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What do the hidden luigis do?

For years, fans of the Super Mario video game franchise have speculated about the existence of hidden Luigis tucked away in the games’ coding and assets. While Nintendo has never officially confirmed the existence of these hidden Luigis, there are some tantalizing clues that suggest they may be out there, waiting to be discovered by intrepid gamers. In this article, we’ll explore what Luigi fans believe these hidden Luigis are, what they could be used for, and why Nintendo may have chosen to include them in the games.

The evidence for hidden Luigis

Luigi fans point to a few key pieces of evidence that hidden Luigis exist in the Super Mario games:

  • References to unused Luigi character models and animations in the games’ code and files
  • Strange, out-of-place Luigi sightings reported by players
  • Comments from developers suggesting unused Luigi content

For example, in Super Mario 64, analysis of the game’s files shows reference to a Luigi character model and animations that went unused in the final game. Players have also reported seeing the Mario’s lanky brother appear briefly in Peach’s castle before disappearing. While no one has been able to consistently replicate this sighting, it suggests his presence in the game’s code.

Theories on what the hidden Luigis do

Fans have plenty of theories about the purpose of the hidden Luigis, including:

They’re Easter eggs

One of the most popular theories is that the hidden Luigis are simply fun Easter eggs included by developers for dedicated players to find. By hiding Luigi in the game’s code and allowing him to rarely appear, the developers are including a fun surprise separate from the main game for inquisitive gamers.

They were planned as unlockable content

Some believe the hidden Luigis may be relics from planned game content that ended up getting cut before release. The developers may have originally intended to include Luigi as a playable character or have him featured more prominently in the games, but later decided against it. The evidence of his existence could be leftovers from those scrapped plans.

They hint at hidden Luigi modes

Other fans suspect that the hidden Luigis may hint at entire hidden modes centered on the green-clad plumber that can be unlocked under the right conditions. These could include special Luigi-centric missions, playpable Luigi modes, or even secret Luigi-themed levels. Unlocking these modes likely involves completing obscure or difficult challenges.

They’re used for debugging

From a technical perspective, some think the hidden Luigis serve special debugging functions for the developers. By having a Luigi character model loaded into the game’s memory, developers may have been able to swiftly test and debug certain features during the game’s creation using Luigi instead of Mario.

The hunt for the hidden Luigis

Eager Super Mario fans have been hunting down the hidden Luigis for decades through game file analysis, code viewing, and hidden glitch exploitation. Here are some of the methods Luigi hunters have attempted:

Examining game files

By digging into the data archives and code of Super Mario games, players can find references to hidden Luigi files. Luigi discoveries have been made in this way in Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and other titles. This provides definitive proof of his existence.

Trying sighting glitches

Fans attempt to replicate rumored Luigi appearances using obscure, difficult-to-pull-off glitches and tricks. For example, in Super Mario 64, the community has documented a long list of steps supposedly needed to make Luigi pop up in the castle courtyard. Trying toTrigger these glitches intentionally is a major part of the hunt.

Data mining

Similar to examining game files directly, fans also mine game data using hacking tools and emulators. This allows them to pull data like character models, textures, and animations from the games. Data mining Super Mario 64 revealed 3D renders of Luigi that went unused.

Reverse engineering

By reverse engineering Mario games, players dive into the actual game code. Tinkering with the code allows them to force the games to load hidden Luigi assets or trigger unused events related to the character. Reverse engineering efforts have yielded hidden discoveries.

The impact and legacy of hidden Luigis

The ongoing myths and discoveries around hidden Luigis have had a substantial impact on the Mario and Nintendo communities over the years:

They’ve inspired urban legends

The hidden Luigis have become the stuff of legend among gamers, inspiring fantastic rumors, creepypastas, and conspiracy theories. These range from haunted Luigi mansions to murdered Luigi ghosts seeking revenge. Thepersistence of these urban legends speaks to thecommunity’s fascination.

They’ve challenged devoted gamers

Finding the hidden Luigis has become an ultimate challenge for diehard Mario fans, pushing them to their modding and debugging limits. The search has led to new tool developments, technical breakthroughs, and collaboration between devoted enthusiasts.

They’ve kept interest alive

Even decades later, the enduring mysteries surrounding the hidden Luigis have kept interest in classic Mario titles alive. YouTubers continue making “Finding Luigi” videos, while forums debate new supposed evidence. The secrets have given old games new life.

They may point to lost content

Most intriguingly, the hidden Luigis suggest that planned and created Luigi-based content has gone undiscovered in various Mario games. Their presence raises tantalizing questions about cut concepts and modes that may still lurk unseen.


The hidden Luigis reflect the passion of the Mario community that has grown around Nintendo’s iconic franchise. While their true purpose remains shrouded in mystery, these elusive pixelated characters represent the tireless curiosity that video game secrets can instill. Until Nintendo finally addresses the myths themselves, the devoted hunt for gaming’s most aloof secret brother will certainly continue. Perhaps one day, a dedicated Luigi hunter will unlock his secrets once and for all.