avoid blisters. Some additional tips include:

  • Wear shoes around the house to break them in
  • Bring blister pads or band-aids just in case
  • Consider cute flats or slippers for the reception
  • Check the weather and venue terrain – grass or rain may call for wedges or boots.

With wedding shoes that are stylish, comfortable and perfectly match the dress, the bride can dance the night away and have an amazing day.

Top Shoe Trends for Brides

Trend Description
Sparkles Rhinestones, crystals, glitter, and metallics add glam and glitz
Blue shoes Blue heels and flats for “something blue”
Ballet flats Comfortable yet elegant satin flats
Sneakers Bridesmaid-only trend for comfort and fun
Jewel embellishments Pearls, gems for an opulent look

The Veil

The final essential a bride needs is a veil to complete her bridal look. Though not mandatory, most brides choose to wear a veil.

Veil length is the first big decision. Short veils only cover the face or back of the head. Longer veils can extend down the back in different lengths. Fingertip, waist-length and cathedral veils that trail along the floor are popular. Consider your dress, venue and preferences.

The veil fabric affects the appearance. Choices like silk tulle, lace appliques and embroidered details are available. More ornate dresses pair best with simpler veils to avoid clashing.

Brides have options for how to wear their veil. Having it only cover the face then pulled back after walking down the aisle draws focus. Wearing it flipped back from the start lets your hairstyle show.

Salon consultants can help select the best veil. Make sure to consider:

  • Face shape and complexion – some veils are more flattering
  • Hairstyle – needs to accommodate how veil attaches
  • Dress neckline – high necklaces look better with fuller veils
  • Venue lighting – thicker or more opaque veils work outdoors

The veil is the finishing touch that makes a bride feel like a princess on her big day. With so many gorgeous styles, you’re sure to find the perfect one to complete your bridal vision.

Veil Tips

Tip Explanation
Match veil to dress neckline Higher necklines pair well with longer veils
Test veil with hairstyle Ensure veil lays and stays in place
Check venue lighting Opaque veils work for outdoor light
Accessorize creatively Add crystals, pearls, embroidery for detail
Flip during reception Change up your look from ceremony to reception


Every bride deserves to feel confident, beautiful and happy on her wedding day. With the perfect dress, shoes and veil, she is sure to have the fairy tale experience she has always imagined. These three style elements are at the heart of crafting a bridal look that reflects the bride’s personal taste and vision. With some thoughtful selection and expert guidance, finding that dream ensemble is an exciting part of the wedding planning journey!