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What does a heart shaped strawberry mean?

A heart shaped strawberry is a fun and romantic novelty that can signify love, passion, and affection. While unusual, these naturally occurring heart shapes have deep symbolic meaning when given as a gift. Discovering a heart shaped berry can also seem like a delightful coincidence when it happens unexpectedly.

What causes heart shaped strawberries?

Heart shaped strawberries are caused by natural growing conditions that cause two strawberries to fuse together into one. This happens when two blossoms grow very close together, eventually merging into a single strawberry with a distinctive heart indentation. The heart shape is purely a quirk of nature and not something that can be purposefully cultivated.

Certain strawberry varietals, such as the Seascape variety, are more prone to developing the heart shape. However, it is a random occurrence that can happen in any batch of strawberries. Some growers may market “heart-shaped” strawberries around Valentine’s Day, but this labeling does not guarantee each berry will have a perfect heart indentation.

Meaning and Symbolism

The heart shape is universally recognized as a symbol of romantic love and affection. So a heart shaped strawberry takes on special meaning when given as a gift. Offering someone a heart shaped strawberry shows love and caring in a small but powerful way.

Here are some of the key symbolic meanings of a heart shaped strawberry:


Giving a heart shaped strawberry is a classic romantic gesture. Like giving chocolate or flowers, it shows you care for someone in a heartfelt way. The meaning can range from innocent friendship to deep passion.

Luck and Good Fortune

Finding a heart strawberry by chance can be viewed as a sign of good luck or fortune smiling upon you. It’s a playful signal from the universe about love and positive energy coming your way.


Two strawberries fused together symbolize unity and togetherness. Giving someone a heart berry shows your lives are intertwined and you make a perfect pair.


The strawberry’s bright red color symbolizes vitality, energy, and life. A heart shaped berry celebrates the vibrant passion two people share.

When to Give a Heart Shaped Strawberry

A heart shaped strawberry makes a thoughtful gift for many occasions:

Valentine’s Day

Of course, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give your sweetheart a gift of chocolate-dipped heart strawberries. It’s a fun twist on traditional Valentine’s treats.


Mark a special anniversary by serving up champagne and heart-shaped berries. The meaning can range from profound love on a 50th anniversary to sweet romance on a new relationship’s first milestone.

“Thinking of You”

Surprise a loved one by sending a pint of ripe berries arranged to showcase a single heart shape. It’s a great way to show you’re thinking of someone when you’re apart.

“Just Because”

You don’t need a special occasion to send a heartfelt gift. Giving someone a strawberry heart just because you love them will surely make their day.

How to Find and Choose Heart Strawberries

It takes some hunting to track down perfect heart-shaped berries. Here are tips for finding and selecting the best heart strawberries:

Check Specialty Growers

Your best bet is to contact small, specialty strawberry growers to ask if they have any heart varieties available. These farms are more likely to hold onto the unusual shapes when found by chance.

Visit Pick-Your-Own Berries Farms

Searching for heart shapes yourself is a fun date activity. Check local pick-your-own berry farms during peak strawberry season for your best finds.

Grow Your Own

If you’re an avid gardener, plant a strawberry patch and keep an eye out each season for randomly occurring heart berries.

Focus on Varietals Prone to Heart Shapes

Opt for strawberry types like Seascape that tend to produce more heart or conjoined berries. Just know there are no guarantees.

Inspect Each Berry

Carefully comb through flats of berries when buying to find a heart. Check all sides and under the stem.

Prioritize Symmetry

A symmetrical heart shape is most desirable. Pass on lopsided or uneven hearts.

Pick Plump, Red Berries

Select the roundest, fullest heart strawberries with vivid red color. Avoid shriveled or overripe specimens.

Skip Greens

Heart shapes with attached green caps aren’t very visually appealing. Gently remove any greens so the berry stands out.

Take Condition Into Account

Hearts with bruises, mold or leaky texture don’t make good gifts. Inspect each one and compost damaged berries.

