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What did Beerus wish for?

Beerus, the God of Destruction in the “Dragon Ball Super” universe, wished for Universe 7 to be saved from oblivion. This was after Beerus learned of the existence of Zen-Oh, the supreme ruler of all universes, who had decided to erase the entire universe to play a game of hide-and-seek with his fellow gods of destruction.

Beerus, knowing the destruction of Universe 7 would also mean his own demise, made a plea to be spared by making a wish on the Super Dragon Balls. With the help of his ally, Whis, Beerus successfully convinced Zen-Oh to spare the universe.

As a reward for this mercy, Beerus was granted one wish of his own. As part of his wish, Beerus asked All Universes to be saved from destruction, thus preserving the entire multiverse, including Universe 7.

What did Beerus ask the Super Shenron for?

Beerus asked Super Shenron for the wish of resurrecting all the erased universes from the tournament of power. Before the tournament of power took place, Beerus had a vision of a future where all the universes in the tournament got erased – and sure enough, that was exactly what happened.

With this wish, Beerus hoped to be able to restore the universes that were erased and undo the damage that had been done. It was a powerful wish, as it was granted by Super Shenron, one of the most powerful dragons in the universe.

Beerus also had to bargain with the Grand Priest in order to secure this wish, which highlights just how powerful Beerus must have thought this wish was.

Does Super Shenron fear Beerus?

No, Super Shenron does not fear Beerus, as Super Shenron is an all-powerful dragon who is capable of granting any wish to whoever summons him. He is completely unaffected by Beerus’ power or influence, so he has no reason to fear him.

Super Shenron’s power vastly surpasses Beerus’ and any other mortal. For example, inDragon Ball Super, Super Shenron was able to grant Zeno’s wish of wiping out the entire universe and everyone in it, something that Beerus is completely powerless to do.

Beerus has acknowledged Super Shenron’s power and would never think of challenging him.

What is universe 0?

Universe 0 is the simplest and most basic version of the universe used by a game engine. It is a set of rules and functions that define how the engine will respond to player input, create objects, and determine the game’s overall behavior.

Universe 0 also includes all of the built-in objects and textures used by the game engine, including 3D models, sprites, maps, background images, and sound files. Each of these objects and textures has parameters associated with them that can be manipulated to create different visual, audio, and gameplay experiences.

This is why many developers will often use Universe 0 for testing and development, as it allows for a wide variety of customizations and experimentation.

What did Universe 7 wish for after the Tournament of Power?

At the end of the Tournament of Power, Universe 7 made two wishes with the Super Dragon Balls. The first wish was made by Vegeta, who wished to revive all of the fighters who had been erased by the tournament.

The Super Dragon Balls fulfilled this wish and all of the erased fighters were revived, including those from other universes such as Frieza, 17 and 18, Android 16, and Majin Buu.

The second wish was made by Android 17, who wished for all of the erased universes to be restored. All universes that were erased were immediately restored, with all of the fighters being returned to their original states and locations.

These two wishes ensured that all of the universes which had been erased by the Tournament of Power were restored and the fighters who had been taken from these universes were able to return home safely.

This marked the end of the Tournament of Power and brought peace to the entire multiverse.

What does Goku wish for with the 7 Dragon Balls?

Goku has used the 7 Dragon Balls multiple times throughout the Dragon Ball series. His wishes have varied from wish to wish. In the original series, Goku wished for Bora, a greatfriend of his late grandfather Gohan, to be brought back to life.

In Dragon Ball GT, Goku used the dragon balls to wish for the Earth to be restored after it had been destroyed. In the more recent Super series, Goku’s wishes have varied from wishing for the damaged dragon Shenron to be restored, to wishing for the erasure of all evil in the multiverse in order to stop the menacing Infinite Zamasu.

Some of Goku’s wishes have even been intertwined with his personal goals such as when he wished for his defeated friends to be brought back to life during the Tournament of Power. No matter the wish, Goku has always used the powerful 7 Dragon Balls to either help or benefit someone else or to protect the universe – making him a true hero.

Why is Universe 7 the second weakest?

Universe 7 is the second weakest out of the twelve universes in the Dragon Ball Super series because it was born out of the Big Bang of Universe 6, the weakest of the twelve universes. Despite the fact that Universe 7 is one of two universes to contain Kaioshin, and is home to a number of powerful warriors such as Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo, its overall strength is still significantly lower than that of the other universes due to the presence of many low-level fighters.

Furthermore, Universe 7 was unable to beat its twin Universe 6 in the tournament of power, showing that its strength is lower than its twin. For these reasons, Universe 7 is considered to be the second weakest out of the twelve universes.

