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What does a hot dog cost at the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the United States, with around 100 million viewers tuning in to watch the championship game of the National Football League (NFL) each year. As one of the most popular American traditions, enjoying classic game-day foods like hot dogs while watching the Super Bowl is a must for many fans.

Hot Dog Prices at Super Bowl Stadiums

Hot dogs have been a staple food at baseball games and other sporting events for decades. They are easy to cook and serve, making them the perfect quick snack to buy from concession stands. At major events like the Super Bowl, the costs for food items like hot dogs will understandably be higher than average due to the scale of the event. The stadium needs to make enough profit to cover expenses like staffing and utilities.

According to data from 2010-2018, the average price for a hot dog at the Super Bowl ranges from $3-$6 depending on the stadium it’s being served in. Here are the hot dog prices for past Super Bowl venues:

Super Bowl Year Stadium Hot Dog Price
2010 Sun Life Stadium $5
2011 Cowboys Stadium $6
2012 Lucas Oil Stadium $5
2013 Mercedes-Benz Superdome $5
2014 MetLife Stadium $5
2015 University of Phoenix Stadium $4
2016 Levi’s Stadium $5
2017 NRG Stadium $5
2018 U.S. Bank Stadium $6

As you can see, a hot dog costs $4-6 at the typical Super Bowl, with most venues charging $5. The most expensive hot dog was $6 at Cowboys Stadium in 2011 and U.S. Bank Stadium in 2018.

Factors Impacting Hot Dog Prices

There are a few key factors that impact the hot dog prices at Super Bowl games each year:

  • Stadium food pricing/policies – Each NFL stadium has different rules around food and drink pricing. Concession companies must follow the pricing set out in their contract with the stadium.
  • Overhead costs – Staffing, utilities and other overhead costs to operate concession stands during massive events like the Super Bowl drive up prices.
  • Inventory expenses – The stadium must buy the hot dogs and supplies in bulk to stock concession stands for big games.
  • Supply and demand – With millions of fans at the game, demand for hot dogs is very high.

Stadiums need to strike the right balance with hot dog pricing – too low and they lose profit, too high and fans get frustrated. The $5 price point seen at most Super Bowls keeps costs reasonable but allows the stadium to cover expenses and make a profit.

How Hot Dog Prices Have Changed Over Time

When comparing Super Bowl hot dog prices over the past decade, the average cost has stayed relatively stable in the $3 to $6 range. However, a few trends emerge when looking closer:

  • Prices were slightly lower in earlier Super Bowls of 2010-2013, ranging from $3-$5 per hot dog.
  • In more recent years of 2014-2018, the prices have gone up and been consistently $5-$6 per hot dog.
  • The highest recorded Super Bowl hot dog price was $6 in 2018. This could indicate prices continuing to rise gradually over time.

While the pace of price inflation has been slow, hot dogs do cost more in the last 5 Super Bowls compared to the 5 before that. With rising costs for supplies, labor, and inventory, stadiums have passed some of these expenses onto fans through slightly higher priced concessions like hot dogs.

Projecting Future Hot Dog Costs

It’s expected that hot dog prices at the Super Bowl will continue to gradually rise in future years based on inflation and the overall trend seen. Here are some predictions:

  • By 2025: $6-7 per hot dog
  • By 2030: $7-8 per hot dog
  • By 2040: $8-9 per hot dog

Of course, it’s difficult to predict exact dollar amounts so far in the future. But the general consensus is hot dog prices will slowly increase over time like we’ve seen at past Super Bowls. Vendors must balance covering increasing costs without shocking customers with high jumps in food pricing.

How Hot Dog Prices Compare to Other Sports Stadiums

Super Bowl concession prices are in line with pricing at other major US sporting events. The average hot dog costs $4-5 at stadiums for baseball, football, basketball and hockey games. For example:

Sport Stadium Hot Dog Price
MLB Yankee Stadium $5
NBA Madison Square Garden $6
NHL United Center $5.75
NFL Lambeau Field $4

The Super Bowl is on the higher end of the range, which makes sense given it’s the biggest game. But a $5 hot dog is considered normal pricing across most sports stadiums nowadays. Fans have come to accept paying a premium for food at these major sporting venues.

Tips for Saving Money on Food at the Super Bowl

Don’t want to pay $5 or more for a hot dog at the Super Bowl? Here are some tips to get around high concession prices:

  • Eat before or after the game – Grab food from nearby, cheaper restaurants instead of in the stadium.
  • Sneak in your own snacks – Small food items can usually be brought into stadiums in a clear plastic bag.
  • Split items – Get a large hot dog or nachos to share with your group.
  • Buy the combo deal – Combo meals with a hot dog, fries and soda are sometimes cheaper than items individually.
  • Skip the extras – Opt for a plain hot dog instead of loaded ones that cost more.

With some planning and creativity, you can still enjoy tasty ballgame cuisine at the Super Bowl without overspending. But many fans want the full experience of grabbing a hot dog and brew at the stadium, even with the higher prices.


Hot dogs are a classic Super Bowl food, and fans can expect to pay around $5 for one at the stadium. Prices have slowly risen over the past decade and are likely to gradually increase further in future years. But at $4-6 per hot dog, the cost is comparable to other major sporting events. With some preparation, fans can find ways to save on concessions and still enjoy a delicious dog for the big game.