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What does Gordon Ramsay season a salmon with?

Gordon Ramsay is one of the world’s most renowned chefs known for his perfectionism and exceptionally high standards when it comes to food preparation and cooking. With a number of Michelin stars under his belt, Ramsay has established himself as an authority on creating delicious, beautifully plated dishes using quality ingredients and techniques.

One of Ramsay’s specialties is perfectly cooked salmon seasoned and flavored to really make the fresh fish sing. Salmon can be prepared in numerous ways, but Ramsay has some go-to methods for coaxing the best possible flavor and texture out of salmon fillets or steaks.

Gordon Ramsay’s Preferred Salmon Seasonings

So what does Gordon Ramsay recommend using to season salmon? Here are some of his favorite salmon seasonings:

  • Sea salt – Coarse sea salt is a simple way to season salmon and enhance its natural flavor. Ramsay recommends good quality sea salt flakes to lightly season the fish right before cooking.
  • Freshly ground black pepper – Freshly cracked black pepper adds a touch of heat and spice to complement the salmon. Coarse grinds are best for forming a flavorful crust on the fish.
  • Lemon – A squeeze of fresh lemon juice brightens up salmon and cuts through its rich, fatty texture. Lemon also amplifies the flavor of the fish. Ramsay squeezes lemon over cooked salmon fillets or wedges for service.
  • Dill – Fresh dill herb is a fantastic pairing with salmon. Chopped dill applied before or after cooking provides a fresh, aromatic flavor. Dill’s distinctive taste stands up well to salmon’s intensity.
  • Parsley – Like dill, chopped fresh parsley adds vibrant herbal notes. Italian parsley’s peppery flavor balances beautifully with cooked salmon.
  • Chives – Thinly sliced chives lend salmon a subtle onion flavor and pop of green. Chives add a tasty finishing touch to plated salmon.
  • Mustard – Whole grain Dijon or spicy mustard coats salmon with tangy flavor and helps form a crust when pan seared. Ramsay brushes salmon fillets with mustard before cooking.
  • Soy sauce – A small amount of soy sauce gives salmon an umami kick. When mixed with mustard or brown sugar, the soy caramelizes into a tasty glaze.
  • Olive oil – Good quality extra virgin olive oil helps salmon develop a beautifully brown exterior when pan fried. Drizzled over cooked salmon, olive oil provides richness.
  • Garlic – Minced or freshly grated garlic infuses salmon with its pungent essence. Ramsay often incorporates garlic into marinades or sauces for salmon.
  • Shallot – Shallots have a refined, aromatic onion flavor that complements salmon without overpowering it. They can be thinly sliced raw over salmon or caramelized into accompaniments.

Gordon Ramsay’s Go-To Salmon Dishes

How does Gordon Ramsay actually put those seasonings to use? Here are some signature Gordon Ramsay salmon dishes that highlight his skill with cooking fish:

Pan Seared Salmon

This is one of Ramsay’s most frequented salmon cooking methods. He pan sears salmon fillets in a hot skillet skin side down until crispy, then flips and cooks until just done. The salmon is removed from the pan and topped with a flavorful sauce or a simple squeeze of lemon.

Miso Glazed Salmon

This recipe involves coating salmon fillets with a sweet and salty blend of miso paste, mirin, sake and sugar. The salmon is pan fried until lacquered and caramelized by the sticky miso glaze.

Soy and Ginger Marinated Salmon

Salmon is marinated in a blend of soy sauce, lime, ginger and other aromatics for several hours, allowing the flavors to penetrate the fish. The salmon is then grilled or broiled until lightly charred and cooked through.

Salmon en Papillote

In this dish, seasoned salmon fillets are sealed in individual parchment paper pouches along with lemon slices, herbs and other ingredients. The salmon steam cooks in the pouches, resulting in tender, moist fish infused with the encased flavors.

Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon

Salmon fillets are placed atop charred cedar wood planks that have been soaked in water. As the plank roasts in the oven, it imparts a delicate smoky aroma to the salmon. The fish is cooked gently by the indirect heat.