Who is Super Shenron afraid of?

Super Shenron is a powerful dragon deity in the Dragon Ball franchise, so it stands to reason that he would not be afraid of anything. However, this depends on the version of the character. In some adaptations, Super Shenron has been portrayed to be intimidated by certainGodly figures or objects.

For example, in Dragon Ball Super, Super Shenron is intimidated by the imagery of Grand Minister Zeno, the Omni-King of the multiverse. Additionally, Super Shenron seemed to be fearful of the Orb of Binding (also known as the “Dragon Balls of the Gods”) in the video game Dragon Ball Heroes.

According to Dragon Ball Super comics, it is believed that Super Shenron is also afraid of Godly weapons such as the Divinity Scepter and the Godly Host of the Dragon Ball Stars.

What is Beerus secret about Monaka?

Beerus’ secret regarding Monaka is that Monaka is actually is a weak and cowardly character who is too afraid to fight. In order to motivate Goku and Vegeta to reach their fullest potential as they faced off against Frieza, Beerus made up a story that Monaka was a powerful warrior who was even stronger than him.

In truth, Monaka would often tremble with fear at the thought of being asked to fight someone, making it necessary for Beerus to keep the truth about Monaka a secret.

What was Beerus premonition?

Beerus’ premonition is first mentioned in the Movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. He is a God of Destruction from Universe 7 and is said to have had a mysterious premonition. His premonition is that a powerful Legendary Super Saiyan will appear, who is powerful enough to potentially challenge him as the Lord of Destruction.

This premonition is later proven to be correct with the arrival of Broly, who is able to complete the transformation into a Legendary Super Saiyan and go toe-to-toe with Gods of Destruction from other universes.

Beerus’ understanding of this premonition is what drives him to ensure that the power of the Super Saiyan God form is kept secret and unknown, so as to not inevitably tip off Broly and create an even more dangerous situation.

What language did Whis speak when he summoned Super Shenron?

When Whis summoned Super Shenron in the Dragon Ball Super anime, he used the divine language of the gods. This language has also been referred to as “the language of the gods,” and its use is limited to those entities that have large amounts of cosmic energy.

In addition to summoning Super Shenron, this language has also been used by Whis to teleport people, teleport objects and increase the power of other entities. It is unknown who invented this language, but it has been used by different deities throughout universe since ancient times.

Who did Beerus say was the strongest?

Beerus, the God of Destruction in the Dragon Ball Z anime series, has said that the two strongest entities in the universe are himself and the Omni-King. The Omni-King is said to reign over the entirety of the universe, so his strength would naturally surpass that of Beerus.

Beerus himself has stated that he could potentially defeat the Omni-King, but it would be a difficult task. Aside from these two, no other being or entity has ever been named as being stronger than Beerus in the series.

Is there 18 universes?

At this point, there is no definitive answer to whether there are 18 universes or not. The concept of “universes” is essentially an umbrella term which encompasses a wide range of scientific phenomena and theories, such as the multiverse, the holographic principle, string theory, and the big bang theory, among others.

These theories each have a specific meaning, and there are various interpretations of how many “universes” these theories may contain. For example, some interpretations of string theory assert that there could be up to 10500 universes, while the multiverse theory suggests that there are an infinite number of universes.

Additionally, the big bang theory has been used to suggest there could be many universes forming from the same event in the very early stages of the universe’s development. Therefore, the answer to whether there are “18 universes” ultimately depends on the interpretation of the theories and phenomena in question.

Did Android 17 wish all the universes back?

No, Android 17 did not wish all the universes back. After he was thanked by all 12 Supreme Kais for his selfless sacrifice, he wished for his own universe to be restored. This wish was granted by the Dragon Balls of Universe 7, resulting in the revival of everyone who was erased from existence, including Android 17’s family.

Android 17 then used the Dragon Balls to restore his family from his own universe and granted them eternal life. However, he did not use the Dragon Balls to restore any of the other eleven universes that had been wiped out, likely considering it too much of a risk given his limited knowledge of the dragon balls and their capabilities.

Why did 17 make that wish?

17 had recently gone through some difficult losses and hardships, and was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged with his life. He was tired of feeling like he had no control over his circumstances, and he wanted to make a change in his life.

He believed that if he had one wish, it could provide him with the power and courage to make the changes he desires. He believed that making the wish could give him the determination and strength to be able to take action and make a difference in his own life, both within himself and in the world.

He wanted to make a wish that would help him to become the person he wanted to be. He wanted to believe that his efforts and determination could make a difference.