How to Serve and Display Heart Strawberries

Heart shaped strawberries look loveliest when artfully displayed. Here are ideas for an eye-catching presentation:

On a Platter

Arrange several hearts on a platter or cake stand to accentuate each unique shape. Scatter some flower petals for a more romantic look.

Dipped in Chocolate

For decadence, dip each tip in milk or dark chocolate. Chill until set on a parchment paper-lined tray.

Layered in a Gift Box

Line up heart berries nestled between tissue paper in a gift box. Add a personalized note card for a thoughtful gift.

Glazed with Sugar

Coat heart strawberries in edible glitter or sanding sugar for extra sparkle. The berry’s indentations will hold the glaze.

On Individual Dessert Plates

For a romantic meal, place one perfect heart on each diner’s dessert plate. Pair with chocolate or raspberry sauce.

In a Champagne Flute

Balance a single berry on the rim of a champagne glass for fun whimsy. Toast your sweetheart with bubbly.

On Cake or Cupcakes

Use heart berries as tasty edible cake toppers. Slice larger hearts and layer halves on frosted cupcakes.

On Fruit and Cheese Skewers

Thread heart strawberries, grapes, melons and cubed cheese onto appetizer skewers for a fruit salad twist.

Infused in a Beverage

Muddle a heart berry in a glass to release its juice, then add sparkling water or prosecco for a lightly sweet sipper.

Related Questions

Here are answers to some additional frequently asked questions about heart shaped strawberries:

Are heart strawberries real?

Yes, heart shaped strawberries are 100% natural and unaltered. The charming indentations are caused by two blossoms that fuse together as the fruit develops.

What causes conjoined strawberries?

Heart strawberries occur when two blossoms are positioned very close together at the stem. As the fruit forms, the pair merges into one larger, conjoined strawberry.

Are double strawberries rare?

Though they occur by natural chance, heart strawberries are quite rare. On average, only about 1 in every 200 wild strawberries will develop a noticeable heart shape.

Are heart shaped berries genetically modified?

No, genetic modification does not cause strawberries to grow into heart shapes. The heart indent simply happens randomly due to growing conditions.

Can you grow heart shaped strawberries?

There is no way to intentionally cultivate heart strawberries. The natural heart shape cannot be replicated artificially. But certain varieties, like Seascape, do produce more than others.

Where do they grow strawberry hearts?

Heart strawberries can grow anywhere normal strawberries thrive. Some small farms in California intentionally market the heart-shaped novelty berries around Valentine’s Day.

Is there a heart strawberry season?

Hearts can form on strawberries any time during normal strawberry season, which runs from spring to early summer in most climates. Berry farms will be most likely to notice and hold onto the heart shapes through Valentine’s.

How do farmers make heart strawberries?

Farmers don’t actually “make” the hearts – they occur naturally based on chance growing factors. But some farms may reserve and highlight any heart-shaped berries they find by chance in a crop.

Are strawberry hearts healthy?

Yes, heart shaped strawberries are just as nutritious as normal strawberries. The quirky shape does not affect the nutritional value or antioxidant content.

Nutrition Facts

Heart shaped strawberries have all the same nutritional qualities as regularly shaped berries from the same plant. Here are the typical nutrients found in one cup of raw strawberry hearts (about 8 berries):

Nutrient Value
Calories 49
Total Carbohydrates 12 g
Dietary Fiber 3 g
Total Sugars 7 g
Protein 1 g
Vitamin C 98.4 mg
Manganese 0.4 mg

Heart strawberries provide vitamin C, manganese, fiber, antioxidants, and beneficial plant compounds like anthocyanins. They make a nutritious and refreshing snack or dessert.


Discovering or receiving a naturally heart shaped strawberry is a playful delight that carries a deeply loving meaning. The symbolic heart berry makes a perfect gift for romance, anniversaries, or just because. Keep an eye out for these rare beauties at pick-your-own farms and specialty markets so you can enjoy their lovely shape and meaning for yourself. With proper care in handling and display, heart strawberries can be a charming edible decoration that provides a healthy dose of nutritional benefits as well.