Poached Salmon

For poached salmon, Ramsay gently simmers salmon fillets in aromatic poaching liquid like a court bouillon until just cooked through. Poached salmon often gets served with hollandaise or a mustard dill sauce.

Seared Salmon with Lentils and Bacon

Pan seared salmon serves as the star player in this hearty dish, paired with earthy lentils, crunchy bacon, and a whiskey cream sauce for a deeply flavorful result.

Spicy Blackened Salmon

Cajun-style blackened salmon sees the fish coated in a spice blend containing paprika, garlic powder, dried oregano, cayenne pepper and more for a spicy crust when seared. The salmon finishes cooking in the oven.

How to Cook Salmon Like Gordon Ramsay

Want to cook salmon at home with Gordon Ramsay-level skill? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Buy sushi-grade salmon when possible for the best taste, texture and food safety.
  • Pat salmon fillets dry thoroughly before seasoning or searing to help achieve a nice crust.
  • Brush pan-seared salmon skin with oil to get it super crispy and flaky.
  • Season salmon just before cooking so spices and herbs are at their freshest and most aromatic.
  • Flip salmon fillets gently during cooking to prevent breakage.
  • Cook salmon until just opaque throughout – it will continue cooking off the heat.
  • Let cooked salmon rest for 5-10 minutes before serving to allow juices to redistribute.
  • Pair salmon with acidic ingredients like lemon, capers, shallots or fresh herbs.


Gordon Ramsay is a master at cooking salmon to absolute perfection. He relies on simple yet effective seasoning like sea salt, pepper, fresh herbs and lemon to accentuate salmon’s natural flavor rather than mask it. His salmon dishes apply classic techniques like pan searing, poaching, roasting and more for ideal textures. Using Ramsay’s salmon seasoning philosophies and cooking methods, home cooks can achieve professional-level results.

The key to incredible salmon a la Ramsay is buying high-quality fresh fish and enhancing but not overpowering its flavor. Let the salmon take the starring role by using supportive seasonings and appropriate cooking methods. With his perfectly cooked, elegantly plated salmon dishes, it’s clear why Gordon Ramsay is one of the most acclaimed chefs when it comes to seafood cuisine.

Gordon Ramsay has shared dozens of his salmon recipes and cooking techniques in his cookbooks and television shows. Home cooks can recreate many of his popular salmon dishes by referring to recipes for pan-seared salmon with shallot butter, broiled miso-glazed salmon, poached salmon in aromatic broth, salmon Wellington, fish and chips with salmon, and much more. With practice in the kitchen, you’ll be able to impress dinner guests with Gordon Ramsay-worthy salmon entrées.

When seasoning and cooking salmon keep Gordon Ramsay’s wisdom in mind: Respect the natural flavor of quality salmon and it will reward you in return. A minimalist approach allows the salmon to be the star and take center stage on the plate. A delicate balance of seasoning keeps the fish tasting fresh and clean rather than muddled with too many competing flavors. Master basic high-heat cooking techniques to achieve tender, flaky, moist salmon encased in a caramelized crust.

At the end of the day, Gordon Ramsay’s salmon is sublime because of the care and skill involved at every step. Following his lead, salmon lovers can create amazing dishes that look and taste like they came from a Michelin star restaurant.

Some key points to summarize:

  • Gordon Ramsay relies on simple seasonings like sea salt, lemon, herbs, olive oil, garlic, shallots etc. to enhance but not overwhelm salmon flavor.
  • He uses classic cooking methods like pan searing, poaching, roasting, broiling etc. to achieve perfect doneness and texture.
  • Ramsay’s signature salmon dishes highlight combinations of crust, sauce, herbs that complement the salmon beautifully.
  • With high quality salmon and care taken at every step, home cooks can recreate Gordon Ramsay’s salmon excellence in their own kitchens.

In the hands of a master like Gordon Ramsay, even the simplest salmon preparation becomes extraordinary cuisine through perfect technique and understanding of how to make the ingredients shine. By learning from Ramsay’s salmon cooking philosophy, home cooks can take their salmon dishes to the next level.