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What do strawberry apples taste like?

Strawberry apples are a new and unique fruit that have recently been developed. As the name suggests, they are designed to taste like a cross between a strawberry and an apple. But what exactly does this intriguing hybrid fruit taste like? In this article, we’ll explore the flavor profile of strawberry apples and describe what you can expect when biting into one of these novelty fruits for the first time.

Appearance and Texture

At first glance, strawberry apples look similar to regular red apples. They have the same general round shape and smooth, shiny skin. Upon closer inspection, you may notice a slightly more pinkish/reddish hue to the skin, hinting at the strawberry-like flavor inside.

When you cut into a strawberry apple, the flesh is crisp and dense like a normal apple. However, instead of being bright white or cream-colored, strawberry apple flesh has a light pinkish tone running through it. This is your first clue that the flavor is going to be different!

The texture of strawberry apple flesh is versatile. Some varieties are crisper and crunchy like a Honeycrisp, while others are softer and more well-balanced like a Gala or Fuji. But in all cases, the flesh retains a distinctly apple-like firmness and juiciness.

Sweet, Tart and Tangy Flavors

Now onto the exciting part – the flavor! Take a bite of a fresh strawberry apple and prepare your taste buds for a flavor experience like no other.

The first sensation is sweetness. Strawberry apples maintain the characteristic sweet flavors of regular apples, often ranging from lightly sweet to richly sugary depending on the variety. The sweetness forms the base flavor.

Next, you’ll notice tart and tangy fruit flavors coming through. These are reminiscent of strawberries, raspberries, and other red fruits. The levels of tartness can vary, but there is usually enough to provide a fruity zing to balance out the sweetness.

Finally, in some varieties, you may detect very subtle floral notes, similar to the unique fragrance of strawberries. This adds extra depth and complexity to the flavor.

Mild Strawberry Aroma

In addition to the taste, the aroma of strawberry apples contributes to the overall sensory experience. When you sniff the skin, you can pick up a light strawberry-like scent. However, it is often more subdued than the overt strawberry aroma you would find in an actual strawberry.

The aromatic compounds in strawberry apples are not powerful enough to make the fruit smell just like fresh strawberries. But there is enough of a fruity, floral fragrance to align with the tasting notes.

How Do They Compare to Real Strawberries and Apples?

Strawberry apples offer a flavor journey that begins sweet like an apple, transitions to tangy and tart like a strawberry, and finishes with subtle floral berry nuances. But how does the experience compare to eating a regular strawberry or apple?

In terms of sweetness, strawberry apples are more like apples. The natural sugars in apples are generally higher compared to strawberries, which have a balanced sweet-tart flavor. You would need to eat a very ripe, exceptionally sweet strawberry to match the intensity of sugary flavors in a strawberry apple.

When it comes to tanginess and tartness, strawberry apples deliver more of the brisk, acidic flavors you expect from strawberries. However, the tartness is not quite as assertive as biting into a freshly picked, ripe strawberry. Think of the tangy flavors being dialed back to strawberry apple level.

Finally, while strawberry apples do contain traces of floral, fruity aromas, they lack the full-on strawberry fragrance of the real thing. You get hints of berry perfume, but not that undeniable strawberry scent.

Ideal Uses for Strawberry Apples

So now that you know what strawberry apples taste like, how and when should you use them? Here are some ideal ways to enjoy these novelty fruits:

– Fresh out-of-hand eating – The balanced flavors and textures make strawberry apples an excellent on-the-go snack you can eat straight out of your hand.

– Fruit salads – Diced strawberry apples add visual appeal and a contrasting flavor to fruit salads with other berries, melons, pineapple, etc.

– Baked goods – Use chopped strawberry apples in muffins, cakes, tarts, pies and more as you would regular apples. They infuse baked goods with subtle fruitiness.

– Sauces – Cooked down into a sauce or jam, strawberry apple flavor concentrates into a thicker, sweeter spread.

– Juicing – Strawberry apples can be juiced alone or with other fruits and veggies to create a tangy-sweet beverage.

– Smoothies – Blend strawberry apples into smoothies in place of strawberries for thicker texture and extra sweetness.

Where to Buy Strawberry Apples

Since they are still quite new, strawberry apples can be challenging to find. Here are some of the best places to look for these intriguing fruits:

– Specialty grocery stores – Some high-end grocers and health food stores carry novelty produce like strawberry apples. Check the produce aisle.

– Farmers markets – Smaller independent farms may grow and sell strawberry apples at local farmers markets. Ask vendors what unique varieties they offer.

– Pick-your-own orchards – For ultimate farm-to-table freshness, visit pick-your-own apple orchards and ask if they have any strawberry apple trees.

– Online – Several online specialty fruit delivery services sell strawberry apples and ship nationwide. Try searching “where to buy strawberry apples online.”

The Bottom Line on Strawberry Apples

Strawberry apples provide a one-of-a-kind eating experience that blends the most desirable qualities of apples and strawberries. Their taste delivers pockets of sweetness, tartness, and bright berry flavors for intriguing appeal. While they don’t perfectly replicate the tastes of either apples or strawberries, strawberry apples offer up their own unique blend of flavors and textures. So if you get the chance to sink your teeth into one of these novelty fruits, be prepared for a flavor journey unlike anything else.