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What does Nick Fury whisper to Thor?

In the post-credits scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Nick Fury whispers something mysterious to Thor before the Asgardian leaves Earth to investigate the Infinity Stones. Fans have long speculated about what exactly Fury said in this scene, as it was not audible in the film. In this article, we will examine the evidence and theories around Fury’s whisper to Thor in an attempt to solve this MCU mystery.

The Post-Credits Scene

In the post-credits scene, Thor informs the Avengers he must leave Earth to learn more about the mysterious visions he has been having about the Infinity Stones. The Avengers then gather outside as Thor says his goodbyes and prepares to depart. As Thor turns to leave, Nick Fury suddenly whispers something brief but inaudible into his ear. Thor then nods knowingly before flying off into space, hammer in hand.

The scene leaves fans wondering – what urgent message did Fury have for Thor just as he was leaving Earth? While it is never explicitly revealed in the MCU what Fury said, clever fans have analyzed the evidence to posit some theories.

Theories on Fury’s Whisper

Theory 1: Information About the Infinity Stones

One popular theory is that Fury whispered vital information to Thor about the nature or location of the Infinity Stones. As former director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fury always seemed to know more than he let on about cosmic threats. He may have learned something crucial about Thanos’ pursuit of the stones and wanted to quickly share this intel with Thor before he left Earth. This would explain Thor’s knowing nod – Fury gave him key information to aid his mission.

Theory 2: A Message About Thanos

Related to the first theory, perhaps Fury warned Thor about the threat of Thanos. Fury has proven to be a paranoid planner who is always thinking ahead. With Thor off to investigate the all-powerful Infinity Stones, Fury may have wanted to warn him that a dangerous warlord like Thanos could also be seeking the stones for his own purposes. This would give Thor a head’s up about a potential enemy to watch out for.

Theory 3: Advice About Heimdall

Another possibility is that Fury gave Thor some kind of advice about Heimdall, the all-seeing Asgardian sentry. Given Heimdall’s powers, Fury may have told Thor to be wary of Heimdall spying on him and perhaps not fully trusting his motives. This would explain Thor’s nod as if to say “thanks for the tip.” Or perhaps Fury advised asking Heimdall to keep an eye on Earth while Thor was away, knowing Heimdall’s sight could be useful.

Theory 4: A Cryptic Clue

It is also conceivable Fury whispered some sort of cryptic clue or riddle for Thor to interpret on his journey. As a spy, Fury knows how to speak in code and keep secrets. His message may have been vague or symbolic, giving Thor something to ponder as he traveled the cosmos. Decoding Nick Fury’s cipher could lead Thor to some revelation.

Theory 5: Words of Encouragement

Finally, maybe Fury simply offered some words of motivation or support as Thor embarked on this important quest. Something like “Good luck” or “Trust your instincts” or even just “Godspeed.” As a leader, Fury knows morale is important on any mission. His uplifting whisper may have given Thor that final push before leaving his Avenger allies behind.

Clues from the Comics

Looking to the comics provides a few additional clues about Fury’s whisper. In Jonathan Hickman’s run on Avengers, Fury confides in members of the Illuminati (including Tony Stark and Black Bolt) about the coming of the Incursions – cataclysmic events threatening to collide alternate Earths. If Fury is already aware of impending cosmic disasters, he may have given Thor early warning to be on guard for anything that could jeopardize their universe.

In the comics, Fury also learns about the Beyonders – immensely powerful extradimensional beings – and their eventual destruction of the Marvel multiverse in the 2015 Secret Wars storyline. It’s possible in the MCU he knew about similar extradimensional threats causally connected to the Infinity Stones that he wanted to warn Thor about.

While the comics give some ideas, the MCU doesn’t always follow the comics exactly. Still, they indicate the kind of foreknowledge Fury may have possessed.

Clues from the MCU

Looking elsewhere in the MCU also provides some clues about Fury’s tendencies and what he might have said. A few hints:

  • Fury likes to play things close to the chest – he may have given Thor some crucial but highly secret information.
  • As shown in Captain Marvel, Fury has long known about alien threats and artifacts (like the Tesseract) that could relate to the Infinity Stones.
  • Fury assembles the Avengers Initiative to prepare for cosmic-level dangers he foresees.
  • Fury backs Project Insight in Captain America: The Winter Soldier to combat existential threats.

Based on all this, Fury seems to often know more than he lets on about looming disasters. It would make sense for him to give Thor similar insider knowledge.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Thoughts

For his part, actor Samuel L. Jackson has given cryptic hints about what he thinks Fury may have whispered to Thor. In media interviews, Jackson suggested:

  • “Beware of worms”
  • “I’ll be seeing you”
  • “I know something you don’t know”

Unfortunately, none of these shed much light on a definitive answer. But Jackson seems to believe Fury gave Thor some sort of cryptic warning.

Creative Theories from Fans

With so few concrete clues, fans have gotten creative with their own theories about Fury’s whisper. Some of the more inventive suggestions include:

  • “Hail Hydra” – Hinting at threats closer to home
  • “Thanos is coming” – A direct warning
  • “Save Coulson” – Coulson’s resurrection was never shown to Thor onscreen
  • “Beware Loki” – A warning not to trust his adopted brother
  • “There’s a multiverse” – Revealing knowledge of alternate realities

While fun speculations, none of these fan theories seem likely compared to the more plausible ideas mentioned earlier. Still, they show how fans are eager to decipher Fury’s mysterious message.

Thor’s Exact Reaction

Looking closely at Thor’s reaction after Fury’s whisper could also provide clues. Thor leans down to listen and has a serious expression as Fury whispers. Afterward, Thor straightens up and gives a sober, knowing look before nodding at Fury. This seems to imply Fury imparted pivotal information that carries weight. If it was just a platitude like “Good luck,” Thor likely would have reacted less grimly. His solemn reaction suggests he was entrusted with something important.

Facial Expression Physical Reaction Implication
Serious, intent Leans down to listen Fury is sharing confidential information
Sober, grave Stands up straight, nods Information has serious implications

Why the Mystery?

This raises another question – why did Marvel deliberately keep Fury’s whisper an off-screen mystery? Why not just have Fury audibly tell Thor something to explain his mission?

A few possible reasons:

  • Building suspense and intrigue for fans to speculate
  • Reinforcing Fury and Thor have insider knowledge unavailable to others
  • Keeping options open for future reveals (like Infinity War or Endgame)
  • Making Fury seem more enigmatic as someone who shares secrets selectively

By keeping the whisper mysterious, it becomes a tantalizing loose thread for fans to theorize about while also elevating Fury’s hidden knowledge and Thor’s special insight.


Nick Fury whispering an inaudible message to Thor in Age of Ultron created an intriguing, unresolved plot point for MCU fans. The most likely possibilities based on careful analysis of evidence seem to be:

  • Classified intel about the Infinity Stones
  • Forewarning about Thanos
  • Advice regarding Heimdall or Asgard
  • A cryptic cosmic clue

But fans continue to speculate other creative theories as well. While we may never get an official answer, the mystery remains a fascinating example of how the MCU builds fan engagement through strategic storytelling decisions and selective secrets. What do you think Fury whispered? Let the debate continue.