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What does fixer do in Delta Squad?

In the popular video game series Gears of War, Delta Squad is an elite COG army unit that fights against the Locust horde. Fixer is one of the key members of Delta Squad and serves a vital tactical support role. As a combat engineer, Fixer utilizes his technical expertise to assist the squad in a variety of ways.

Fixer’s Background

Fixer’s real name is Jace Stratton and he was born in the town of Gale on the planet Sera. He joined the COG army at age 18 and showed an aptitude for engineering and mechanics. Fixer quickly rose through the ranks and eventually earned a spot in Delta Squad under the leadership of Marcus Fenix.

As a combat engineer, Fixer is an expert at building, maintaining and repairing technology, vehicles, weapons and equipment. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of mechanical systems and can jury rig solutions on the fly using limited resources. Fixer also handles tasks like disarming bombs, bypassing security systems and hacking enemy tech. His skills made him an invaluable addition to Delta Squad.

Support Abilities in Combat

During combat operations against the Locust, Fixer utilizes his expertise to provide vital tactical support in various ways:

  • Fixes and maintains weapons – Fixer makes sure all guns, chainsaws and explosives are in working order.
  • Operates heavy weapons – He can skillfully use heavy ordinance like the Troika or Mulcher to suppress enemies.
  • Disarms traps and explosives – Fixer can disable tripwires, proximity bombs and timed charges planted by Locust forces.
  • Hacks and repairs technology – He can override security systems, unlock doors and repair communication networks and vehicles.
  • Provides technical analysis – Fixer examines Locust weapons and tech to provide intel to the COG army.
  • Throws smoke grenades – He can generate concealment with smoke screens to cover the squad’s advance or retreat.

In the heat of battle, Fixer keeps a cool head and pragmatically analyzes the tactical situation to best support the team. He can quickly improvise solutions to keep the squad moving forward against all odds.

Engineering Skills

Fixer’s engineering expertise enables Delta Squad to overcome dangerous scenarios:

  • Fixing a broken bridge – Using salvaged beams and debris, Fixer can repair bridges to cross obstacles.
  • Sealing Emergence Holes – He knows how to trigger a collapse to seal E-Holes and stop Locust reinforcement.
  • Clearing minefields – Fixer can carefully disarm landmines planted in the squad’s path.
  • Tuning COG vehicles – He optimizes engines, repairs damage and installs armor upgrades to improve vehicles.
  • Jury-rigging machines – Fixer is creative at improvising machinery like lifts and pulleys to aid progression.
  • Maintaining base defenses – He builds automated turrets, spotlights and other countermeasures to secure COG bases.

Fixer also shares his technical knowledge with other Gears to pass on useful mechanical skills. His repair work keeps weapons and vehicles functioning far beyond expectations.

Tactical Combat Support

During active combat operations, Fixer provides vital tactical support:

  • Suppresses enemies with heavy fire – He uses high damage machine guns to pin down Locust troops.
  • Flanks enemies – Fixer maneuvers to attack the enemy side or rear to divide their fire.
  • Throws grenades – He uses grenades to flush out enemies from behind cover.
  • Maintains steady fire – Fixer keeps up an accurate barrage to give teammates the chance to advance.
  • Takes out priority targets – He picks out enemies like gunners and leaders with quick precision.
  • Defends rear guard – Fixer watches the squad’s six o’clock to prevent surprise attacks from the rear.

Fixer is a very calculating and pragmatic fighter. He remains cool under pressure, relying on logic and discipline. He is not as aggressive or bold as other Gears, but this measured approach is vital to balancing out Delta Squad.

Specialized Equipment

As an engineer, Fixer utilizes specialized equipment to improve his support capabilities:

  • Repair tool – This toolkit allows Fixer to quickly fix weapons, vehicles and e-holes during missions.
  • Portable turret – Fixer can set up an automated turret to defend fixed positions.
  • Spotter – A deployable camera for reconnaissance and surveillance.
  • Ammo bags – Allow Fixer to resupply his team’s ammunition in the field.
  • Grenade bandolier – Carries additional grenades of various types.
  • Sensor grenades – Can be used to scan enemy locations and numbers.

Fixer also wears heavy body armor and a helmet with built-in communications gear. He carries a Lancer assault rifle and Snub pistol sidearm as personal weapons.

Personality and Traits

Fixer has a very pragmatic, logical personality fitting his engineering background. Here are some of his key traits:

  • Methodical – Carefully thinks through problems step-by-step.
  • Disciplined – Sticks to established protocols and procedures.
  • Analytical – Likes to take things apart to see how they work.
  • Observant – Maintains sharp situational awareness during missions.
  • Reserved – Quiet and does not openly express emotions.
  • Reliable – Can always be counted on to get the job done.
  • Calm – Keeps cool and collected even in hectic firefights.
  • Cynical – Takes a grim, no-nonsense view of the war against the Locust.

Fixer shares a mutual respect with Marcus Fenix, even if they have contrasting outlooks. Fixer remains focused on the tactical objectives of each mission.

Role in Delta Squad

As the combat engineer of Delta Squad, Fixer takes on a flexible support role:

  • Keeps weapons in working order so guns don’t jam at crucial moments.
  • Provides heavy weapons fire as needed to pin down or eliminate enemies.
  • Disables traps, secures areas and repairs structures to enable the squad’s advance.
  • Hacks into enemy systems to gather intel to aid mission goals.
  • Spots weaknesses in enemy forces or positions to exploit.
  • Strengthens defensive positions to hold territory gains.
  • Collects and analyzes data on Locust weapons and tech.

While Marcus Fenix leads the squad, Fixer is the technical backbone that holds Delta together. His expertise combined with Marcus’ bold leadership enables the Gears to achieve victory against overwhelming odds. Fixer’s specialized skills complement the other members of Delta Squad perfectly.


In summary, Fixer takes on the vital tactical support role as combat engineer within Delta Squad. His technical knowledge is invaluable for maintaining equipment, bypassing obstacles, gathering intelligence, securing areas and supporting the team. Fixer provides pragmatic reasoning and methodical skill that perfectly balances out the personality types within Delta Squad. Together, they are an unstoppable force against the Locust threat.