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What do guys like being called the most?

Guys can be called many different nicknames and terms of endearment by their romantic partners. However, some nicknames and terms resonate more with men than others. The most common nicknames men enjoy being called highlight their masculinity, strength, and role as a protector and provider. Favorites also include playful and affectionate names that are unique to the relationship.

Names That Highlight Strength and Masculinity

Many men enjoy being called names that emphasize their masculine traits, like strength, bravery, and protectiveness. These names reinforce the male gender role as the strong protector and provider. Some examples include:


This nickname casts a man as the heroic protector who is strong, brave, and able to save the day. It likens him to the iconic superhero Superman, appealing to his noble and chivalrous side.


Calling a guy “stud” implies he’s virile, sexually attractive, and has prowess. This boosts his ego by making him feel manly and desired.


In Greek mythology, Hercules is the pinnacle of strength, bravery, and masculinity. Calling a man this nickname compares him to this legendary hero in a flattering way.

Knight in Shining Armor

This romantic term casts a man as the gallant knight who saves the day and protects his loved one from harm, appealing to his honorable side.


“Hunk” implies a rugged handsomeness and muscular strength. It’s flattering for men who take pride in their physicality and fitness.

Affectionate Pet Names

Many men appreciate pet names that convey familiarity, intimacy, and affection. Cute and playful names unique to the relationship make him feel adored. Some examples include:


This classic pet name has stood the test of time because it makes him feel cared for. It’s intimate without being too mushy.


This simple endearment meaningfully conveys love and devotion. It’s not overly mushy so most guys feel comfortable with it.


Calling someone “dear” shows caring and affection. It’s a classy endearment many men find charming.


For the right guy, “sweetheart” conveys sentimentality without being too saccharine. It’s a nice blend of affection and masculinity.


No guy tires of being called handsome. It’s a simple ego boost reminding him you find him attractive.

Playful Nicknames

Many men enjoy playful nicknames referencing inside jokes and his cute quirks. These names make the relationship feel more lively and fun. Some examples include:

Pet names based on animals

Calling him “teddy bear,” “panda,” or “monkey” injects playfulness. Link it to his personality – like “monkey” for a mischievous guy.

Food nicknames

Favorites like “stud muffin” and “honey buns” are silly but cute. Get creative linking food to an inside joke.

Fun twists on his real name

Like “J-Dawg” for James, or adding “y” or “ers” to his name. He’ll appreciate the creativity.


If he’s into boating or leadership, playfully calling him “captain” can make him smile.


For example, calling an outgoing guy “Mr. Social Butterfly” or a brainy guy “Professor.” Have fun with it!

Complimentary Names

What man doesn’t love having his ego stroked? Complimentary nicknames are always a hit, like:

Hot Stuff

Letting him know you find him wildly attractive is a surefire win. Variations like “sexy” and “gorgeous” work too.


Implying he’s a fantastic, charming lover is very flattering. Just don’t overuse it to avoid inflating his ego too much.


If he’s intellectual or talented, he’ll appreciate you recognizing his brilliant mind.


For a take-charge guy, “chief” or “boss” reinforces his natural leadership abilities.


If he’s athletic or competitive, calling him “champ” compares him to a winning sports star.

Romantic Pet Names

Some guys appreciate a little cheese, especially from their special someone. Romantic favorites include:

My love

This timeless endearment conveys love in a simple, heartfelt way he’ll appreciate.


With old-fashioned charm, “darling” makes him feel adored.

Sweetie pie

While a bit mushy, many guys find this saccharine pet name endearing.

My everything

Telling him he’s “everything” to you is a sentimental way to say how much he means.

My world

Similarly, saying he’s your “world” helps him feel profoundly cherished.

Names with Positive Messages

Affirming nicknames remind him of his best qualities, like:

My rock

This name says he’s strong and steady when you need support.

My anchor

It has a similar meaning – he anchors you and keeps you grounded.

My inspiration

If he motivates you to pursue your dreams, calling him your “inspiration” will resonate.

My hero

It affirms all the times he’s come through for you and makes him feel accomplished.

My wise owl

For the reflective guy who gives thoughtful advice, this name works nicely.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While most nicknames are appreciated, there are some mistakes to avoid:

Overly mushy names

Too much mushiness can make some guys feel smothered. Avoid anything too sugary-sweet.

Feminine names

Don’t call him princess, cupcake, butterfly or other female nicknames – unless he specifically asks.

Inside jokes that have expired

Don’t beat an inside joke to death after it’s no longer funny to him. Know when to retire a nickname.

Punny names

Clever puns get old fast. Use them sparingly to avoid irritating him.

Names he has expressed he doesn’t like

If he’s told you he hates a nickname, don’t keep trying to make it work. Respect his preferences.


At the end of the day, the best nicknames make a man feel loved, respected, and appreciated for who he is. Pay attention to what unique names give him that special glimmer in his eye. With so many great options, you can’t go wrong emphasizing his masculinity, wit, protective instincts, or other standout qualities. Just stay attuned to what delights him versus what makes him cringe. With the right nickname, he’ll feel like a million bucks.